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You no longer have to hunt for random rags and tape to protect your open ports, bores, holes, fittings and passages. This JIMS Plug Kit includes enough pieces for one Twin Cam engine and one transmission, Alpha or Beta. The last few days of giving my opinions on the latest from Saddledrive has spurred a lot of interest on the blog here. But today I am giving you a run down of a ride I did instead. Hey. I can't be Mr. Starting Jan. Given a mission of economic development, the board decided to dig deeper into our earnings pocket this year, Van Vactor said. To strike an even better deal for those interested in refrigeration upgrades, the CDQ group will be buying bulk multiple refrigeration units, “so we get more bang for our buck,” Van Vactor said. GQ/Jesse Frohman If you really know me, then you already know that I'm always in the search for a perfect something. Either the perfect hat, perfect jacket, or the perfect sunglasses. Well, now I can put to rest the search for the perfect shoe.

I fell in love with LL bean in college and the lover affair is still going strong with these Handsewn Blucher Moccasins.

The new Shenandoah Valley Botanical block was announced this week HERE.

I am currently working on my "pink" version as shown above. Happy to say I'm a bit further along since taking this picture on Tuesday. I received a very beautiful surprise in the mail for Christmas. It was a small applique' quilt made by Karen Beigh aka Log Cabin Quilter. Karen even added a sleeve to the back for hanging. It is called The Stonefields Quilt by Susan Smith. WE ARE GAINING MOMENTUM. We're not stopping just yet. And we'll continue to go where nobody else goes. We have a vast assortment of projects in the works to make this blog and radio venture a truly unique, interesting, and original band of both content and creative form on radio. I will never back down on that promise to all of you, both my loyal readers and now, radio consumers, as we go to the next level. We've only just begun and we will only get better. Gosh this is interesting. ? A number of reasons I guess. First, a bit of vanity I suppose. I guess you have to be just a little bit vain to suppose that anyone else might read, or indeed be the slightest bit interested in your musings. Let it not be said that Curious Sofa is slacking. While the rest of the world will be painting their faces and eating candy corn, we will be dusting the glitter off our clothes and bustling about our store like Santa's elves. This is our TENTH YEAR celebrating Christmas at the Sofa and we have made it special once again. Luxor News BlogJane Akshar has yet again teamed up with Richard Sellicks to show off his great collection of photographs from Luxor. This time they are featuring Richard's photographs of the earliest proposed site for the tomb of the pharaoh Hatshepsut, in a very remote corner of the Theban hills. Thanks to Richard for sharing and to Jane for posting. I thought a bit about this one, and ultimately realized that the first thing I look at in anyone's home is their books— so here's a small but select section of mine. And that place certainly is nowhere near me. When I opened the driver’s door of the truck, it looked as if someone had dumped a bag of trash in the driver’s seat. At first, I was a bit annoyed. Then I recognized the trash. Apparently, someone had been doing a bit of early Christmas shopping. We had so much fun this weekend watching Chad participate in his first triathlon. I am so proud of him. Getting ready for the swim. Finishing up the bike ride. DONE!!I thought I was going to up-load the video, but. we've had issues. Maybe sometime this week I'll add it. GLOBAL WARMING can’t be all that bad, can it? Can you imagine what Puget Sound, the San Juans, and the Canadian Gulf Islands would be like if we suddenly inherited the climate now enjoyed by Southern California? Sunshine, warm winds, and warm seas are the only ingredients missing from this paradise for cruising boaters. A little global warming around here would transform our lives. Boating people from all over the world would flock to our palm-fringed shores, white beaches, and warm turquoise water. Women would be dressing in skimpy sun dresses and displaying those long tanned legs so beloved in California, and I’d be able to trade in my fur-lined underpants for snazzy new Hawaiian bathing drawers. The yacht charter business would boom beyond belief, creating jobs and prosperity that would surge right through our economy. Western Washington’s families would flourish in a brand-new American dream. The color would return to children’s faces. Tourist dollars would overflow our coffers, and no longer would our poor State Governor have to sob his eyes out over drastic cuts in essential services.

So c’mon you guys, pony up.

It's Mary Katherine's big day. My husband is getting a bit annoyed with me having headphones on all the time. I'm sure you've heard of this book and probably a lot of you have read it. The character readings are perfect.

And I just did a little googling and it seems they are making a movie! Of course it won't be as good as the book, but it looks like it will be a good one.

So far I haven't shared any pictures of our new house for fear that we weren't going to be able to sell our current house and actually move. But now that things have all worked out, I thought I'd give you all a sneaky peaky at a bit of the new Casa Kimba. I'll show full pictures tomorrow. First up. Celebrating at a New Year's Eve party planned by the extraordinary David Monn would be otherworldly— for the fortunate few who might be doing so, Happy New Year. For US we are voyeurs into Monn's The Art of Celebration, a new book with his wizardry for setting the mood, published by Vendome Press. Happy New Year! Anyone who has ever struggled with a paltry budget for a worthy charity event fortunate enough to be in charge of decorations will drown in Monn's lush and exquisite party orchestrations. Dream On. I remember David Monn from years ago in a feature, I think in Town and Country, where he and his longtime friend Gayfryd Steinberg had created the most beautiful nut topiary, trees, swags and wreaths for Christmas. At the time, Bergdorf Goodman sold some of them and I acquired a pair of topiaries that I still use in my den during the holidays. Still quite lovely, they along with other "nuts" I've gathered over the years hang, and sit on tables in the room all winter. For all the incredible stories Monn's parties tell, one of his hallmarks is his original eye. A freshness that is rare in party planners. Yes, of course they should all be creative, they must be, but Monn's ability to "play" with traditions is unmatched. A baby's breath wreath surrounds a convex mirror in the Neo-Gothic rooms of the High Line Hotel New York for an international wedding. Its list-format may tempt readers to scan and be done with it — which, of course, is anyone's prerogative. However, it is meant to be read slowly, the verses looked up, and the thoughts reflected on. Rinse, then repeat. That is, one is instructed in life-principles. At this point, they're theories — at best. Then one goes out "into the field," and tests them. Experience tempers, and sometimes the theories are revised or refitted. Following last night’s iffy forecast of more cold, northerly winds Saturday was destined to be one of those days for an early and rapid decision about which might be the most rewarding option, birding or ringing. There was a slight frost on the car windscreen, the sky clear and bright with no discernible breeze so I decided to head towards Rawcliffe. Maybe I'd manage a spot of ringing if the wind held off long enough. There were so many Goldfinches around that it soon became apparent the species would dominate the catch. I have two copies of Gail Z. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Here's the blurb:These are the untold tales of Jonmarc Vahanian, hero of Gail Z. Martin’s best-selling Chronicles of the Necromancer series. Jonmarc Vahanian was just a blacksmith’s son in a small fishing village before raiders killed his family. That first sale on Friday was a hoot. Lovely house was a couple’s retirement home until their recent move to assisted living. Daughters and son-in-law were selling what won’t fit in the new place. I really wish I could have met the parents, because the mom’s taste…was my taste! I knew it when one of the daughters told me her mom never met a teddy bear she didn’t like. But then I got to the table with pins and earrings. Trouble was, the little sign said earrings were five bucks, and I almost never spend that much for them. Jenna's hair things. So colorful!. well that sums it up nicely. What does Bill see when he meets a Democrat? Probably about the same thing you see. Oh - and they lie.

They lie about everything.

They take personal vendetta to a level that any normal person would find almost impossible to imagine. Other than that, they're fine. My advice? Stay as far from these people as you can. More: Lloyd Marcus: Joe Biden is a Vile Little Man. Here's a thread at Hot Air about how popular culture affects politics. It was written in response to a post at National Review on the same topic. I agree that conservatives should try to get more of a foothold in the media, movies, music, etc. But the more fundamental problem is that the culture spends too much time on things like watching television, watching movies, and following sports. Loife is hard and people want to feel good. Bush, Dole and Mitt. Darlings, here are a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with. Note the dark and brooding color palette, with lots of dark, wine hues, LBDs and statement jewels! Alice + Olivia Denby embellished booties, at shopbop. Christian Louboutin Karung Cachottiere ankle bootie, at barneys. Jerome C. Rousseau Riviera two tone shooties, exclusively at intermixonline. ?Cover art by Rich Buckler and Joe Rubenstein. The breakfast buffet was really large and varied with Indian as well as continental items. I enjoyed the croissant with my coffee a lot and was all set for a full day like the schedule promised. Thank you! Starwood Hotels, looking forward to enjoying your hospitality once again. It was one session that the bloggers totally focused on like they were in a classroom in college. But he couldn't last, and it's worth noting he was caught four wide on the first turn.

The winner, Vanquisher, is a Bill Mott-trainee making his first start on the turf.

Two winners for the Todd Pletcher barn provided an immediate reminder of what a farce his suspension is. Three winners and a second place finisher on the card came from Woodbine. I thought it was time to have a Teddy day! She feels that she gets far too little time on the blog. Somehow these photos got reversed but this is Teddy chewing on one of her favorite snacks. A lobster leg. And please don't tell her she has cankles. I enjoy seeing celebrities as much as anyone, but I don't usually hound them for autographs or photos. However, I'm a HUGE fan of Pee-wee Herman, so I had to get my picture taken with him. It was a big day for me and I rushed home and emailed the pic to my two adult daughters, who were green with envy.

This was also a big day for CHNW, who was not only a big fan of Reubens but grew up in Sarasota just as Paul had, though a couple of decades later.

As the words escaped her mouth, we all remembered that Sarasota was also where he was arrested, and all in attendance were flooded with feelings of weirdness. Paul is still acting, of course, and doing a fine job. But I'd kill to hear that Pee-wee laugh again. .