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I woke up early Friday morning to what I thought was an odd syncopated rumba beat. That is not unusual. My neighbors provide free music at some of the oddest hours.

It was me ticker.

Doing its best impression of a faulty starter motor. My lungs decided to get into the act with brief coughing spasms. I thought I was starring in Wildcat. Which was odd because I was sitting in a dentist chair in Manzanillo for round two of my root canal. And it wasn't because the musical's run ended badly. Or that I had transformed into Lucille Ball. It was the drilling. Lots and lots of drilling. If my appointment last week could be characterized as clearing the land, yesterday was all about drilling out the fillings from the previous root canal. I should note my dentist was not looking for a gusher. She was a bit concerned when I told her that I felt some swelling around the tooth and wondered if there could still be some infection. Once the filling material was out, the dentist started filing away to clean out the canal. I could have sworn the coalition had promised to do something about this?An investigation is under way after police seized a photographer's camera and images were later deleted from it. "The officer came after me in a police car, grabbed hold of me and told me he was going to arrest me," he said. "He took my equipment but when it was brought back I had a look at the images and they were not there. I'll probably avoid hunting until muzzleloader season, and hope I take a doe. I'm not interested in the bravado or camps, at least not right now, but it does feel a little left-behind to not join in on the first day of the season. All told, I haven't seen a single spike on this mountain, just scrubby does. So hopefully one snowy morning in December I'll take one down. I'd just like to have venison in the freezer. I'm excited to announce some good stuff. It is a huge deal. I have just adopted a new dog- a doll really and have named her ZETTA.

She is over a year old and her first three days acclimating have been stellar.

Remus the cat- is carefully staked out along the stair or observing from the counter heights- as ZETTA gets to know whose turf is whose and what territory they can share. Once Remus recognizes that ZETTA is friend-not foe, he will fall in love.

Remus misses Moses as much as I do- and has mourned his loss.

Along with my new ZETTA- named for my dear friend and mentor- Sandford Peele's beloved dachshund, ZETTA. hello my friends!!! Today a little bit of cross stitch design. Here my Animal series number five. MAY SHEEP, I couldn't resist to design and stitch it, how sweet! Hope you like it!!!. Happy stitching day my friends!!! xxx Niky. Carissime, ricevo molte mails che mi chiedono quando mostrerò le mie Nashville news. Dovrete pazientare ancora qualche giorno. Intanto, per non lasciarvi troppo sole, vi mostro alcune foto di alcuni 'notebooks' che ho realizzato in tema s. Valentino. This adorable farmhouse/cottage was featured a few years ago on my friend Becky's charming blog Sweet Cottage Dreams. I am so smitten with precious homes like this one. I long for a little place something like this out in the country on a few acres. Just a little patch of heaven with a flower cutting garden and a vegetable patch and a few fruit trees. A hammock hanging between a couple of big old oak trees. Chickens free ranging and happily clucking away. A little table with a pitcher of sweet tea and some freshly baked cookies. Baby goats climbing on the roof of the garden shed. In spite of the BS those who wish to denigrate him would want to be the truth. Stuff have a poll running on the Springbok Tour and the protest. Fausse alerte. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Sesame kaak. Here's a recipe for Arabic ring-shaped bread covered in sesame seeds. Enjoy them plain as an afternoon snack or with cheese, za'atar and baked eggs. InstructionsThe following recipe has been tested and edited by SBS Food and may differ slightly from the podcast. Have I mentioned how in love I am with all the beautiful colors and styles of Mulberry Flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts that we are now offering at Really Reasonable Ribbon? Well, I am IN LOVE!! If you haven't been by to take a look lately, head on over because there are loads of new options in the store. You never have to twist my arm to use purple on a card! I used flowers from each of the sets below to embellish my card. I created my bi-color double-loop bow with grape and turquoise Delicate Stitched Satin Ribbon which is my all time favorite ribbon. You can view my video tutorial on how to make this fun bow HERE. body. .