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Peterson. This is officially a Christmas home, but in this case I'm sure there's no need to worry about that. source. An SUV crashed into the front of a Luby's Restaurant Wednesday morning, deputies said. m. Shop For Texas Products The person driving the vehicle is said to be OK, but it is unknown why the driver crashed through the front of the restaurant. Deputies are investigating the incident. Source:. A couple was arrested Saturday after burglarizing two trailers at Galway Bay trailer park in Marathon. Deputy Greg LaRochelle responded to Galway Bay Trailer Park Saturday afternoon to reports of a burglary to one of the trailers in the park. m. The victim said when he confronted Belanger, Belanger threw the gun on the bed and pushed him, then fled from the trailer. The victim was able to identify Belanger because Belanger used to live in the trailer next door. When Deputy LaRochelle checked the trailer next door, he found evidence Belanger had also entered that residence. I like to take any opportunity that I can get to involve families in my classroom discussions and investigations, so I created this great freebie in order to find out a little more about each of my individual students' family Thanksgiving celebration. Send this questionnaire home with your students to find out what each of their Thanksgiving celebrations is like. This is a great way to help little ones understand that their families have similarities, and to help them celebrate their differences. Deer season starts Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. The time spent out in the brush is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for me.

I have my deer tags, my rifle cartridges and my little diamond earrings ready.

You know, Chief, this nude bomb might solve a lot of problems. For one thing, flashers. Even though it rained the entire time I was in Maine, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I just have to change the way I draw.

There was no way I could just sit outside somewhere and sketch Maine. We are talking crazy thunderstorms. So what I did was find little objects on the ground that represent the place I'm hanging out at. Then I proceeded to make a little collage drawing and do a lot of writing on it too. Anglers CP: A male Shoveler with a large bulbous growth on the side of its head was new in today. Wintersett Res: A Cetti's Warbler was heard in the south east corner. You don’t have to sign up for this Focus Squares class to enjoy making this beautiful quilt. However, if you are lucky enough to be in our area, you can sign up for the class. m.

and we hope you will join Carolyn who is the pattern designer.

If you can’t take the class you can purchase the pattern from the Attic Window Quilt Shop. The possibilities for the focus squares you can use in this wallhanging or quilt are endless. Nut-free holiday cookies: you'll find the recipe in this post. Read on. One holiday down, a few more to go! Holiday time is very busy for all of us, so I wanted to share some of my most popular holiday posts in a sort of "roundup" blog post. I've included links to posts on nut-free holiday candy you can find at the supermarket, recipes for nut-free treats and holiday party tips that allow you to have a safe and healthy time with food-allergic family members. Food allergies can be very stressful at the holidays and sometimes we feel like we have to attend every party and event, even if we know it will be difficult. Depending on how close you are with the hosts and the strength of your interest in attending the party or event, go easy on yourself. If you want to skip something, it's OK. I don't advocate avoiding everything, but the amount of social demands this time of year can be overwhelming, and if you are a family dealing with food allergies, it can feel impossible to keep a kid safe at some of these things. In Melbourne they like to treat their koalas with a nice little bath. In Sydney. Democrats, independents, and Republicans are about equally likely to express low confidence in Congress. This is a change from the past and likely reflects the split control of Congress. One of my very favourite things. old cupboards in every shape and colour. not always. Especially, if you can't get any. Money, that is. A bit of background might help. A Banamex. With two very popular ATMs out front. "Popular," that is, if you count the number of people who visit them. FROM THE LADIES EUROPEAN TOUR WEBSITEThe Ladies European Tour’s Henderson Money List leader Lee-Anne Pace from South Africa seized a three-stroke lead heading into Sunday's final round of the Finnair Masters. Pace is well placed to collect her third Ladies European Tour trophy of the season after her second round, containing seven birdies and no bogeys. Kylie is sharing third place with Mollie Fankhauser of the United States and Frenchwoman Jade Schaeffer. One area that I’m particularly interested in is settling hazardous waste cost allocation disputes. While PRPs can and do litigate allocation disputes, the cost of litigation is very high, especially for parties whose share of liability may be small. Litigation costs can be more than the share of the damages. Thus, PRPs, frequently with the assistance of a neutral, negotiate settlements to allocate costs of the cleanup, thus avoiding expensive litigation. Hey guys. This morning, I added four new pictures of sexy, French footballer, Yoann Gourcuff to his page on the brieflines site. I hope you guys enjoy it and I will see all of you here tomorrow. Hey guys I added two new pics of Gareth Barry to the brflines site this morning. One of the key planks of the push for minimum alcohol pricing is the claim - only believed by the gullible - that alcohol costs the country a massive amount of money. As is the case with all public health agitprop, this cleverly-constructed lie ignores the many benefits of alcohol to society. The value to the person purchasing the alcohol of purchasing the alcohol must be higher than the amount they spend on purchasing the alcohol.

You Just Never KnowThe new year pops in the night air above me, like a bubble of pink champagne.

As I flip through the crisp pages of this new year at hand, I can’t help but wonder what these clear, unmarked days might bring. I mean, you just never know. What new books might I read during this icy cold month of January?What sort of Valentine will I make for The Songwriter in February? Will I plant English Peas in my garden in March? Will I sit at the seaside on my birthday in April?Might I walk in a garden under roses in May?Could this June be the best one ever for all my hydrangeas?What new hat will be my favourite in the heat of July?Will I nap in a hammock in the white light of August?What day in September will I feel the first hint of fall?Will I knit a red sweater to wear in October?Who shall gather at my table on November’s Thanksgiving?And will next December’s Christmas be a white one again?No matter how carefully we may plan our days, we never quite know what will happen. So much is beyond our control. But would we really have it any other way? Would we choose the safe coldness of certainty and forever lose the delicious possibility of surprise? Who knows, the heat of July could fry all fifty-four of my hydrangeas just like it did last year. But then again, perhaps instead of English Peas, I’ll plant magic beans in March. And perhaps those beans will produce a flower the colour of butter - a flower so large that Edward and I will climb right inside it and wait till a gust of pine scented wind blows us up and away over the clouds where we’ll live out the year in a land full of kookaburras and oranges and no one will even notice that we’re gone.

It’s a brand new year my friends.

I didn't get tagged for any of those memes floating around where you list five odd things about yourself, but I'll tell you one of mine anyway.

Every now and then someone says they saw a book, dress, notebook or whatever, and they instantly thought of me: "I knew you would just love it!"Well, for some reason this creeps me out. I feel like someone is seeing into my soul, and I secretly hope they're wrong and I actually will not love whatever they saw. You don't need to tell me how dumb this is. I wear a pretty narrow swath of colors and styles, for instance, and naturally anyone around me will get a good idea of what I like. And then I'm constantly writing, talking, and otherwise sharing my soul, so why wouldn't people catch on what I prefer?But it still makes me feel weird. This little lot is from home bargains. PEACE and LOVE This painting is attributed here to Carl Larsson. I'm not sure it is his work but I like it anyway. Well, finally it is Christmas Eve. For some of us, tonight will be the start of Christmas - my sister Tricia and her family celebrate in the German tradition, on Christmas Eve. For others, we wait until tomorrow. Some attend church, some sleep in, some get up early to prepare the turkey so it will be ready for a midday feast. We'll be having a cold lunch here with our family on Boxing Day.

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