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I have been working on a book of LED Cube Projects. It might end up being two books one for the Arduino and one for the Raspberry Pi. Here is a link to the video: This next video is of "falling rain" Here is a link to that video: Here is a picture of it running with a Raspberry Pi.

My trip to Asia was very much like the movie "Lost in Translation.

" My wife and I went together but Yun was really there on business. She had meetings all day and sometimes dinner meetings at night. So I was pretty much alone all day and night to draw and have adventures. Just like Bill Murray, I would smoke Cohiba cuban cigars and drink single malt whiskey by myself in crazy high-end hotel bars. One night in Tokyo, we even went to the hotel bar that was used as the location in the movie. The hotels we were staying in throughout Asia blew that one away though. Plagued by jealous gods? Bedeviled by man-eating monsters? In love with a centaur but you're allergic to fur? Maybe Myth Manners can help you!Dear Myth Manners, Whenever I’m at the local taverna and I’ve had a skinful of wine, I have an irresistible urge to make fun of the gods. I can’t help it! I just think some of the things they do are so ridiculous! For example, why in the world would Zeus choose to go courting in the form of a swan, a bull, or a shower of golden rain, no matter how attractive a shower of rain he was? Why would Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite waste one of Atlas’ golden apples on Paris, whose only redeeming quality was his hotness? Sometimes, the gods just make me want to giggle! But I feel like if the gods find out I’m laughing at them, they’re not going to be happy. But they shouldn’t be that mad, right? Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?Sincerely, Giggling at the GodsDear Giggling, Unfortunately for you, the gods have a serious problem with people who point out their negative qualities. Think of them as teenagers, super-sensitive to any slight or insult, but with the powers of shape-changing, thunder and lightning, super-strength, weather-changing, etc. You don’t want to make them mad! I had a friend recently who wove a tapestry to illustrate how ridiculous the gods were. Athena came and changed her into a spider! Granted, tapestries are a lot more permanent than taverna gossip, but I wouldn’t chance it if I were you!. Cliffs and hoodoos at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo. Sitting in the valley of the Milk River, this magical area of cliffs, hoodoos, and petroglyphs, was sacred to the Blackfeet people and still evokes an aura of mystery in the mind of a visitor. There is much more rock art here than a person could expect to see in a number of days so I did not resent the fact that the guided tour skipped a number of sites that we could see as we drove by. I still filled the time available with visiting, photographing, and appreciating some remarkable rock art. Rock art at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo. Skunk Ape hunter Tim Fasano recently relocated to a new condo in the Sunshine State. Before he moves all the way in, Fasano wants to check the place for any previous occupants that may not have left yet.

Namely, ghosts.

. No Rob, but posting here for those interested. The full schedule isn't announced until shortly before the great event, but bits of information may be dribbled out earlier, so you want to keep checking the OHNY website. We'd be here all night if I tried to list the places I've been and the things I've done in my year and two-thirds as a member. And there are members-only events. "The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility. It was a rebirth of freedom and of normal human relationships. It takes a lot of time and in the meantime there are plenty of unanticipated problems to be solved. We had to confront the consequences of the rule of fear that lasted for so many years, as well as all the dangers related to a redistribution of property without precedent in history. So there were and are lots of obstacles and we are only now acquiring experience of such a state of affairs. Thanks for watching. divirtam-se!!! Thank you to all creators. The victim is nine-month-old Savannah Wright of North Anvil Lane in Temple Hills. ". A man who set his apartment on fire in a suicide attempt was arrested today for two counts of attempted second degree murder, arson and two counts of animal cruelty. His two cats died in the fire. There were people at home in the two other apartments in the building who were forced to evacuate their homes because of the fire. A woman in the neighboring apartment called for help when her smoke alarm went off. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found Merendino in his apartment, in a bathtub full of water.

As paramedics tended to him, he told them he purposefully lit the apartment on fire in an attempt to kill himself.

She is an MZ…the M from me and the Z from her Dad. We were hoping/praying that she was an MS like her sister. HOWEVER since she knows her status she can seek treatment if necessary before her lungs or liver are damaged.

Since she leads a really healthy lifestyle she has a lot going for her.

Many people that are MZs have no problems…. The house is located on a historical agricultural plot amidst hayfields and woods in a nature reserve, a – for Dutch standards – hilly area. Although the plot has been overrun with small trees in time, it still bears the original character of the open field…via. And why, you might be asking, am I the happiest crafter in the world?? You know how it is. you've had your eye some rubber stamps for a while but cannot track down anywhere that sells them. Such a great space-saving idea! Scavenger Chic shared this cute chalkboard buffet. I love this idea! Thanks to everyone who has linked up to Frugal Friday in the past! I'll miss hosting these parties and seeing all of your Frugal inspiration! xoxo Wendy . here's a little peak at the goodness you'll find inside. What I love about this layout - is you have plenty of "daily" space for writing to do's and appointments.

Last week we had what I hopewas the last snow of the season.

As you can clearly see, it wasn't enough tostop anyone from heading off to work. "To see more, visit Mrsupole's meme. Today is my mom's birthday. I am going to pretend I am a good son and take her to the movies. In the last few days I learned of the deaths of two special people. They were different in many ways but I will remember them both for the simple fact that they loved others. Actually, they had cars, but in many ways the families were not far removed from the Amish. I boarded with the bishop, Noah, and his wife Fannie. Noah and his first wife had raised a large family and then his wife died. Happy Monday. Angie Blom here today. Have you seen the wonderful stamps in the newest Kit of the Month. Warmth of Winter so much to get stampy with. Today I used the girl that is in the kit.  Happy Monday! Time to announce the winners from Friday Fun Day and Friends with Flair.

Now on to Friends with Flair.

Just want you all to know that even though we can only post one winner here, each and every entry is a winner in our book. The posting winner is. Farley Cross .

I hope you have a weekend to remember and that you spend time with someone you love.

Grow your own: making Australian cities more food-secure. This is Alicia, writing at her best, on Posie Gets Cozy. I love this little winter table at This Whole Family. Jen and Joey are sowing seeds indoors. Thanks Madge. CHAPTER III. After this final brood, there are no more active nests at this site so there will be no Swallows finishing off the season into September this year, although there are still birds around other local farms. With such low numbers about and little sign of visible migration there seems to be a small likelihood of another large wave of Swallows following the mass emigration that took place in early August. It headed over to the wildfowler’s pools, as regular a spot as any to find one, but there’s no point in trying to photograph an out-in-the-open Green Sandpiper, one of the wariest birds ever. the Democrat way. Long and loud they proclaim there is no voter fraud in the USA And of course if there is, it's all the fault of the Russians. But hang on a minute mate. Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to BombayFashions. S. and Canadian residents. Good luck, darlings!xoxox,CC. "That's his right as a citizen," Kelly said. "We recognize his right as an individual to choose to participate or not participate in the national anthem. And ultimately, contracts notwithstanding, you have a right as a citizen to refuse to participate with him. As does your team owner. Barring that, expect others to exercise their rights as citizens to not have anything to do with any of you. Along the way, they meet The Lady of the Lake, a very vocal Prince Herbert, and a killer rabbit. Visit mediatheatre. Watched the movie Crimson Tide over the weekendSome great dialogues in this movie. We're here to preserve democracy, not practice it. I expect and demand your very best. Anything less, you should have joined the Air Force. And ofcourse. .