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All through life we have choices to make, good or bad, and the impact it has on us and everyone around us. From the seemingly ‘small’ ones like what food to eat and what clothes to wear to the life-changing ones like what career to pursue, which friends to choose, and what decisions to make. However, legacy stretches a bit beyond that. I heard an interesting story about a man whose name mistakenly appeared in the obituary section of a newspaper. He was shocked, perplexed, and even sad. I would think most readers probably concur with this sense of things. Like the South Sea bubble, Tulip mania or other mania's over the centuries, we truly live in a remarkable age of an "asset"-hungry population. The very nature of our modern being is "get rich quick". And asset bubbles fill the bill very nicely indeed. But Prechter supposes asset mania has probably peaked already and that may be so. I rather think it is reflective in the cumulative chart . Ok, i have a new "muse"! She is Jane Doe, and you can easily find her shoots between Chip Wills portraits. Jane Doe has a new blog too. This program is on handling TennCare medical service appeals.


m. m. S. And at least in the U. S. When reading these numbers, please bear in mind that this reflects only the statistics vis-a-vis Major Depression, and does not include significant data concerning Dysthymic Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, as well as the myriad anxiety and personality disorders, phobias, PTSD, and other mental illnesses.

A far right party has had its plans to promote a ‘white history month’, in schools and colleges accross the UK, condemned.

Neat hey?. bölümü yayınlandı. And the post-game interview, viewable for a limited time: Added Sunday night. more photos! Ms. Mortensen and Mr. Winders during a Pep Fest race. Justin Schmitz and Ben Tensen. Templates:Jaana has a template on her blog. Johanna has two templates on her blog. Sonia has a template on her blog. Tracy B has a template on her blog. Kits & stuff:Tracy B Spring Border freebie on her blog. Sharon has a Shabby Sweetness freebie on her blog. Jan has a Jolly Brolly kit here. Digital Couture has a Get Stuck metallic tape here. Anna has bows on her blog. Nina has a Noble Castellana kit here. Icicle Seafoods Inc. , one of the biggest fish processors operating in Alaska, has named a new chief executive officer. Naturally, the press release doesn't really say what this change is about. Seattle-based Icicle is held by Paine & Partners, a private equity firm. U. S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, has fired this letter to Walmart expressing his views on Alaska seafood and the Marine Stewardship Council. Begich also issued this press release. ALSO: Podcast!ALSO! I was on a podcast, this time with the Yamagato Industries Business Report, AKA a podcast for The Game Heroes! Enjoy it here:NOTE: The artist for Revolution of the Mask has been selected! The interview was conducted before I made my choice.


This week is Dinosaur Camp for the Goober, down at the Carnegie Museum. Which was my idea, and really good for her socially and educationally and it's getting her out of the damned apartment and she's having a ball.

So, yay.

Then we get in the Jeep and drive an hour to go MAYBE fifteen miles to the museum.

It takes a half hour to forty-five minutes to go six miles on the expressway. Every. Damn. "But it chanced the other day that I scented awhite water lily. it is the emblem of purity. What confirmation of our hopes is in thefragrance of this flower! It suggests. The OB appointment this morning ran very late, and then was a long visit, and then I had to run to back-to-back patient sessions, so I'm only now getting a chance to post. And in other good news, the new OB was wonderful. She spent a lot of time with us. She said we've really been through it with all of our prior IVFs, pregnancies, and losses.

Timber Hawkeye And the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.

It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from Style. it, NYMag. ERROR ERRORThat is what it kept saying as I tried to upload photos for white Wednesday. Blogger must be down or they're doing an update right now. I have tried for over an hour this morning but now I have to get to a client's home and work my magic. I will try again when I get home, but by then it will have to be an "almost" Wednesday, since by then it will be Thursday. Everyone enjoy all the other posts over there under the White Wednesday link, and visit amazing whites and meet some lovely women. Any golfer who then decides to join their club will be credited the cost of the Temporary Membership. The Naughtiest Dog The lovely magazine, Country Life, recently published a list of the naughtiest dogs in Britain. That is Rabbit pictured above, posing with his adorable mistress, Violet. She would agree with me, I know, that “naughty” is merely a matter of opinion, despite the fact that Rabbit has some pretty impressive credentials in that department including, but not limited to, stowing away in an Amazon delivery truck and chewing up all the parcels before being discovered by the distraught driver. Our adorable Apple, not being British, was of course not eligible for this contest, therefore I can only picture the spot on on shelf where her trophy would go. But here are some of her claims to that prize, and I’ll let the reading public decide. In the realm of child psychology, it is widely believed that the most carefree child is the youngest child. I can empirically state that this fact carries over into the canine world as well. Apple, being a year younger than Edward, exhibits all the characteristics of a child without a care in the world.

Hi Ai fans!! Dana here with a card fit for royalty!! Hehe!! I used The Queen Set from the new Vintage collection and paired her up with some gold pattern paper!! I started by stamping her on some white card stock, i colored her arms and hair with Copic markers.

Then i stamped her again on some pink pattern paper and again on some white card stock. I cut out the collar and cuffs from the white card stock and then cut her dress out of the pattern paper. I cut my colored image with a square die, then adhered the dress pieces. I cut a pink strip and added it to the cut rectangle, then added some pink twine that i tied in a knot. For the card base i added a white and gold pattern, it is so shiny!! I added The Queen panel to the card base with foam tape. Today's a card I made using the new SU! Well Scripted set. I stamped the salutation word Happy Easter and turned it into a bunny! So easy and cute. I added the cordouroy buttons inpumpkin pie and the felt stitched embellishments. xoxo. You might all have seen these all new gift card holders. Such an great idea !!! It was very fun to create something new with these new stamps. Here's one of my creations. I choosed the main colors to be brown and green. This is made with Mailbox Card Keeper stamp set. I've colored the image with Distress Inks. Added some ribbons and flower. It means so much to me to have a friend like her, which I can tell all of blogland, but can't tell her in person or we'd both be standing in puddles of tear. I gave her a birthday postcard last night at the last middle school concert of the year.

Pete described her this way: "She's- like- awesome.

The baseball one on the left is a cheaper by the dozen quilt. The small quilt in the middle used left-over twisted happy blocks. Remembering you Daddy on Father's Day. You were a great daddy. In my mind the best one I could ever imagine having. You had a brilliant mind, but kept the heart of a child. You built igloos in the snow for me and my friends. You recognized the budding interior designer in me when you happily installed a hardwood floor for my tent in our backyard. You laughed at my silly jokes, applauded my successes and dried my eyes when I failed. You provided for me and for my Mom still to this day. Aries: You are going to make full use of your silver-tongued sleekness today! Your power of expression will be appreciated, especially by the opposite sex, and you will thoroughly enjoy the attention. Ganesha advises a little meditation to help balance your inner and outer worlds. Aquarius: You have been bitten by the explorer's bug.

Today, you could be pouring over an encyclopedia, a National Geographic magazine, or even tour your town, discovering little eateries and joints hitherto unknown.

Ganesha says that if you include friends, it will be so much more fun!Capricorn: Where there is a will there is a way.

True, but even if it's an action driven by a strong will, a dying man cannot wage a war.

You will have to be extra careful about your health today, says Ganesha. The story goes that Nodens was once the leader of the Gods. However, he lost his hand when wounded in battle. Gofannon, the Divine-Smith, made a new hand for Nodens out of silver, after which he was known as the Silver-Handed. Ultimately he became the Celtic God of Health and Healing. NodensAvailable for purchase in The Altered Page on Etsy. Thanks for ruining America, Amy Pohler!. Vu dans l'un des derniers magasins TOWER records au monde. on en aura plus du tout.

I'd like to make a brief observation about this: Premarital sex has been around since the Fall.

And I doubt the percentage of sexually-active churchgoing singles has changed that much over the centuries. But traditionally, the general culture opposed homosexuality. That is to say, if many professing Christian singles are indulging in premarital sex, I expect that makes them decidedly less likely to condemn active homosexuals. In the past, the prevailing social mores made that decision for them. The hypocrisy was less personal, because they didn't have to take an individual stand against homosexual "equality. Hello, sweet blog friends! I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving last week! Have you been following Verve's current Holiday Diva Dare challenge? If not, hop on over to the Verve blog to catch up. We're on Day Six already and today happens to be my lucky day to share how I answered the dare! Our theme this month is A Handmade Christmas. The theme is pretty broad and can be interpreted in so many different ways. from a lovingly made card, to heartfelt gifts and homemade decorations! With the Holidays right around the corner, this will be the perfect time to get a jump start on your card and gift making! So. Many liberals and moderates say, however, those positions amount to outright racism and misogyny. It's all they've got. Here's the very first scrap card I created from the pile of squares I made a couple of days ago. All of the offcuts for the background were cut from various Tim Holtz papers that had accumulated in my scrap box. They provided a nice neutral background for these lovely bright yellow tulips. My New Year's Resolution. I have been so busy the last few days that I did not notice until today that I posted that you would know your strata is done when it no longer giggles. That made me jiggle all morning. I was still working on my shelter homework. When you get a huge garbage bag filled with bread, you need to work fast.

It's already stale and you have to use it before the mold sets in.

So, I made more French toast. And blackberry syrup. I know cause I counted! And endless olive/cheese bread. When the student is ready-the teacher shall appear, I do firmly believe that, and that is certainly no coincidence-this has been a long journey for many,for we are all growing at our own pace-I do believe…and the information we need, arrives when we are ready to receive. Interesting that you mention reincarnation, and your lack of belief. I was brought up with that indoctrination too. As time has progressed, and many different experiences, I cannot make that claim. It is my belief there is a whole lot more to our universe, our life path, our life experiences, than we have been educated on.

So-part of my personal quest has been seeking truth, so I can understand, so I may be a better Steward for our Humanity.

My heart has broken endlessly ,when I have witnessed the trail of poverty, starvation, brutality, destruction of mankind – that humanity has been subjected to over the millennia. I KNOW this all must change. I believe we are that change-Dinarland. .