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I read the book some time ago and never really intended to see the movie, but The Elder Son gave it to me for my birthday, so.

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Art Hearts Fashion was in full swing dominating NYFW with their second day of shows.

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I always love this look.

Who wouldn't love a plaid mug like that??!!! The papers are by My Mind's Eye and I added some fun hexagons to dress up the background. The sentiment was stamped directly on the background paper. A sweet bow with a fun button attached with a safety pin finished it off! Thanks for stopping by today! See you back here tomorrow for HIP HOP day! Hugs, Lisa Henke.

Little kiddos Easter cards made with the large SU! scallop die.

Very cute and easy. xoxo. Irritable Owl paper toy from Chemical. We have three desks in our cottage.

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