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And oh so chic.

Photos: Joseph Dirand Architecture. "a beautiful tribute to the imperfections and vulnability often overlooked in nature. " the stunning new prints of the 'Sabi Leaves' series by Norm architects are available now and I just love them!. LINK Nice link with an original japanese torture-set. In case you all haven't seen it yet, our class was featured in today's issue of the Bowling Green Daily News. “Sex, Lies and Headlocks” isn’t required reading for your average college course at most universities.

Your thesis must be clearly stated, focused and included in your paper as the last sentence of your introduction section and restated in your conclusion.

". Remember this?I got it back from my quilter a couple of months ago. Some how it got passed me to share it with you. Then I figured I might as well wait until it got a little closer to Halloween. finished off the quilt nicely. This quilt was a long time "in the works". I love that it's finally finished. via. This I did at a photo shoot in Craig Cutler's studio. I've done a few flowers before but this is a new one. It ranks high on my list of flower drawings. this will be a finish it year. They range from just needing binding to a half pieced mystery quilt and every stage in between. In a previous post from Creative Scrappers in December I had mentioned to you that it was time for Creative Scrappers to end. It's February and this marks an end to our CS Challenges. To you Creative Scrappers followers, Our Current and Past Design Team Members, Our Generous Sponsors and all sketch lovers I'd like to personally take this opportunity to say THANK YOU ! CS has been a blessing for me, to allow me to inspire and help scrapbookers all over the world, the chance to meet amazing people in this industry and to grow creatively with you all. Thank you Design Team Members for being so AWESOME in creating layouts that constantly WOW our readers, and give people ideas and inspiration to create some AWESOME pages themselves. This success would never have been possible without you! Our Sponsors, Thank you for being so generous and giving to our challenge participants. Your interest in supporting me and Creative Scrappers surely isn't going unnoticed.

If you look back, you'll soon be going that way.

American ProverbBut Lot's wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt. in the region, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. ” Especially in Syria, where the Saudis support the Sunni factions fighting Assad and the Shia, which are backed by Iran. A Pound Of Flesh: In Alabama Judge Shylock Wiggins will trade you a fine for a pint of blood. The full schedule isn't posted, but rumor has it that a kidney will get you out most felonies. Otherwise, the Judge is sure, “The sheriff has enough handcuffs. ” Down To The Sea. America's hypocricy has not gone unnoticed. Say Ahh: The Congressional Progressive Caucus has set forth its health insurance plan, open to all, designed to provide a higher standard of care while keeping administrative costs low and permitting choice of health care providers. The problem is, according to critics, the plan will have an unfair pricing advantage and would quickly drive health insurers out of business for lack of profits. Dear Query Shark: As you read this letter, you are secure in your surroundings. You have friends that care for you. You feel safe with them. Perhaps in times of trouble you pray to a God, or some greater power. I've got scientific and anecdotal evidence on a daily basis. It sounds like you're selling Ginsu knives. If you are subject to fits of terror when faced with scientific proof…put this letter down…dismiss it from your life. Generally one does not have "fits of terror". Knitting for Baby, the book I co-authored with Melanie Falick, is out in paperback! I’ve got them in stock now if you want to order one, hop on over to my books page for signed copy or buy here from that big place. We met when she proposed the idea of including a profile of me in her first book. When she began working on Kids Knitting, she asked me to do the illustrations for her and to design a few projects. Julia was born in July and Melanie's Ben in August. When I was starting to think about leaving my full-time job to begin a freelance career, Melanie kindly proposed the idea to me of collaborating on a baby book. this past week as I walked the "road of everyday life "I stumbled upon some amazing treasuresas the saying goes. once when our feet where out and about together wondering throughthe local thrift stores I mention to her I was looking for one of theselovely Mexican bags. STI tanked down today. All the big shots are shot down. My friend Lesley Croghan is on their DT so I stopped by her blog and there I learned about a fun link up going on at Amy Tsurata's blog. Hope you enjoy "yesterday's" card! . Sorry I've been away so long. We've been moving! And Oh. My. God. The new place is just divoone.

Seriously, I wake up every morning and want to die for happiness.

But, again, caffeine-induced delerium tremens is a small price to pay. I have been seeing signs of spring around the yard. My grass is getting greener and little green things popping up out of the ground.

Several of my shrubs have even gotten buds on them! The picture above is "I think" a lilac bush.

I can't really remember what it looked like in the summer when we moved in and my neighbor walked with me naming everything for me, which I should have written down. I'll need her to give me another tour. Look at all those buds on the stems and if you look beyond the lilac bush, into the sunlight, you can see how my yard is turning green!I am keeping Braden and Dalton home one more day. Tell them that being responsible was too hard. We loved the free shit. Stay safe. So good to be home again! Not so very good to still be so wired from that cup of coffee I got so I could drive home from Portland without falling asleep. m. post. Mom was relaxed despite months of worry ahead of time, the nurses put us both at ease, and Mom came through with flying colors and my biggest challenge was getting her to stay put and let me do stuff for her, and to get her to take the occasional Tylenol.

The night before, at the Sunday evening service, numerous people told Mom they'll be praying for her, and one young lady, can't remember her name, gave her a hug and said she'll be on her mind.

I was very impressed because I don't remember this sort of supportive atmosphere in the old days, and I know for a fact that if "Chon Maehdy" the bishop's wife had been going in for surgery when I was in the youth group I would not have cared that much, and for sure not hugged her ahead of time. "Do you see how the church is drifting?" Mom asked me. The pigs had a breakfast of windfall apples from last nights thunderstorm, cracked corn, and whey left over from cheese making. Right now the curd from a farmer chevre is setting on my countertop in a mold and by this afternoon it will be perfect. Simple soft cheeses like this that only take a day to drip, set, and spread over a bagel or crumble over a salad are a staple in places with regular access to an udder. I had some guests here yesterday and when they saw how fast the process was, and how quickly I left the steel pot on the stove alone to turn to curds, they seemed surprised. I literally came inside the house with a pail of milk, strained it, heated it up in a pot, added some lemon juice and some chevre culture and we went back outside to plant kale seeds and tack up Merlin. For me this cheve will be offered at Game Night at a Friend's house I was invited to. Served with some crackers or bagels. There is nothing "goaty" about it, at least not in the way people knee-jerk react to that word. "She was a woman who, between courses, could be graceful with her elbows on the table. " Henry James,The Ambassadors, book VII, ch. I Deeda Blair photographed by HORST wearing Givenchy. Ho un numero limitato di questi kits se siete interessate vi prego di scrivermi. I'm showing you Rosignano kit today, I put inside this little envelope: coffee hand dyed linen , design and hand dyed threads for stitching it. I have some of them left from the show, if anybody is interested in it please do not exitate to contact me. The latest waffle weave dishcloth. I was home alone yesterday. Hanno drove down to the Gold Coast to help Kerry and Sunny buy a car. Like Kerry, Sunny is a chef. Hanno and Kerry had done some online research during the week so armed with his notes and a bag of goodies - homemade ginger beer, soap and some zucchinis, Hanno set off early Sunday morning for the two hour drive. A gift - time alone at home. I had no plans, I wanted to see the day slowly unfold of its own accord, so I loaded up the washing machine, fed the animals, let the chickens out to free range and settled down to read an old copy of British Country Living while I had tea and toast for breakfast. Friday.

I met Andy up at Oakenclough for a ringing session.

The scene that greeted us was not quite as promised by the weather forecast and nothing like the clear morning I'd left at sea level fifteen miles away. In place of a starry sky was low cloud, fog and far from ideal conditions for catching birds. Our experience is that birds don’t move around much during foggy and misty conditions. Misty Start Towards Bowland The sun never broke through and as we expected, birds didn’t arrive in high numbers. Adult Male Siskin Adult Female Siskin Adult Female Siskin Adult Male Siskin First Winter Male Goldfinch We caught our first Lesser Redpoll of the year, a fine first winter male. just some thoughts. Imagine a world where little girls will be hitting up the local pharmacy for the morning after pill. These girls should not even be having a "morning after. " Where the hell are their parents? Creative Minority Report: Unreal: Judge Orders Morning-After Pill Available OTC for All AgesNot to worry. Pedophilia will soon be legal. Don't doubt me. When they do, everyone chimes in and tells them how pretty they are creating the next generation of narcissists. A. Detacher, via nymag. Pencey cloud-print bandage dress. This weeks challenge at CCT is nice and easy, Anything Goes. I have made another quick card with a Stampin Up image and embossing folder.

The stamp has been stamped onto a Spellbinders Nestability die cut and I added a piece of blue seam binding.

I hope you'll be able to join in this weeks challenge. Have a good week. I thought last week was bad when a town messed up and demolished the wrong house. Homeowner came back from vacation to an empty lot. You would think someone would have checked the address. .