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At Miletus, Paul spoke to the presbyters of the Church of Ephesus:"Keep watch over yourselves and over the whole flockof which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers,in which you tend the Church of Godthat he acquired with his own Blood. Audio recording of Fr. Fryar's sermon on "Perfect Charity" at St. Mary Magdalen Chapel in Camarillo. This was also supposed to be our second week back at the track, but that got sidelined when we discovered the track was closed. Since most of us were on a tight schedule and couldn't relocate, we opted to run loops around the outside of the track on the sidewalk - each lap was about. I was apprehensive at first, but ended up really enjoying the workout and preferring it to the track. It is free to use, collaborate and share, you just need to set up a free account before you can use it.

Imagine coordinating with a consultant on a DWG file, without a string of Emails and clouded areas just to explain a change.

Imagine being in the field on-site at a project, without a paper roll of drawings, but the actual CAD files on your mobile device, marking up as you go along and your team in the office picking up the information in real-time. Sync back with your DWG file at your desktop too.

That’s the seventh of the famous beatitudes or blessings that Jesus pronounces at the beginning of the “Sermon on the Mount” in the gospel of Matthew.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. ” So which is it, do you think? Was Jesus a peacemaker or a sword bringer? And if you are going to follow Jesus, are you going bring a sword or make peace?The first point in this morning’s sermon has to do with how we read and understand the Bible. Anika finally blocked and attached the edging to the the purple hanky. Gina's lace guild met Saturday and the program was LaRae Mikulecky's Celtic Bookmark. Ingrid's blog is not accessible for some reason and if she can't get it fixed, she'll have to change her address. Marty has received her exchange bookmarks. The troubles continue. The hospital regained notoriety after a patient who was left to writhe in pain on the Emergency Department floor eventually died. She reportedly had a history of narcotics use and lived with various relatives. Parka: Rendezvous, Dress: Necessary Objects, Tights: TargetIt's snowing like crazy here right now and I am not looking forward to walking to school tomorrow. I'll probably have to wear something like this parka to keep my hair somewhat warm and dry. I'm glad people enjoyed the unprofessional edited skirt photo I posted the other day.

I might have to do a little more creative editing in the future lol.

Nice title, eh? Another exciting day at the farm. This morning, Lauren the Ameraucana was running around like. Photo via: Daily Mail UK A close up of Mary-Kate at Bob Colacello's book launch wearing drop earrings and a fur clutch. Get the look. + Halogen Linen Blend Scarf + Everlasting White Gold Stick Drop Earrings + Wallis Black Satin Back Long Jacket + ASOS Fur Grab Clutch Bag. I did tell you that it would not last!! But I do have an excuse as to why I have not posted any cards yet, I was away at Dawn Bibby's residential weekend from Friday through to Sunday night. It was lovely we talked constantly about all sorts of things. There was a lovely dinner on Saturday night and one of the girls from Dawn's shop sung a song that she had written about all the staff - it was just brilliant. Publishing this cable alone should be enough to disprove any Zionist control behind Wikileaks. I know from the point of view of a conspiracist a lot of the revelations seem old hat, but from the point of view of standard history /political science, revealing the mechanics of the sausage making is revolutionary. A lot of these cables would never been seen by historians, or at the very least would require decades of waiting before release. Thus is the official historical record managed by those in power. What kind of Empire can't even keep its own secrets? Who is going to talk candidly to American diplomats now, knowing that his or her words may appear on the front page of the New York Times or even some reputable publication six months from now? The Wikileaks leaks are part of the amazing acceleration of the collapse of Empire. Steve Aveson and Gary Radnich are essentially tuning one another out. At KRON, Aveson is one of those. Yeah, it's been awhile since Mother Nature has delivered her dew on our lawns and pavement. We get it but we've also been down this road before. All we need is an Alaskan cold front with three straight days of moisture and snow in Tahoe and we'll be OK. Get the hell over it and refrain from the inevitable drought stories. Bruce was to have emceed the Guardsman luncheon in anticipation of the Big Game but that was shelved. Wonder why. Namie will be featured in the latest issue of VOGUE JAPAN and collaboration with GUCCI. We do! We officially have the cutest. button. ever. A big thanks to Jess Hutch for letting us use her cute bunny! And to f. pea for her mad button skillz! Update: We have another thanks to Ms. Pea! Remember to save to your own server, blahblahblah. International Women's Day. Happy Monday mojo fans! It's the last Monday of the month and for the last few years we've been featuring Round or Square cards at the end of each month. For the new year we've decided to change things up and make the last Monday of the month a Tall & Skinny week, with no diets needed. lol. Our design team has featured two different ways to achieve a tall & skinny card today. I love the holidays but I do tend to over-do it. The past week I have been cooking, cleaning, traveling, and attending holiday events like a crazy person.

I took yesterday and today off to try and rest up for my flight back to the states Wednesday.

My choral group sang on Sunday at the Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham. It is a beautiful Regency style building. There were two new members so I ended up having to make more capes this year. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!? The last few weekes we have spent all of our free time house hunting and this has proven to be more of a process than I EVER imagined! Lots of looking, talking, crunching numbers, making offers, its enough to make me scream especially when I am used to using all my free time working on my art! But thank goodness for our awesome realtor Chris- he is like a personal trainer who keeps you motivated and inpired to keep going even when things aren't feeling so great. On top of all this I have been preparing for CHA and since this is my first time at a convention of this nature I am nervous but also excited- like everything else in this book process. After years of hating e-cigs because of blind prejudice and ignorance. But changes in the temperature, including a period of extreme cold which killed off the vegetation that made up their diet, once again began to threaten their number. parking on the GA apron. and got a whole bunch of authentic oriental products. . I'd suggest you say it now. “Starting immediately and until further notice, ARS will not release any public-facing documents,” an email from ARS Chief of Staff Sharon D. Drumm sent Monday and obtained by TPM reads. “This includes, but is not limited to, news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content. The first one finished today belongs to Jan and I believe that it is the first quilt I've seen quilted using our nickels from our guild nickel swap. Warm & Natural batting, Canary PermaCore thread and Lime Tree Panto by Keryn Emmerson. And the back, which is flannel:This next one was pieced by Betty and she intended it to be a QOV, but her husband really liked it.

So, she said even though he was never in the military, he had always been her "knight in shining armour" so she is planning to give it to him.

I really like the fabrics she used. Warm & Natural batting, some new Signature poly thread, and Stars & Loops panto by LEQ. And the back:.

And I'll see none of them.

If I'm lucky, I'll make it out to a few twilight races today, and that's only if I STOP WRITING THIS POST NOW and get back to work. So please don't expect much activity at this particular site for the next couple of days. I've downgraded my 'WOO-HOO' over the prospect of betting against Curlin in the Man O'War to an simple and deemphasized 'woo. Rosie is bored and lazy. Bella is bored and sleepy. lizmathewsstudio. countdown to Christmas is here! I have a couple whimsical cards to share made for RRR. Never grow tired of dog cards. especially Christmas ones. I used some fun Pretty Little Studio goodies along with papers scraps and other finds.


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The judges filled out their ballots as the show took place, and online/ public voting was available as well.

Each contestant started the Semi-Finals with a score of Zero, as all previous scores were wiped away. Martial Arts Quotes And SayingsMartial arts quotes and sayings originate from a variety of areas outside the old text messaging. Due to the fact knowledge originates from every person and it is for many age range, it really is very good to understand a variety associated with Martial arts quotes, or even rates that may affect the different types of fighting techinques. Martial arts quotes are good for people who training among the kinds of fighting techinques, but additionally affect everyday living. These kinds of estimates can transform the right path regarding pondering that help an individual together with issues that you are going to encounter while you start your entire day. Through history various Asian warrior’s like Sun Tsu, Miyamoto Musashi and also various Zen philosophers have put together time tested Martial arts quotes which includes lasted for hundreds of yrs. Their philosophies and intelligence have been handed down from the ages to the lots of people who may have joined the ranks of fighting methods practitioners. .