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and saw a large group of people in the street. As he approached, a number of people left but a group of six people remained clustered around a parked van with its passenger door open. As the deputy approached he could smell the odor of marijuana. Looking inside the van, the deputy saw marijuana in the center console. Up next is the Benson invitational on Wednesday. Labels: bbe jaguars boys golf, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars boys golf, Central Minnesota Conference. Anglers CP Vis. Little Grebe family ACP CSwaine . Pink Sheer Lace Shirt: Moda International. Blue V-Neck: Express. Leaf Accent Belt: gifted. Jeans: Express. New Criss Cross Croc Shoes again: Charles David. I saw this belt on Kasmira and fell in love with it, so I was so excited when she gifted me one of my own! I thought it went well with the other red and pink toned accents in the outfit, and the gold leaf was also perfect as this outfit was otherwise jewelry-free. Was headed east across the Brooklyn Bridge, on my way home—glad I happened to turn around and catch this view to the west over downtown Manhattan. Clothes make the man. I am not certain I agree with that. But I do agree that new clothes can make a man feel new. When I was a dashing young captain, putting on a fresh mess dress uniform made me feel like Beau Geste. Or should that be Beau Brummel? Whatever. It made me feel as if the republic was in good hands.

Jeg oppdaget det i fjor og nå er de her igjen.

Mine jordbærplanter har en masse små hvite fluer. Jordbærmellus leser jeg meg til, men hvorfor? Det ser ikke ut som jordbæren liker seg hos meg… nå kommer jeg å fjerne alle planter og kjøpe jordbær som dom selger på bensinstasjon i stedet! Men blir jeg kvitt disse kvitfly hvis jeg fjerner plantene? Eller angriper dem pastenakken jeg tenker så der i stedet? Og hva med tomater, kan jeg sette dem der jordbæren var? Noen som har erfaring med disse?. Roger R. While at Florida State, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Seminole Boosters, a member of USMC Platoon Leaders School and an avid Florida State Seminole fan. After graduation from Florida State, he served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He was a teacher and coach at LaBelle High School and a Lee County Deputy Sheriff. Today is the March for Life. If you cannot make it to the March, then pray. Pray that the Father, through the intercession of Mary, may change the hearts and minds of our elected officials and that of the everyday citizen. . This was not a good week to be a goose at Cold Antler Farm. Not at all. The geese have had a nest by the wood pile next to the kitchen. It's a safe little place, tucked right next to the house by the mews and the stacks of firewood. About a dozen eggs were being sat upon, hoping for a hatching of goslings to take to the Poultry Swap in May. About ten feet from them is the garbage cans. I have watched Braveheart more than any other movie, ever. Hundreds of viewings, at least. I still cry. Every time. Fight Global Warming: Approve the Pipeline! - Phil Kerpen - Page full: "In its latest review, the State Department outlined the greenhouse gas impact of approving the pipeline against the backdrop of this reality. They analyzed three different potential “no action” scenarios and found they would all have significantly higher emissions than approving the pipeline. ". Happy Saturday!!!! It's Stephanie here with ya today sharing a little Smack creation with you. You can check out how to sign up for these amazing kits here I love these kits so many possibilities including using them for cards. The beautiful pattern paper I used is from Theresa Collins. Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!!!. Craft Buds is hosting a blog hop and link up party for Craft Book Month. It's a fun way to see projects from favorite books. I'm jumping in to show you our projects from Anita Grossman Solomon's Rotary Cutting Revolution. It is a few years old, but I'm still being inspired by it. I had great fun attacking my batik stash in search of the more manly designs. The pretty pink blocks were my test blocks and certainly didn't fit the theme of the quilt, so they became a Spring table runner. When my daughter Julia decided to make a quilt for her boyfriend, she chose the Old Italian block from the same book. Now’s the time when many birding bloggers stuffed with turkey, bloated by booze or besieged with once-a -year visitors make excuses as to why there’s a lack of posts on their blog. I’m no exception to the general festive rule so my excuse is the identical to the above. It’s mostly the birds which stirred the senses with odd shots of the places where memories are made. We were stunned by the long, wide, sandy expanse of the beaches of Fuerteventura, some several miles long and just begging to be walked. When tired of the walking I sat on some quiet rocks near the shore and took pictures of a Whimbrel, a shy wader species I had longed to photograph. Fuerteventura Whimbrel February continued where I left off in the early part of the year in ringing birds out on the frozen mossland. Et sinon I like SUN day aussi. Et voici tout juste plus d'un an que nous habitons cette vieille maison, sans regret aucun, avec pas mal de fatigue, mais tellement de satisfaction. However, “Wolf Hall” poses questions not just political but literary. If the event is in the recent past, you’d better be accurate. The GOP Crackup: because who could have predicted that an alliance between greedy, amoral industrialists, a terrified mob of enraged, bigoted idiots, a massive, right-wing propaganda machine and unscrupulous, scapegoating demagogues would end badly? But don't you worry yourselves one little bit, citizens. Hello, My Friends! We would like to send a thank you to all of our heroes both past and present. Heroes never die.

They live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who would follow in their footsteps.

If you are starting or running your own small business, one major problem you might have is getting information on markets or other aspects of your business. The Small Business Administration has a bunch of free newsletters here. Check them out. Want to join the challenge but don't have a blog? No worries. just send me a picture of your card and I'll upload it and link it to the challenge.

Joyce Johnson .

Bizarro is brought to you today by Great Band Names. If I was a shape-shifter, like "Sam" on HBO's Trueblood, I would choose to be a bird every time. Imagine being able to fly under your own power. Of course, I'd want to be a bird with my mind, not a bird's mind. But shape-shifters have that ability, at least on Trueblood. This is not the official OmniROM. It has some of its own exclusive features like lockscreen notifications and so on. .