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“My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. In that regard, they are not so different from most of us here this morning as we listen to Benjamin Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols. From top: Father Zuhlsdorf celebrated the extraordinary form of Holy Mass at St. Benedict's Chapel in Chesapeake and preached on the concept of "conversatio" - the "matter of life" which involves the person's thoughts, words and actions in relationship to God, self and others.

Next, Father Z engages in what he calls "counterterrorism" measures in the "blog wars" as he takes a picture of another blogger taking a picture of him.

Getting the first post on a hot item means total victory! He is joined by Father Willis, chaplain to Saint Benedict's and friends for a chat before Mass. Next, Fr Z joins Father Willis and friends at Monastery restaurant in Norfolk Saturday evening.

Next, Wanderer columnist/WDTPRS blogger Father Zuhlsdorf and fellow Wanderer columnist/MCITL blogger Father Cusick.

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A special thanks to Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP for providing lunch for this event.

courtesy of mingpao.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Si Hing said that lately he has been very busy.

Luckily BabyJohn's head will be on the most important area, his will flow around other spots.

As for Valentine's Day gift, Si Hing said that he did not have time to prepare. However he believed that his girlfriend would be happy to see how busy he was, which was already the best gift. Did they give each other surprise before? He said that they often would but he would not talk about his personal life. Another easy,fast and successful recipe. This time it is cheese biscuits. then add the flower little by little and mix to a very thick dough that you will flatten with a rolling pin. Then cut shapes in dough, and place them on an oven tray. Tips:These keep long enough in a metal tin. Charles Stillwell Jr. ". I had such a great time up at Hobby Horse Crafts with Rachel and her mum Pam.

I arrived on Friday afternoon to meet Sally, Joy and Ruth who were helping to set the hall up with Rachel and Pam.

It was lovely to meet so many of Rachel's customers and everyone was so friendly. I had a wonderful time demonstrating and showing lots of the Craftwork Cards products to all the customers on Saturday. The hall was buzzing with lots of people enjoying the other demonstrations from Paul, Gina and Melanie. Rachel also had tables set out to do make and takes where customers could make stunning cards that she had made. Pam put on an amazing spread of food and lots of cakes from Joy made sure everyone was well feed and watered too.

The shop was busy all day too, all in all I think everyone had a fabulous time.

Harrr, I nearly missed it and would have been keel-hauled fer shure: National Talk Like a Pirate Day!. ‎. How did a Brooklyn man smuggle enough Egyptian artifacts into the U. S. to open a small museum? Mostly by lying on customs forms. IOL News An antiques dealer pleaded guilty on Wednesday to smuggling ancient Egyptian treasures, including a coffin, to the United States. . The f-holes in the body of a violin have evolved to their current shape as the result of generations of trial and error by violin-makers, as reported in a study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society: Owing to its long-standing prominence in world culture, we find enough archaeological data exist for the violin and its ancestors to quantitatively trace design traits affecting radiated acoustic power at air cavity resonance across many centuries of previously unexplained change. Or, to put it another way. Students will learn the science involved in the production, collection, and processing of milk and other dairy products. Students will learn what dairy products are produced from milk. My Grandfather, with the support of my Grandmother, started the farm from one cow. instagram epicponyz. Saturday was my sabbath from driving. I spent most of the day with my brother and sister-in-law on their ranch.


Watching movies. Doing the odd chore. But that was enough rest. On Sunday I was ready for another trip. After looking at the preview of MG Wing Gundam on Leon's blog, I decided to retake pics of my DX Wing Gundam. This piece is the vintage item that is made in Japan. Despite the mega size, the toy is still able to transform to the plane mode. This one that I'm having is still in excellent condition without yellowing or chrome wear. Toys made in Japan those days made really gone through stringent quality control and the products were manned to last. gundamofficial. Spain's Noemi Jimenez continues to make the running. Hey guys. I've added six new pics of Ivan Ljubicic to the brflines site this morning. Go check them out!. Yesterday I had an interview as an archery instructor at the British School of Falconry over in Manchester Vermont. The job I was hoping to land was as a part-time instructor, someone who could be called up when guests at the school want to take lessons. It's seasonal, and on-call, but seems like a great way to earn some extra money for Cold Antler. After my two hour trial run with some guests and such I was offered the job! The School works closely with the Equinox, a local resort famous in the area. Archery is just one of the many things folks can do while staying here but as the tourism season ramps up with the temperatures I should be working more. This is good, mostly because anything that can help keep the farm going is needed right now as I've hit a rough patch. A part time job will be a bit of a relief on that end, and something that needed to be pursued. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama to Announce Sweeping New Powers on Tuesday – Will Regulate Power Plants to Save Country from ‘Global Warming’Why not cut off power to the federal government first? Heat, a/c, and electric. That would show real leadership. Pres. Lincoln managed fine without electricity, central heating, or a/c, and he rode around town on a low-emission horse powered by biofuel. First, the gummint should cut the power to the NSA and the IRS. Then, the White House. Then Congress. Our moral and intellectual superiors should show us the way. at:CNN. It's been a long day. Holy moley! I should have gone to bed. They're talking about Mitt's taxes, illegal immigration, how Newt made his money, and NASA. Newsflash for CNN and the potential nominees - AMERICANS DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT CARP!!!! Next up: Why would your wife make the best first lady? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????. I'm writing out all my tags for the bears and animals I have finished so far for the Update on Tuesday and Claude really wants to help. He's pulling at my legs and begging like a puppy to play with all the things on the table. I couldn't help but photograph the pure glee that pours out when I show him each bear. He's so sweet, but all the whining and crying for more is beginning to drive me a little crazy. Ohhhhh babies. I guess I know how he feels. I've been a bit sleep deprived and I feel like pitching a fit when I don't get my way too. The hip humor, the biting satire, the fun, and the sexiness of the first issue actually ramped up a notch, with a generous dose of pathos added to the mix. E-Man creators Nick Cuti and Joe Staton were channeling the creative spirits of Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster, Jack Cole, Will Eisner, C. C. Beck and Otto Binder and adding a large dose of Marvel Age cool to create a truly special, memorable, and uniquely Groovy Age style superhero.

Are ya starting to get the idea that Ol' Groove really, really digs E-Man? You'd be correct-amundo, baby, and here's a heapin' helping of why! Join E-Man and Nova as they meet.

Today's the day: all of the new Verve stamps and dies are now available in the Verve store. The Divas are having a release hop to celebrate. ? Because it surprises, like nobody, that you're all talk, and liars at that. Gee, another clueless, insulated and provincial group doubling down on stupid. How "progressive. " Take it away, Dan. - Anonymous wrote: I think concern about the whip is absurd. Most horsemen and jockeys love these horses and would never abuse them for the sake of abusing them. Whip use is abusive in the minds of humans, but the evidence shows that its not very often abusive to the horses. If it were, there'd be a lot more DQ's like in the Belmont race, where obviously, the horse was shying away from contact. I've never been that bothered by whipping in the thoroughbred sport, probably because I came up through the harness ranks.

Now those guys have whips, I mean, real whips like I saw on TV as a kid, long and mean, and loud, ouch! I never really thought about it back in the day, but now the whipping at the trotters kinda bothers me.

Sometimes they're hitting the sulky, but other times man, they really wind up - they have much more leverage to deliver blows than jockeys do - and the thwack resounds in a small empty harness track like Saratoga. And I've seen frustrated drivers deliver an extra blow after the finish line on more than one occasion. The Head Chef doesn't like to go to the trotters because of the whipping - she's very sensitive, you know. But I've actually never heard her remark about it at the flats. I don't know what the relative 'pain quotient' is between the two, but it just seems more benign with thoroughbreds for the most part. One notable exception is Ramon Dominguez winding up and hitting Scrappy T so hard that he almost killed Afleet Alex. I think he would have be DQ'd for that alone in the UK, according to the rules. .