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You know who we see moving here in Texas? Californians.

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Excellent prices and. R&M BEARINGS INTERNATIONAL LTD. This morning broke bright and clear, and we were high as a kite. Yesterday was blacking day, and we were pleased with the result of what Dean had done – everything underneath covered in a nice protective coating of bitumen paint – even the rudder. The shaft that drives it is lubricated by water, drawn from inside the weed hatch space above the propellor. It's the seal on that unit that developed the leak. So Jim came to fix it. He loosened the faulty unit, released the prop shaft from the gear-box end, and slid it backwards. He slipped the unit up the shaft and replaced it with the new one, making sure it had plenty of silicone grease packed in to keep the seals supple. Some things will never go out of style! A lovely black dress. A precious set of pearls. An engagement ring. Some things are timeless. Who is to blame? I will not be a part of the problem by pointing fingers, But I rather choose to make foods so appealing, and whole and delicious, that others will long to cook! The aroma that can fill a home can leave a lasting legacy alone. Rear tire was flat and bald and areplacement is on it's way. Time to clean up the rear and put my new wiring harness in place. While I'm at it the rim could use a freshening up. The hub has lots of flaking paint. I really don't feel like taking off the spokes as I have wheels that still need to be re-threaded and trued. I think I'll just clean it as best I can for now.

Maybe next winter I'll tear this bike apart again and repaint everything as I want this bike to run for the first nice day in march.

Now I'm really in neck deep. Its done, its just printing and i have to ID the tracks, almost there.

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You are a middle-aged man with poorly-controlled diabetes. You inject heroin and cocaine periodically. Since your veins are shot, you often inject using a technique called "skin popping" wherein you inject under the skin rather than intravenously, sometimes developing infected abscesses in your arms that have to be surgically debrided. I'm worried that you may lose your leg or die from an infection. I have the visiting nurses see you every day to dress your wounds and administer your medications and insulin. As far as the open wounds, I now have you connected at the Wound Clinic. Since transportation is an issue, I actually pick you up and take you personally to your appointments so that your treatment is expedited. I also serve as translator. When you miss an appointment, I reschedule it since you don't have a phone. The visiting nurse and I consult about you almost every day. Only a handful of patients in the United States have this type of intensive and personalized healthcare delivered to them at no cost. Hurricane G - P. E. I got this model at a very cheap price. Although it's a budget brand, I detailed and modified it heavily to match the proper details and make it look like "not " a toy. I decided to pull one out and make a cute pool kit. I loaded the drink caddy down with sunscreen, snacks and goggles. I decorated the front using the stamp set from the Surf's Up Workshop on the Go! You can see a Christmas drink caddy here and a Fall drink caddy here!. These little cards are great for lunchboxes, a quick little gift or as a gift set to someone special. The bus needs only to pull up to a bus stop in the right place and the charge station begins automatically making it a very efficient and eco-friendly way to get around town.

The bus's interior is highly-detailed with accurate decals on the exterior.

It has rolling wheels and closely replicated lights.

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The head cold continues to take its toll. I was going to sleep in on Thursday morning in the hope that a little rest would help me to battle this thing. But I had put a memorial service on my calendar. Nothing. No cars. No people. Locked doors. The rest of you have already figured it out. The service is next Thursday. Home I tottered. The themes are broad, to include a variety of material that will appeal across the board to CP enthusiasts with different tastes. Some of the stories involve serious psychological dynamics involved in Power Exchange relationships, and some of the stories are more silly and full of lighthearted fun for spanko's. Keep your eye out here for free sections from the new book of stories, we'll be posting some fun stuff this week in preparation for the new e book. Made some cool videos with Kijiji in Vancouver about the Second Hand Economy. Enjoy !. Spero vi piacciano, felice giornata di ricamo a tutte voi. e naturalmete arrivano copiose le vostre seconde'tappe'! More walnuts pinkeepers today! I made them for this saturday for lavender show in Valenza. Lovely heart pins and recycled paper butterflies decorating. Hope you like them!. and of course more second step picts!!. Kathleen, I have a website which I'm still working on, from which I sell the odd painting. While I do illustrate scientific journals, I also do "gallery art" or whatever you call it, but I keep it all simple. no galleries, no reproductions, low prices, direct transactions and so on. Anyway, last October a "Michael Kleemann" contacted me, purporting to be a businessman in Texas, on the cusp of moving to Turkey. Not knowing what his interest was, I just said that I did and sent him a few samples. The former is framed, so I told him the shipping would therefore be more expensive than if it weren't framed and made some sort of general conversation about my love of Texas, and southwestern birds. I am over-the-moon excited to be part of the first Downunder Road Show sponsored by the amazing Art is. You duo Sallianne McClelland and EllenPurtill-Legare. To all my Aussie friends - more info to follow on my blog and on the Art Is. You Australia website. It’s been another successful summer for KBC, writes Kilcullen Badminton Club PRO Enda O'Neill. HAPPY NEW YEAR! A few days behind. little bit of the stomach bug hit here. The painting will demo initial layouts and washes on smaller sheets, and then a beginning on a full sheet of paper.

I will talk about how I critique my work as I paint and how the best laid plans need ability to adapt to changing events when painting.

I will demonstrate a variety of methods to adapt to these changing circumstances. danenglerstudio. Photos by Slava and I.

Trader Transaction Tax Update - Well, it's back on the front burner again: The dreaded and ridiculous trader transaction tax, which if passed, would quickly shift traders to non-U.

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Fontbonne Academy in Milton, MA, a Catholic girls' high school, is under attack by the homosexual movement. Across the country whenever a "gay marriage" battle heats up pro-family people are always told, "It's all about civil rights. It won't affect your religious institutions. " And the politicians and judges believe them. That's about to change. Other than the papers, there's not a lot on the title card. The letters and numbers are chipboard.

His two races around two turns at Churchill were quite good, earning solid Beyers in races that turned out to be productive ones.

Not much speed inside of this one, so expect good position for Robby Albarado. He's never failed to fire around one turn. Hopefully I'll be back soon!.

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Describe a successful learning experience. Describe an unsuccessful learning experience. .