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Did his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi give him any advice? He said, "No, Indian dance is too simple.

Hers is more professional.

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It was based on a true story, but perspective is key.

Some of the crew members of the ship found fault. I never assume that being based on a true story means that a film is an accurate re-telling of events. There are stories here, here and elsewhere about people who disagreed with parts of the movie. See my pitiful resuilts at MyFootprint. ". After a night parked rather illegitimately, we needed to get away before anyone noticed or was inconvenienced. There was little further motivation for speed, since the weather was decidedly unpleasant and the forecast promised it might clear up around coffee time. With full weather gear. We came down the lock whose hospitality we had abused, round the corner that is the southernmost post of the Trent and Mersey and headed up to Fradley, the junction with the Coventry Canal.

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The best part about each of these places is that they are all open to families, so if you cannot take a field trip you might consider scheduling an evening or weekend day for families to meet there together.

Then the children can explore and the parents can see their children's learning first-hand. All month long, the designers are going to be making things with this line to share on the blog. can't wait. I'm smitten with it! Love all of the ruffles and dangles! I added the little tickets as my gift tag. Want some F-Y-I before your B-U-Y? I have been shooting with a pre-production unit since October, and have a pretty good feel for its strengths and weaknesses.

Scroll down for your questions — all of them, edited only for clarity — and my answers.

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A lot of life has stacked up at once and so I am in the process of getting things back to a civilized place.

There is also firewood to stack, chimneys to clean, and hay to buy in bulk. Want to support this small farmer giving it her all? Well I am here asking for your support! The farm needs it, more than ever. Hire me for some graphic design work! I specialize in branding. I'm not that interested in fashion. When someone says that lime-green is the new black for this season, you just want to tell them to get a life.

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It's hard to believe that July is almost over. Get out and enjoy apark for an afternoon grab and go lunch! Gather up a small folding chair,a portable grass mat and a bag full of lunch time goodies. I'm using a striped kitchen towel for a place mat and a gingham plastic plate. Fill up some containers with a light salad and some sliced fruit. Check out these cute vintage salt and pepper shakers. I found themat a yard sale. This one has pictures from the oldDick, Jane and Sally early reader books. by Frank Turk This is not a reprint of my very fine essay from April of this year. This is a brief note to you all about what just happened in the United States. Sorry to bore our international friends. There were no surprises last night, least of all to God.

This seems like a really hackneyed point of God's sovereignty, but I think that those thinking that are not really thinking very hard.

See: when Barack Obama was elected president, God wasn't surprised. S. Candidates with B. Sc. Engr.

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Sc. -Ag of any discipline from Govt. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winner is: - Sean Novicki, from Van Nuys, California, USA Many thanks to all the participants!. Josh is a talented industrial designer hailing from the great white north. I considered making Willie McCovey's card similar to Allison's but made a regular issue card because I thought it would look better on this card. You are eight years old today. Eight. Years. Old. Eight years in a blink of an eye. From soft, pink newborn to long, lean girl in a matter of moments. Good moments. Special moments. Quiet moments. Loud moments. Frighteningly fast moments. It's Thursday again so time for another CCT challenge which this week is Lots of Love, so it's just in time for all those Valentines cards. I have made another tag, I seem to make more tags than cards these days. I cut the tag with a Tim Holtz die and used Recollections papers. I cut the hearts with another Tim Holtz die out of the paper and then twice more out of chipboard so they are quite thick. I inked all the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and added Glossy Accents to the small heart so it's nice and shiny. The tag is finished off with a piece of twine and crinkle ribbon and I also machine stitched around the DP. Hopefully hubby won't look at my blog this week as I thought this would be perfect for his Valentine's card. I finally finished the basement. Though it looks better, it is still an ugly basement. This was the pantry area before we painted the floor. Here it is now. A bit neater looking. This was the other area before I got started. Here it is after I cleaned it up.

A couple more scans of Josh.