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It's been shown on numerous occasions that when there is a disaster in the way a patient is treated it's almost never due to a single failing in the system.

It's usually a series of errors and deficiencies that add up to the disaster, which could have been averted if just one step on the pathway had been rectified.

If you are one of those who watches TV programmes about aircraft crashes you will be familiar with a similar phenomenon at work here. Something similar has recently happened in the world of architecture. Here you have a building that was designed presumably by a team of architects. They will have submitted their design to their clients for approval. The design will have been examined by civil engineers, planners, building constuctors etc, scores, perhaps hundreds of people. Why did no-one say anything? Did they not notice? What a cock up!. Religion is crap - Macca explains why.

The advantage of living in a society where people don't know their Bibles - "There is something exquisitely innocent about not realizing you shouldn’t call Jesus stupid.

" Virginia Stem Owens. Lessons in darkness - A wonderful post about a boy with leukaemia and his parents' struggle with God. Naomi Millar. When you feel in a rut with reading the Bible, try something new! Excellent advice from Karen. Pharaoh had a people, and the Lord has a people. I always want to speak my heart, As a woman that desires to please the Lord. I must in keeping with a good conscience say that anything done on hallows eve, that looks like even an alternative to trick or treat, makes me wonder if this is being just like the world?? Blessings, Roxy. Speaker:E. Rhett Buck, Esq. , CPA, is admitted to practice law and licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas. He received his B. A. from the University of Texas at Austin where he was a member of the Navy ROTC and his J. This a political post.

This presidency is just too much.

From the start to now it's just keeps getting more bizarre, more fraught with questionable ideas being forth, more clearly the beginnings of a dystopian future being put together by people who don't know what dystopian means. From the sitting President indicating he didn't think healthcare would be this hard, to the save a penny spend hundred dollars budget logic, to the weird and slightly perverted obsession with women's reproductive health, there is just so much going on that you almost can't concentrate on one thing. Which brings us to this administration's attempt to curry favor with African-American voters going forward. With some planned executive order on Historically Black Colleges and Universities swiftly approaching. a photo op was born. Let us say that you are in the investment business. You loan money for mortgages. You also check that the prospective borrower has built a history of meeting similar obligations. The concept is simple. But, there are many people who do not meet your requirements. They haven’t had jobs for a long time. They seek to assume more obligations than they can reasonably fulfill. Good day to all of you.

I have so many things I am working on at the moment and have decided that I will sell my "Messengers" on Etsy as a finished product for now.

I do have plans to make directions in the future but I am trying to get things finished before I move on to many more projects.

Wish me luck and I hope you enjoyed the Stitch A Long. For the IceDogs this ending has to have a very bitter taste to it because there are going to be several questions asked as to why a team with so many NHL draft picks on it lost to the younger, but much more hungrier team. Ryan Strome was held to just two assists in game two and the second straight year, Strome "disappeared" in a critical series. Is it fair to blame the loss on Strome? No of course not as the team as a whole was shut down, but we do have to seriously wonder about Strome's overall playoff performance. There is no doubt that Ryan Strome has talent but now, as we mentioned, he has questions about what he can do in critical situations. It is a tough situation to put anyone in, but even harder for a rebuilding franchise that needs Strome to develop into a productive player. Most will call this an upset but we can't as we have been following the Rockets closely since the beginning of the year and we know that this is a very good team. Dowzak's Rockets have been playing what we call "Big Bang Hockey" where the Rockets have been pounding on the other teams with the body and then pounding some more. The fans of other teams have not been happy as in a couple of cases, the heavy hitting has led to some injuries but the hits are clean. This is what I've been working on this weekend. I finished another one of my Morse Code placemats. I thought the word joy was appropriate for today because of what you will see in the next picture. I was jumping for joy when I saw these fabrics that Grace T. donated to the Charity group at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. They are lovely and I bet members of the group are going to enjoy making quilts for charity out of them.

Since the fabrics are red, white, and blue Grace thought we could use them for a quilt for the Veteran's Home.

Great idea! Thanks again Grace. catastrofe. reddit thatsnerdalicious. Each part is designed to be listened to in one sitting, and the four parts are designed to be heard in order. Thanks to all who have listened through the years. Don't dream it's over: A. D. Opponents say they have not exhausted their options for fighting a proposal to build a Catholic hospital on the grounds of Montgomery College in Germantown, despite approval of the plan last week by the state Board of Public Works. She said her group, which testified at the Wednesday public works meeting, will continue its opposition and is “weighing its options,” but declined to say whether it will initiate legal action to block the project. For more, read it here. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++. When we rode the school bus back in Minnesota, we picked up THAT family about two miles west of us. A big blended family, they lived down a long lane, and the house had an air of hidden poverty.

Some of the children were clean, others were very dirty, with greasy hair and unbrushed teeth, and you got the sense that the kids were raising themselves and surviving a pretty high level of chaos and untold secrets.

I feel like I've just read their story. And you know those little kids you pick up for vacation Bible school who live in the trailer house with the cars in the back yard and the broken steps, and who smell of smoke and punch the other kids? This is their story too. And then there's that girl who grew up Old Order Amish and then Beachy Amish, with a hot supper on the table every night and family devotions in the morning, but with hidden family chaos from mental illness and poverty and anger. This is her story too, by which I mean mine of course. My apologies for the long wait, Timo and Joanna, and thanks for your patience. The media and serial television do a wonderful job these days of reducing everything to the perfect sound bite. How many reality shows are there with an iota of real in them? NEWSWEEK's cover recently pictured the late Diana, Princess of Wales, walking along with her newly wedded daughter in law Katherine.

This Newsweek Diana cast- I might add- a bit worn & drawn.

'There is no doubt she would have kept her chin taut with strategic Botox shots and her bare arms buff from the gym. Mann is a prominent climate scientist and author. He says one of Happer’s statements regarding climate always changing is misleading, and current warming patterns are not consistent with natural climate variability. Mann also says a human fingerprint is clearly behind warming. “If we’re going to stop climate change, we don’t need to just cut our carbon emissions a little bit — we need to cut them down to zero,” he added. For the rest you have to wait until the beginning of April. I also made a tag for all my friends and especially for the Unity DT members. We never saw each other but the friendship is so good between all of us. Have a great week!! See you Thursday with the bloghop. Hello Unity lovers, Jolande here with the winners of the Unity Thursday blog hop!! I hope these three winners will have a great Saturday!!! J Lisa Angela said. wow another amazing blog hop and what a sale u are having this weekend! but I must stop my once a week ordering at Unity. I just can't afford it! lol so hopefully I win a prize. My kids had a very productive week!Julia made two skirts for herself! The blue one is from this circle skirt tutorial. The pink Martha Negley Dahlia skirt is from the Easy Ruffled Skirt tutorial. She did an awesome job! She learned some stuff and only asked me a couple of questions along the way. He used to make them with a cool knot and loop on the ends, but decided to try adding buckles for this batch, using this tutorial. He did a great job!He's hoping to sell most of them this summer at our local Army/Navy store and at Boy Scout camp. They may even appear in my Etsy shop!Next week: Jazz Camp! Julia will be singing and Pete will be on drums.

Can't wait for the concert at the end of the week!.

Yet it is Pepys’s candor in recording the minutiae of his private life— what he ate for dinner, a squabble with his wife, his childlike excitement over a new watch—that prompted his biographer Claire Tomalin to declare him “both the most ordinary and the most extraordinary writer you will ever meet. ” An Insatiable Curiosity Pepys had an insatiable curiosity and attempted to learn all that he could about every subject. “The Right Hand of the Navy” Shortly after starting his diary, Pepys became a clerk in the Royal Navy office and worked hard at rooting out corruption and streamlining management. In that capacity, he doubled the number of battleships and restored the Royal Navy as a major sea power.

A Confidante of Kings During his years of public service, Pepys enjoyed a close relationship with King Charles II and his successor, James II.

Gatherings in which C. E.

I took a mental picture and present the drawing here for you.

A drawing is a poor substitute for reality - but then a drawing will never look at ya funny for staring. Stare away. j. Contemporary issues. The "stitching in the garden" weather is eluding us again, we are back to very changeable one, nevertheless I have finished the first block of Yoko Saito's Mistery quilt, a pattern for which is being published in Quiltmania magazine. I am not very happy with the reverse applique and I have decided to go back to the iron on applique in the next block. Also, I find small shapes too fiddly to stitch by needle turn method as per instructions, so again I prefer to use an iron on and a blanked stitch. But overall I am happy with the block and the fabrics I used. Despite the strange weather, the garden is doing quite well and it is pleasant to walk around and take some pictures. And so, on with the next block! I am certainly having fun with this project. All hand stitching, so I can take it with me anywhere. And it is a nice change to do something which is not too precise, and just to play with fabrics. He lived in New York with his mother and sister, Cindy. However, Tim’s mother was a femi-nazi lesbian. She hated males and was thus determined to make all males she knew suffer. She even made up her mind to bring up Cindy in an "upright" way so that she could pass down the skill to her future generations of females. To train her daughter, she made Cindy the mistress of Tim. He had to obey his sister in whatever she told him to do. Popping in today with another card I made with the nautical products from Papertrey's June release. The sailboat and sentiment are both from Ahoy. I had fun layering the negative pieces from the new Waves Cover Plate die. The cloudy background was done with the Blue Skies Cover Plate and individual clouds from the Blue Skies die set.

The sun was die-cut with the Blue Skies Rays Cover Plate out of white card stock, then sponged with Harvest Gold and Summer Sunrise inks.

I absolutely love this time of the year! All the "big" holidays are just around the corner and year's end is in sight. Here in Australia the weather is starting to warm up and the kids are looking forward to the end of the school year with a nice long break stretching out before them. It's a wonderful time for designing stamps too. there are so many ideas, themes and subjects to choose from! The Great Jack Set Available in Store Now Blessings of the Season Available in Store Now Spirit of Christmas Set Available in Store Now Finn's Scarf Available in Store Now. The King then battled Darrell Waltrip for the top points position in the second half of the season, and he ultimately prevailed to claim his seventh title. Waltrip and his Gatorade DiGard team did not hang their heads after losing the title to Petty. The top scan is of Geoff Ward but the remaining two were unidentified. STT is Systematic T. O. U. C. H. Training, a technique to increase feedback when you exercise. Scanned from photos by Paul Buceta. For further information on these Scams, please Read . However, six out of ten households say they have never considered switching to another service provider as they have to face too many obstacles such as the risk of a temporary loss of service, the risk of having to pay for more than one provider during the switching process and the lack of clarity about the steps required for switching. .