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"Amen, amen, I say to you,unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink his Blood,you do not have life within you. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. During his ongoing investigation, Robert Dodson reviews audio recorded at his bigfoot location. There's some crazy sounds being picked up. Check it out:. He found a MECC prospectus for a psychiatry conference ostensibly presented by a very prestigious medical school.

In it, the MECC solicited "independently supported symposia," and offered to prepare for such symposia "enduring materials," which appear to be polished monographs, which can be read for CME credit.

Funny, I used to think that doctors and medical academics put together medical conferences and continuing medical education. But look through the section on "partner responsibilities" in the MECC's prospectus, and see how little there is for the prestigious academic institution to do, and how much is actually done by the MECC. courtesy of singtao.

Albert Yeung Sau Sing's charity foundation sponsored the establishment of "senior toy library" at the Lutheran Church's four homes/centers.

Earlier the group's employees visited one of the centers in Tseung Kwan O and Chan Ka Lok was among them.

Aside from trying the senior toys at the library he also host games and performed. Finally he even visited the immobile seniors in their rooms. For Vimeo, see below.

ph: tflan.

to Get the look. + Liquorish American Flag Print Scarf + Wildfox Rainbow Tee + Bop Basics Floppy Sunhat + Current/Elliott The Gam Shorts + Citrine by the Stones Wire Ring + Chan Luu Leather Wrap Bracelet + Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers. have fun + be safe!!xo. using the translucent privacy offered by stainless mesh, the design defines small pocketsof outdoor space between the house and the street, allowing for an effortless extension of the domesticactivities within. via. Playing a game during the middle of the week is actually a lot harder for prospects than most fans will realize. Unlike at the NHL level, the majority of these kids are attending some type of school during the day whether it be high school or college. People also are not aware that just like at the college level a player's grades can keep him out of a lineup as the CHL leagues do have grade standards that players are expected to adhere to. Klassen made an almost impossible pass between the Regina defense to send Toomey in on a shorthanded breakaway. Klassen talked about how much he wanted to improve his offensive skills but that pass was a work of art. Hello Mojo Monday friends, it is the last Monday of the month and that means tall & skinny week. Julee has created this weeks sketch, we can't wait to see what you create! Feel free to adapt the sketch to whatever length/width fits your fancy, though. You can use either of the following measurements, depending on where you want your fold. From Muay Thai to Boxing, the place is equipped with professional trainers and it's own boxing ring! Letting out some pent up anger while getting fit and losing weight at the same time? Yes, please! Address: Jl. Emesde B No. Scientists have figured out how to brew morphine using the same kit used to make beer at home. The findings, published in Nature Chemical Biology, raise promise for medicine but also concerns about "home-brewed" illegal drugs. Brewed morphine could, eventually, be easier to produce. It could also allow scientists to tweak each of the steps to develop new types of painkiller. By Mexican standards, Ponta Delgada is a young city. The Azores are unique in imperial history. They are Portugal’s only territorial acquisition where other inhabitants were not subjugated. They were just too far away from any of the continents. I have been to São Miguel several times. All information are gathered from Style. it, NYMag. The Cave-dwelling Papist has posted one of his BEST IDEAS EVER! It seems that CCM is applying the methods of Ceasar Milan to heretics. Their role models are as certifiably mad as the mouth-frothers themselves. Consider this article from Montana. Young women are discouraged from walking across campus alone at night. Most of the University of Montana stays well-lit, but dark shadows still creep across the grass and the flashing blue lights of emergency phones can seem far apart. With the new smoking ban, young women living in the dorms must now walk to the edge of campus for a cigarette. Chief of Campus Security Gary Taylor said this issue has not been fully addressed yet. "We're forcing girls into a dangerous situation," he said.

The Blessing of the AnimalsFreshly brushed, with a spring in his step,Edward went to church today.

The majestic atmosphere of the old cathedral was only enhanced by the presence of so many of God’s creatures - family members not normally in attendance. Stained-glass saints looked kindly down from their windows as bejeweled matrons sat serenely holding look-alike Persian cats while tweedy gentlemen entered beside their stout and hardy Bulldogs. Delighted children carried in fat new puppies sporting bows for collars, a pair of noble harlequin Great Danes strode calmly down the center aisle alongside scampering Westies, perpetually smiling Golden Retrievers and inquisitive Beagles. A grey kitten was on a leash. Near the front, a dignified white Standard Poodle sat upright and reverent in his pew, while a timid little woman in brown perched with one small hand protectively resting atop an ornate, golden birdcage. The congregation rose to sing “All Creatures Great and Small” and when the priest spoke of the depth of God’s love and care for these good friends of ours - both those present and those gone on before us - more than a few tears filled human eyes.

When the priest placed his hand on Edward’s fluffy head, spoke his name, and blessed him as one of God’s sweet wonders, I realized once again how fortunate I am to share my life with a wonderful, loving animal.

Truly a blessing. For both of us. It covers almost all the basic required information of service pack three what it contains and other informations. I'm also introducing a new technique I want to call "Controlled Color Bleeding". I put together a tutorial so you can give it a try, too! You can also watch the video right on my YouTube channel HERE. After a morning in the swimming pool and the sauna, an afternoon walk in the fresh air beckoned, particularly since overnight rain and southerly winds promised a little migration and the possibility of a few more Wheatears. Wheatear Wheatear Wheatear Tasty Mealworms I spent more time trying to catch others but I all I got was a sprung trap with nothing in it.

Sometimes the wriggling mealworm sets off the trap or a Wheatear approaching from the wrong side can trigger it without the bird being caught.

I normally don’t expect to see any obviously bigger and brighter “Greenland” types until the middle of April. So I turned my attention to counting what was out on the marsh and round about even though the high tide had been four hours before. A three kilometre stretch of Lincoln Road in Henderson is being set up to be lynched because there are over thirty convenience food outlets adjacent to that bit of carriageway. Of course the usual suspects are there, KFC, BK, Maccas, Pizza Hut, then add in a whole bunch of ethnic food providers and traditional fast food outlets and the scene is set for Armageddon for sure. Of course New Zealand has an increasing problem of obesity with all the allied health issues of mobility, coronary health, diabetes, strokes but I am unaware of any coercion involved in forcing anyone to put too much food into their gob. For those of us who can exercise restraint in choices it seems just another beatup by those who would tell all men to sit down to pee and such an opportunity is being castigated for just offering others, those choices. What a pity space constraints in the local rag left no room to actually divulge that pertinent fact, eh. You can see the gallery for the set HERE. Check out this fun card from Vanessa Buzzard! Happy Stamping!. I think the second rider back with the headband is Gary Littlejohn but I could be mistaken!Theres a pretty cool looking panhead at center!Littlejohn's "Cinderella Cart" must be somewhere way back there in the ranks but I can't see it!. Harry is my man. Architectural inspiration via landofnod. Givenchy Nilenia sandals in zebra print calf hair with leather trim. Fendi Peekaboo medium leather tote. Aurelie Bidermann gold-plated snake ring. Butter London nail polish in Primrose Hill Picnic. Darlings, what do you think of this haute entryway and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. "Always Leave 'Em Laughing" is a pretty good little sci-fi fable. poignant with a cool twist at the ending!.

His blend of cartooniness and realism, eye for detail, slick line, and superb design sense is so awe-inspiring that his work is still influencing artists to this very day.

Some, like the ROM covers are the stuff of legend, the others might surprise you. "Only Ones"-style.

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