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to express how I feel about Christmas.

I made two versions. The US makes such a big deal of human trafficking, but from what I see, not so much as it applies to them. I’ve been in contracting in Kuwait for a while now. "I knew I would have to work long hours. I knew I was going to be paid well, so I expected it. the artwork of Australian paper cutter/illustrator/painter/designer Luci Everett. Everything is just too darn pretty. It’s snowing and I have cabin fever! But I haven’t just been sitting around whistling Dixie. Yesterday, since I couldn’t get out of the house to go to Happy Scrappers, I made some sock ornaments and some little wallets. The pattern for these Scrappy Stocking Ornaments can be found at Stumbles & Stitches.

The pattern shows them made with scraps, but I didn’t have time for that, so I just used Christmas fabric.

I love these little wallets.

The above picture shows what they look like when open.

For instance all those little punch cards that I collect when going to various Fabric Stores are kept in one of these. No more digging around in the bottom of my purse, or wondering which purse they are in, or wondering if they are still on the dresser where I left them when trying to clear out the clutter in my purse. I'm wondering if every one of those little dots and lines had to be drawn manually, or whether some type of mechanical device was used to decrease the tedium. Certainly the variation in size and shape and position suggest meticulous handwork, but the amount of labor required to produce the full image - - boggles the mind. catsbeaversandducks. And one line will suffice for today's scripture. I am retired. I have written that sentence numerous times during the life of this blog. I suspect, if Inigo Montoya stopped by the blog today, he would say: "I don't think that word means what you think it means. Back at the end of March I mentioned that I had taken my Ford Escape into the shop for a routine checkup: brakes and battery. I then wandered down a rhetorical path of how much better we would all be by getting out of our cars and experiencing nature. The shop called me later that afternoon to ask if they could keep the truck overnight. People often refer to me as a Modern Orthodox intellectual. There are actually quite a number of us out there. It is no secret that Modern Orthodox intellectuals like to look down on Artscroll, and to let others know about this. So we must find places where Artscroll makes mistakes. This will show that even if they are conquering the world, they shouldn’t think that they are so brilliant. For obvious reasons, today's fifteen picture update to Rafa Nadal's page on the brieflines site is called the "green shirt update. " Ciao!. Hey guys, I added a new pic of Andy Roddick this morning to the brflines site this morning. Lots of weird printed shirts and wacked colors.

That and back in the day, people weren't posting hi res images.

so chereish these pics of Andy!!Last thing about Andy. If you didn't already know I am the daughter of self employed artists who have operated a successful creative business for as long as I can remember. My dad is a potter and my mom a ceramic artist and my entire life has been spent observing, collaborating and being inspired by the way that they create and run their business.

Our dream has finally collided with the right timing and we have been hard at work collaborating, designing and getting to work on production in our studios.

The site will be going live in March and as we get closer I will be sharing more details, products, information and a look at this family journey. I can't yet show finished products but for now here is just a tiny peek:. I cut this sweet dear one from the I believe collection.

I framed him with a neat Wood frame.

Adding laces, vintage buttons, and cabochons from the store. Other than that lots of ribbons and a big sassy bow and tag and ole St Nick was done. I love the greys, creams, and hints of blac from the lace peeking out. Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas, cherry. I began by painting the MDF board with latex oatmeal colored paint by Behr. Let it dry and added dry brushing with arcylic burnt umber paint. Let dry and add the vinyl expressions. Wa La! Love it!. No matter what the weather or which holiday traditions you follow, this time of year brings a particular focus on. food! Do you use your Filofax to store your recipe collection, list dishes you want to try cooking someday, or jot down wine tasting notes? I'm guilty of the last two especially, much to the amusement of my tablemates. Hello everyone! Today's kitchen belongs to Jen who lives in Michigan. She has added a nice touch that I've never seen in any other kitchen.

Well done, Jen!She writes:"I'm really excited to share my photos as we recently did a little fixing up of our kitchen.

The first picture shows the kitchen sink, and the main part of the kitchen. I love them. In order to enter the contest. I think so. It was the heat, menopause, a touch of pneumonia, or her busy schedule that caused her to "stumble. I feel great! Suddenly we find out she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and suffered from dehydration.

" Not one person is with her when she emerges from the apartment building.

I created today's card using the very latest Verve products, just released yesterday. - John Pricci, writing at HorseRaceInsider. NYTHA president Richard Violette told Bloodhorse: “We are not happy with the track being sealed when there isn’t rain in the forecast east of the Mississippi. ” The horsemen claim that the sealing is causing the tracks to be too hard in the mornings, especially before the daily break for harrowing. m. The whispers about a larger-than-normal attrition rate from training injuries suffered in morning workouts traveled up the Northway months before any horses did. I think this is the way all cupcakes should be created - fling on as much sugary sweetness as possible, then throw something chocolatey at it for good measure. This is the last design in the cupcake series. Though semiautomatic handguns are probably more popular now than ever before, I submit that the good ol' double-action revolver remains a most useful tool, still capable of tasks as varied as informal target practice, plinking or potting small game to the infinitely more serious business of self-protection.

These things did yeoman service with untold police departments and I believe them to be viable defensive arms today.

Don't get me wrong! In no way am I saying anything against the semiautomatic handgun! Like many of you, I own and use these on a daily basis. That said, I do not believe that the good ol' double-action revolver is quite ready to lay down and die. With the ever-increasing number of states allowing honest citizens to legally carry concealed handguns, we are actually seeing a resurgence in revolver popularity. I for one do not see this as a "bad thing. I am now retired from police work. .