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Today we have a fun treat! Our friend Nicole is showing us how she makes a super cute Valentine candy gram! These are perfect for treats or cookies and would even be great all year! You can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel! Thank you so much for watching! I love how she used the Rudolph paper from Peace Joy Love for Valentine's Day! That collection has a few papers that are perfect year round.

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Woodrow came to KTVU only a year ago from CBS/LA with much fanfare and now has been shown the door by the budget-minded Foxies.

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When I walked out with a shovel the other day and told Dave I was going to dig a big hole, he got a little nervous.

"How big?" he wanted to know. "Six-five?"Dave's counted on my reluctance to dig holes over the years, correctly suspecting that I'd tire long before I'd gotten his grave dug. But I just found out that it isn't really necessary to dig that big a hole. People are pretty upset about that undertaker, and for good reason. What kind of person would do such a thing, when he could have cut the head off and placed it on his chest between his hands, where the lily usually goes? That would have had so much more dramatic impact when they exhumed the body. The story does vindicate what Dave's been saying all these years, that they just don't make the world for tall people. That's why he has so many divots in his head, and doesn't like to fly. Thanks Holly Boo Mitchell. Did you know Margaret Roach has just re-launched her fabulous website "A Way To Garden. " Do you know Margaret? I have never met her but have followed her career - especially during the years she was Editor in Chief at MS Living Magazine. Her website is so chock full of great information and garden inspiration. Check it out here. It seems like an odd time to be talking gardening in the midst of January. So pretty and colorful. I was in picking up some paperwhites to cheer us up on those February days. Got them planted this morning. It's snowing this morning and I know we won't have much more snow this spring. The weather is starting to warm up and there is going to be a lot of melting this week.

Mud season is arriving - along with sap running and sugar houses in full gear for the next month.

I love taking photos of the sheep in the snow - all the gray and the white and the gentle falling flakes. I'm sure the sheep are sick of the snow and just want to see some green grass. I got a great surprise upon arriving at the fence line.

There on the hay bale was a brand new little lamb.

Two yearlings were trying to claim the lamb but luckily it was easy today to tell who was the real mom. All the other yearlings were quite interested. Later today we will carry the lamb with the mama following her up the hill and put her in my truck. Then she'll go down to the barns so that the lamb stays warm and we can keep an eye on both of them.

And our little sojourn through the country of France continues with another Gallic update to the brflines site.

I made a pretty significant update to Jo Wilfried's page on the site, adding nine pics. Hope you guys like and are having a great day. Sorry that I haven't posted very much lately but work has kept me very busy. In fact, I am usually exhausted when I get home. On the issues of gay marriage and Obama's health care power grab, I am in full support of the Church to stand up for what she believes. It is my hope that they focus on these matters, and drop illegal immigration, universal health care, etc. If we do not stand together, we will have to leave our faith at the church door when we leave Mass on Sunday. When was the last time the US Congress declared war?Answer here. I think it might be alot of fun! xoxo. Since those days with successive inputs from socialists the green bit in the ID is only a green hued mantle grasped to give relevance or a bullet point to give a heads up for the latest promulgation of an extreme socialist brain fart. Vernon Tava long time Green Party member who once had leadership ambitions has departed and although not a member of National has joined the promotion team of long time friend seeking election in Maurice Williamson's East Coast Bays seat for National, Erica Stamford.

Many voters, a clear majority in fact, are environmentally green but it is only a part of what drives in pursuit of lifes goals.

For some and it is far too many who give their vote to the Melons while in a state of euphoric addled thinking, it is a vote that so far has been largely wasted. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. " - William FeatherSerenity is NOW as a full quiet falls over a slumbering village. Sunlight breaks the hilltops and casts long shadows. A slight reveal shows early morning aspirants as they attempt to mine stoke upon low tide landscapes.

Minor lines do show as they are brought forth by NW windswell and SW pulses.

CHANNEL: Currently unoccupied although snippets of lefts do appear and seem to have capacity to entice. Much exposed sand awaits as tides reach negative levels. A happy medium may be found today if you know the ingredients to the special blend. PATCH: A long venture awaits as current no tides push the breakers out well past all manner of rock and stone. All paddlers center their chakras and align themselves for destinations unknown. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: "The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase these things with money. Well people, not much happening on lake bolinas today. Maybe a good day to stay home and get caught up on some cartoon watching. Sleeping in may be a good option also. The sun is making an effort to break through the clouds. Trump presents a dilemma, or perceived dilemma, for other Republican candidates. He can't be ignored.

You can't wait for him to self-destruct.

I mean, when a candidate is already that brazenly atrocious, what is there to self-destruct? But if you attack him, must you sink to his own level? I don't think Trump's opponents should resort to dirty tricks. They need to be honest. And with Trump, there's such a wealth of tawdry material. Likewise, I don't think Trump's opponents should substitute ad hominem for substance. Candidates need to discuss substantive issues. But in addition to that, Trump makes it necessary to go negative, to go ad hominem. The only sewing I've done for myself this past week has been making a quilt for a baby shower on Saturday. The baby's room is done in an underwater theme and I think this wave quilt will go just fine. It's going together pretty quickly, so it should be done by the weekend. Some of these fabrics are half yard cuts from the Fabric Frenzy at Paducah in April. Seems like I haven't sewed for a very long time, but today I got some time in. Tammy came over and we put together this quilt top. Well, duh! -dana. I made new phone cases with the straps what I wrote in the previous post.

I also put a pocket on the back.

I hand embroidered their face with Sashiko thread. I used my favorite fabrics and buttons, so I enjoyed making them a lot.

When you use your favorite materials, don't you feel happy? These days, I'm happy to sew linen and wool fabrics.