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The FarmJim showed us around the farm.

He led us around a section of woodlots, corn, alfalfa, and soybeans.

A farmer knows his land, and it pays to heed his advice.

Vine and I wondered around the place. We found a flock of young turkey, and I briefly regretted not having picked up a turkey tag. Natasha launched the Robinhood Makabayan Series of colognes and Robin Padilla is the main endorser. For more details go to Natasha's Robinhood Fragrance catalogue. Photos by J. Mannion. Delfina Delettrez. From the youtube channel of Sasquatch Central: What is the true story behind the Proctor Valley Monster?. I was reading Patty's post over at Patty's Pretty Things and she talked about a new swap she had joined at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. Send a package that you, yourself, would like to receive- it should be personalized to fit your partner's preferences and style. You must respond to emails from the swap hosts within a timely fashion. You MUST post and link up your swap reveal post after receiving your package. This is non-negotiable. - See more at: It sounded like so much fun, that I signed up, but what is my favorite ? I love COLOR - lots of it! I went through the house on a search for my favorite color. I looked in the kitchen and the dining room. I looked in the living room and even in the garden. Before my hunt, I would have told you my favorite color is yellow, but the evidence clearly indicates that my favorite color is R E D. Fasting acting insulin is the insulin you inject to cover the rise in your blood sugar that occurs after you eat a meal. They are called "fast acting" because unlike the basal insulins, Lantus and Levemir, they are absorbed relatively quickly after injection. This is what makes it possible to use these fast acting insulins to cover a meal. In theory, if you can figure out how many grams of carbohydrate one unit of fast acting insulin will cover, and if you can figure out how to estimate the number of grams of carbohydrate on your plate, you can match the insulin to the meal and get normal blood sugars. In practice this is harder than it sounds. It's tough to figure out how many grams of carb one unit will cover, especially since this amount may be different at different times of day. It is also hard to estimate how many grams of carbohydrate are actually on your plate. We'll discuss both these issues in some future blog posting.

After some brave words about transparency, integrity and all that, US government officials seem to be running back to the arms of the health care corporate CEOs.

Weakening FDA Conflict of Interest Rules As reported by Reuters,U. S. Congressional lawmakers may require the Food and Drug Administration to relax the rules that bar advisers from reviewing a drug if they have even indirect financial ties to related manufacturers, as part of an FDA funding bill. This was not purely an initiative of legislators, but was egged on by a top FDA administratorThe agency often must delay panel meetings while it searches for experts without conflicts, lawmakers and FDA officials say. Top doctors are usually the ones drugmakers hire as speakers or consultants. 'We have had difficulty in recruiting highly qualified people. And we've had delays in having panels because of this,' Dr. The driver jumped off the bridge to avoid arrest and was later recovered from the water and airlifted to Miami. m. Callers reported a white Chevrolet Impala which side swiped the bridge several times and had body damage on the sides of the car.

As he began to follow it, he saw the car do an abrupt u-turn and begin traveling south.

The deputy turned on lights and siren to stop the vehicle. STRIKE THREATENED !Cumulus has been in cost-cutting mode centering on some of its small-market stations with eye-popping staff reductions and salary slashes. Needless to say staffers are outraged and nervous too. What can they do? We'll have to wait and see. Right now everyone is still living and working in the abyss. Really Sweden and Russia in an ugly fight filled ending while Canada and Team USA try to make sense of a very disappointing finish for both teams. While Canada at least still has a shot at a bronze medal, USA hockey has some soul searching to do. Buchnevich raised his own stock among Ranger fans with his play. Above is Carol DeVries, a quilting friend who likes to garden. I had heard about Carol's garden, so, on Tuesday, Cathy and I went to take a look. This breath taking scene is what we saw as we got out of our car. I was drawn to these dark leaves and yellow flowers in this Dahlia 'Mystic Illusion'. I may not have its name correct, but Carol can tell you the names of all her plants, including the scientific names.

She is an Advanced Master Gardener and past president of both Grand Valley’s Dahlia and Daylily Societies.

Most of Carol's garden is in the shade but she has some sun loving plants too. I was in awe of the variety of plants and leaves and contrasting colors. I think the above is a Castor Bean plant. I was taken by this beautiful white flower hidden deep within these dark leaves.

Viime syksynä kokeilin viimeisen väritatar-uuton jälkeen liemen pelkistystä fruktoosilla, samoin miten olen tehnyt jauhemaisen luonnonindigon kanssa, siitä enemmän täällä.

IN ENGLISHLast autumn I tried fructose vat with my own japanese indigo. More about fructose vat with natural indigo powder, here. Sen jälkeen lehdet siivilöidään pois, ja liemeen sekoitetaan emästä, normaalisti kidesoodaa, mutta koska fruktoosikyypissä pitää ohjeiden mukaan käyttää sammutettua kalkkia, käytin sitä myös tässä tuoreiden lehtien kanssa. Alla olevassa kuvassa miltä liemi näytti heti lisäyksen jälkeen. Then the leaves are strained out, and an alkaline is added to the vat. In the picture below is how it looked right after adding the lime. Hey guys. I added a new picture of English footballer, James Milner, to his page in the brieflines archive. I hope you enjoy the new pic. AN IMPECUNIOUS YOUNG COUPLE about to go ocean cruising in a small sailboat once asked me if they really needed a life raft. I said no. I told them their inflatable dinghy would do just as well, as long as they could protect themselves from wind, rain, and sun. The trouble with a life raft is that there is no guarantee that it will work properly when you need it, or that it will stay afloat long enough for you to be rescued. For a start, they’re expensive to buy and maintain. They contain very little to help sustain life. Some don’t even have any water.

So you’d need a fully stocked grab bag whether you had a life raft or an inflatable carried half-inflated on deck.

Life rafts are cramped, too. I guess four people could tolerate being in a four-person life raft for four hours, but only a six-person life raft would be tolerable for two for a week. Then there’s the question of how you can launch a raft in a storm, and keep it safely alongside while you get yourselves and your stuff into it. I drove over to Firecracker Farm to spend some time with the Daughtons. I missed them, having not seen as much of them as I would have like this past summer. I was in love with horses and they were hard at work on their farm.

It was a morning of bills and bank accounts.

I did a lot of cringing. Nothing tragic but scary at times. Seeking Sargent. Natalia Vodianova in Valentino photograph by Kevin Tachman for Vogue here. I am honored and excited to be one of the finalists in the School Librarian category. And to make it even more special my dear friends Elissa Malespina, Jennifer LaGarde, Laura Fleming, and Jonathan Werner are included in this group as well. C. at Bammy Awards ceremony. The most intense realization of this fact came when a Marxist slut – or what is precisely the politically correct term for her – called Naomi Oreskes was visiting Harvard. She learned that I publicly declared her work on the "scientific consensus" to be rubbish. last weekend, my mother-in-law and i were in an antique shop and there was an old leather chesterfield sofa hidden in the back of the store. i ran over to it and said "i adore these sofas" and gayle was shocked! i think she thought i had lost my mind b/c all she saw was a lot of tufting and some ratty old leather. It was prompted by the meta of that post.

And behold, an angel touched him and said to him, "Arise and eat.

And he ate and drank and lay down again.

We require the following personnel for these two power plants.

Plant ManagerEducational Qualification: Class-i Marine/' B. Sc. Additional degree on management or jaw and professional membership will be preferred. The egrets had already left the Pilling roost this morning. It must have been the bright sunny start which set them on their way.

The picture below shows just a small fraction of the geese about this morning.

Pink-footed Geese - Pilling Marsh There was a Kestrel along Backsands Lane and a Sparrowhawk heading rapidly south. We went out to celebrate Tom passing his state exam with his academy class last night. Crazy, crazy. Unbelievable! I had an ultrasound this week and my Mom and niece tagged along. They loved seeing the boys. Much to my shock, the both flipped head down! Because of that, I have a lot more pressure/pain and contractions. A beautiful inspiring message. a peek. Each of my "Big Shot" club members got to make versions of these projects. The colors and the designer paper varied but they projects follow these samples. Enjoy! If you need a specific recipe for any of these projects- email me. IF you need it. a tutorial for the Envelope box can be found HERE. we are truly living in demented times. The first woman thinks Jason Collins telling us he engages in weird sex with people who share his physical characteristics is "a huge step forward for our country. " Maybe she should quit telling us what we should eat to stay healthy and instead spend some time on telling homosexuals the dangers of weird sex. She may also want to rethink saying she's "got his back. " H/T Weasel Zippers for the screen shot. With Kirby's arrival, Capt. Storm, Johnny Cloud, Gunner and Sarge kept trucking through WWII, their ability to stumble into and out of trouble remained intact, but man, did the thrust of the series take a turn! Gone were the fables of the bravery of our fighting forces and the futility of war. For perhaps the last time during his DC tenure, Kirby was unleashed! Here's his opening salvo, "Kill Me with Wagner!". Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here's a trippy trip down memory lane: Filmation's Fantastic Voyage! The ABC-TV cartoon was kinda-sorta based on the movie of the same name, but this time instead of micro-surgery, our heroes were going to use their miniscule might to battle the enemies of freedom! I know that's a fact, 'cause Ted Knight says so in the intro! Check it out. "I was there for the bit with his, like, nine bodyguards and three limos. It was really intense," Chris Pine said. Enjoy tasty & easy Middle Eastern soup recipes and learn how to make Moroccan fish soup. Put the stock, saffron and chickpeas in a large, deep pan.

Bring to the boil and simmer for a couple of minutes.

Spread the Ras El Hanout seasoning out on a plate and roll the chunks of fish in it to coat well. should they, of course, be approved by voters in a referendum that will presumably take place next November. Now they are back, but in a much-subdued way. In a new "multi-million" TV ad campaign, it seems NYGA are simply trying to rehabilitate their image at this point in time. Gone are the push-poll results, any talk of "responsible gaming," fear mongering over the notion of full-fledged gambling unleashed anywhere in the state, and any hint of a suggestion that the tracks therefore should have exclusive rights to casinos. In fact, expanded gaming is not even mentioned at all. We visited the Pere Lachaise Cemetery on Monday which, as you may know, is well-known for housing the remains of Jim Morrison. It's hard to describe what it was like, especially on another brilliant, cloudless early autumn day. The monuments there range from majestic to eerie to haunting to, and it was like being in a dream. Or a Tim Burton movie. I have to admit that I got quite emotional upon visiting Morrison's grave.

Not that I was such a huge Doors fan, though I've owned their entire collection since back in the day, and their music was an important part of my teenage years.

Maybe we were all just naive kids, but the notion of 'peace on earth' and 'war is over, if you want it' seemed to be such a real possibility then.

You likely spend quite some time erasing parts with a soft brush, softening the edges, so it doesn't look like you blended a rectangular picture etc.

Sometime it can really help to use an extra large mask on your picture first. Then the edges are already taken care of and all you have to worry about is what blend mode you like best and maybe erasing parts of the background that you don't like. .