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Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. powered by Hipcast. He had gone to summer camp several times before, but this time, he had an experience he never would haver imagined he'd have. The camp had a visitor no one would have expected to see. MK Davis has stabilized and cleaned up the famous Freeman bigfoot footage, and it's the clearest look at the video we have ever seen. Later I found a fresh pair of teal wings on the pavement below the tower. The teal is a small duck often taken by the peregrines. It moves into the Derby area in autumn and can be found on local gravel pits, lakes and reservoirs. The irridescent green speculum feathers on the wings are a giveaway.

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During the US presidential campaign, and after its results, I have heard from a lot of people who were unhappy. They were unhappy with the choice of candidates, their policies, or or their qualifications or character. They were unhappy about media coverage, about the political parties' leadership, etc, etc. But most of them only expressed their unhappiness to a small group of friends. Similarly, while blogging for Health Care Renewal over the years, I have heard lots of people who are unhappy about the issues we cover, mainly as they affect health care, but also as they affect the larger political economy, for example: - concentration and abuse of power - conflicts of interest, and health care corruption - health care leadership that is ill-informed, fails to uphold health care professionals' values, mission hostile, self-interested, conflicted or corrupt - health care governance that is opaque, unaccountable, or dishonest - deceptive marketing and public relations, propaganda and disinformation - threats to the integrity of science, including manipulation and suppression of research -threats to dissenters and whistle-blowers, and generally to free speech and expression, to free association Yet again, most of their unhappiness was expressed to a small group of friends or colleagues. I know that it can be scary to express such concerns openly. There is risk of offending friends, family, colleagues, and particularly bosses. Whistle-blowers in health care are treated badly, and may end up losing their jobs, fighting lawsuits, etc. So many cases providing evidence for the severity of the above problems, and the problems themselves remain anechoic. It is particularly taboo to discuss health care corruption.

Here is Enclosed: Wreath.

It's a two-step process really, with the top "Peace" circle that lays over the top of the stamped wreath portion. The wreath is glittered with fine glitter. The background was stamped with the new Fair Isle Borders stamps. Peace card: STAMPS: Enclosed: Wreath, Fair Isle BordersINK: Pure Poppy, Ripe Avocado PAPER: white, vellum DIES: Enclosed: Wreath OTHER: fine glitter. Photo via: Liz Olsen Elizabeth Olsen was recently spotted at LAX airport sporting a long textured coat with a simple black top, jeans and winter boots. But does it have a thing to do with governance? And, actually he doesn't have rhythm. The finger in the air makes it look like late-night at a Karaoke bar with the Bee-Gees Saturday Night Fever blaring as he does a very poor Travolta. Egyptian GazetteThe guards at the Saqqara Pyramids have cast aside their wooden sticks in favour of loaded guns. This change in security philosophy has been prompted by the constant pillaging of antiquities there over the past four months. Their haul was huge, including the contents of royal tombs, which they badly damaged in the process of pillaging them. Z BUDGET GORE. On any given weekend, some NYC subway line is under repair or maintenance. That's a good thing, of course, unless it's yourstation they're working in—and you actually need to get somewhere. Yikes! I need to get out there and take some pictures. Meanwhile, here's one from the other evening from my office: my favorite NYC building, taken at my favorite time of day—l'heure bleu. A passage from the book Matisse on the Loose, as translated by an optical character reader: "When she spotted me, she flung her anus high in the air and kept them up until she reached me. 'Matisse. Oh boy!' she said. She grabbed my anus and positioned my body in the direction of the east gallery and we started walking. ' OMG," Wendell tweeted. The quilt design is from the book "Simply Vintage" from Blackbird Designs. I spoke with the new owner today and she is so excited. RSVThe three letters that every preemie parent lives in total fear of. I felt like I got socked in the stomach when the ER doctor told me. So Eden has had a little runny nose off and on for about a week. Nothing I was worried about at all. She was still happy and eating fine, so I even sent her to school. The real trouble started on Wednesday night at bedtime. She started coughing and pretty much coughed all night. You have done a foolish thing, and from now on you will be at war". Observation: King Asa had leaned on his own understanding and knowledge in fighting an enemy instead of seeking the Lord. The prophet came to him and told him that God was upset because he had relied on another king instead of on the Lord. Application: God wants us to seek Him. mightyjaxx. It's time for the Annual Book Giveaway. Here's how it works: If you know someone who is going through a hard time and needs encouragement, and you think a book from me might give them a bit of cheer, you write and tell me about them and of course include their name and address. If I decide they qualify, I send them one of my books as a gift. This tradition is always a strange mix of fun and sadness. The people who write to me always seem happy that here's something they can do for a friend, and I have lots of fun sending out the books. So. The sanitizer is held down with a large glue dot so that it won't move around. I then took the cropadile and punched a hole in the top and added the large brad and stripped black ribbon. I had that cute glittzy spider hanging around my house so I glued him on too!Here it is up close. xoxo. The last few days here have been so beautiful. The temps cooled off and the humidity level dropped and now it's a joy to be outside. I am loving it! I was suddenly inspired to do a little outdoor decorating, so this morning I took my cup of tea outside and started to tweak my potting sink on the back porch. No mosquitos! None, zilch!! And none of those pesky no see-ums either. What a treat to be outside without any concern for nasty chemicals sprayed all over myself. Yee Haw!!! Everything got a good cleaning and then the decorating began. It it situated on our back porch and you access the porch through French doors in the breakfast room.

Your weekly Dose of Spurgeon The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

" If, therefore, death be so impartial that he smites down the captains, let not the rank and file hope to escape. Death, which forces entrance to a prince’s bedchamber, will not respect our cottage door. ” Will not you hear it? Will any one of you refuse the voice which speaketh from Heaven? Death evidently pays no respect to character, age, or hopefulness. A man may addict himself to the service of his country, but his patriotism will not protect him. He may be surrounded with a wall of affection, but this will not screen him. Job Description / ResponsibilityTo achieve targets in terms of Assets & Liability set by management through Direct Sales. To increase the customer base. To provide high quality service to customers Job Nature: ContractualEducational Requirements: Bachelor/Masters in any discipline. Honest & Hard working Salary Range: NegotiableJob Location: Anywhere in BangladeshApply Online Applicant must enclose his/her Photograph with CV. Errol knows a thing or two about Goldfinch. He lives in the south of England and he sees and catches plenty of them because it’s warmer down there than in the north west of England where I live. He probably also sees a lots more on migration than I do here in Lancashire because many Goldfinches migrate south in the autumn. “During the last six or seven years, the number of Goldfinches using garden feeders has increased. This is partly due to the presence of Nyjer feeders but, more lately, the addition of sunflower hearts to the garden bird-table menu. Dunnes response came within a day of receiving the application, so ups for the govt and maybe some information on how it turns out. good luck Alex. Some of your tactical nous baffles me but with your successful survival over a decade I admit you seem to be right more than wrong in the eyes of the voters. However I am at a total loss to understand why your Minister of Health, your Minister of Justice and your Minister of Police have not made Medicinal cannabis oil available on prescription for Alex Renton. Morphine is a narcotic, is addictive and in the hands of criminals a scourge on society yet it is carried by Paramedics, Drs and hospitals as a recognised palliative in pain relief. Warfarin is a rat poison yet it is still in use as a blood thinner in controlled prescription doses. Enfin si. Hackett London, in Cabot Square London Greetings, Okay y'all. I'll own it. I've been crazy busy this week. with several client meetings. That leaves plenty of room in the tin for a half-dozen or so additional "lunch notes. " Perfect, since tomorrow the Verve divas will preview a set with loads more fun sentiments that will also work with this theme! Tune in to the Verve blog tomorrow, and you'll see right away why I had to save room!Now, your reward if you're still with me. each day on the Verve blog, you'll have a chance to win that day's previewed set or sets. Maybe he was on a date. Add water gradually and mix until you get a thick dough.

Place the dough in a mold open from the buttom and pour it over a saucepan filled with hot oil and fry in the rings shape.

Deep fry until golden brown in color, and turn to fry both sides. Dip immediately in cold sugar syrup and turn occasionally to make sure that all sides are dipped with syrup. Serve hot.

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