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There's snow on the ground, but that doesn't stop Tim Stover. He hits the backroads, armed with the latest high-tech gadgets to make sure that if there's a sasquatch, he's going to see it. So did he?.

Hello!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I wanted to give you guys a little hint! I highly suggest you sign up for our newsletter! There just might be a goodie in your inbox late tonight!!! It is our Thanksgiving gift to you!Thank you so much for visiting!Have an amazing Thanksgiving,.

Go Navy!. The proper amount of sleep is important for our concentration, mental health, and physical health. Getting enough sleep is a vital human need. For one thing, without sleep our concentration is strongly affected. We're easily distracted, we can't remember things, and we don't notice what's happening around us. I thought we had one fox living in the den under our laneway. Nope. And taken through a filthy window, no less. I have an adaptor for the scope, for my Nikon SLR, but I have not yet mastered focusing with that. So far, the iPhone pics are better. I am really happy to see her on two feet! The dogs and I walked around the farm this afternoon. The fields are very dry for this time of year, and our tenant farmer has already planted our front fields in wheat, which will be really lovely this summer! We had some tree planting done by the local stewardship council a couple of years back. Okay, not quite! We also had some butternut saplings planted. Some horrible canker has been killing all the butternuts, so these are part of a local butternut test-planting. And that's today's walk around the farm. I first learned of the Colin Kaepernick controversy via Deadspin early Saturday.

later, MSNBC and Fox News followed.

Mind you this was Saturday. This is the information age we live in. Don't miss out on the game re-cap from Pierz at the Sauk Centre Herald website. The link to my 'B-B-E Sports' section at the Herald site is: bbe jaguars boys basketball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars boys basketball, Central Minnesota Conference. Caveat lector: This post contains some subject-appropriate unsavory language. At the time this photo was taken, in fact, Marquez stood accused of "disorderly conduct" and second-degree obstruction of governmental administration. This wasn't the first time she had shown up to work with a black eye or other suspicious injury she insisted was the product of some bizarre accident growing out of her incurable clumsiness. I teach ideology in my political science classes. I don't indoctrinate, at least not intentionally, but I try to get students to understand what drives our political process. It is the way we view our relationship to our government. What is the proper role of government in our lives? Are there limits? To whom do we look for solutions to problems in society? Our bipolar political system emerged quite naturally from the philosophical bipolarity of the Founders. Start with the Federalists and Anti-Federalists debating over how to allocate power between the states and the federal government. The Constitution establishes an arrangement of limited federal government. Its finely crafted parts bring this replica to life, and its features include a positionable hydraulic arm, ladders for your workers to climb up and get to work, and a rotating body to help get the job done. To God alone be the praise!Everything I say and do, let it be all for You, The glory is Yours alone! We will rise, and we will fall, But You remain after all. You're glorious and beautiful, Your beautiful! To God Alone Be The Glory!. catsbeaversandducks. Harry Chapin warbles in the background as I thumb through this week's Economist. "Fitting lyrics for pyrrhic news. Recruiting strong arms. It was inevitable. The plan was to leave the ship, go to the airport, and lose another day of my life flying to Portland. It did not happen that way. Between Cadiz and Lisbon, the ship lost its stabilizer capability. To avoid treating the passengers like popcorn kernels, the captain cut the ship's speed. As a result, I missed my flight. The upside is that I was able to spend an additional night in Lisbon. The only downside is that the afternoon was overcast and cool. Hardly what I remember of Lisbon in April. When even the Prime Minister suggests that the present shape of the prison system doesn't deliver and costs a fortune, then it could be believed that we are entering a period where the political machine may be open to significant penal reform. This is not to over-state the possibilities, Reform can be argued for on several grounds, including utilitarian, ethical, and moral, none of which appear to be the force of our political masters. Rather, the political focus appears to be utilitarian and economic and I have focussed my thoughts around these issues. Being a teenager is a formative period, where expressions of individuality and attempts to explore identity are perfectly normal and crucial.

But that is outside.

Inside, however, in a highly regulated and controlled environment, these are seen as expressions of defiance and being anti authority. Just by being a normal kid, attempting to make sense of the world, leads to being labelled as awkward if not downright subversive. Considering the circumstances, I must have done something right. The side walls are finished.

Wow - it is starting to look like something!.

I first saw this idea at The Party Blue Prints Blog but the idea originally came from the great creators at Disney Family Fun. When inheriting from existing content type we inherit all fields. Some fields are some time not necessary so we need to delete theses fields from our Content Type. This is a sample code of how to remove the unwanted fields. then open the Schema. xml of the parent content type and find the specific GUID. Hope this will be useful. I am not a fancy-kitchen-gadget person. I like my basics, sharp knives and a wire whisk and dippers. Now and then I get attached to a device like an egg slicer, but not often. I roll my eyes when the Tupperware lady goes into raptures about the latest pickle strainer. My melon ballers and orange peelers hibernate in the back of the drawer. But the other day in a kitchen store at the coast I saw the Ultimate Kitchen Gadget. It looks like a semi-stiff, semi-clear mitten—nothing impressive. But still, it was really one of the most impressive gadgets I’ve ever seen. Happy Monday! If you love stamping, you really ought to consider being a KOTM subscriber. The kits are always Amazing, really fantastic value and delivered to your door every month. Look at this month's kit: Here's a card I made using the kit. A little close up : Only a few more days to go before the new KOTM, you can sign up for this kit here. Have a great day!!. Neal Street has some new visuals, I think you will agree that they look more up to date than the previous ones. Many thanks to the team at our favourite London outlet for the photo. can't wait to be back there again. America's own Yellow King still walks the Earth. Our nation's most famous living monster, torturer and war profiteer whose political and family connections allow him to operate in plain sight deigned to permit Charlie Rose to "interview" him on the teevee machine this week. And as is the custom of our Beltway Media, he was fed yummy marshmallows on a silver platter by a toady before heading back, unmolested, to his Carcosa. Good boy.

Hello My Friends! I have some cards to show you today from Jeanne Streiff using the Sizzix Decorative Flip-its and Sizzix Framelits Decorative Labels die set.

But if you think about it, this statement doesn't own up to any particular wrongdoing. It's generic and hypothetical.

So it has the fringe benefits of a confession without having to confess anything.

The "prayer request" doesn't actually admit to any specific sin or objective wrongdoing. Last Sunday was a pretty lazy one. I made Khara Pongal for lunch with other peripherals but still it was a meal assembled in a rush. So in the evening pulled out the cheese and cut out nice thick slices. Dipped them in Besan batter and dunked into smoky oil. The result purfffectly delectable Cheese Pakoda! Gooey, crispy, crunchy all at the same time. For those who need a recipe for the cheese pakodas can follow everything mentioned on Banana Fritters post except that you are using slices of cheese instead of Raw banana here. This time I did not use cilantro in the batter. The Cheese Pakoda did me a lot of good after a cranky Friday that I had. We washed it down with a hot cuppa. I know this sounds a little crazy, but I find that I get the most work done when everyone else is sleeping. I brew some coffee, gather up the dog and some water for my brushes, and head out to my backyard studio. This morning I felt like I was ready to make some serious progress on this piece.

I cut, glued, and clamped them into place yesterday and let it dry overnight.

Worked on the mill most of the day, not counting laundry and other chores. Managed to get the housing made for all the individual displays. The scales ship with the small displays, so that is what I will use for now. I did find blueprints for a cheap breakout board I can put together and an android app that would allow me to use an android tablet or phone to display all axis at once. It also allows you to program in bolt circles and grid points like on the fancier true digital read outs. Extremely cheap to build. So far, the scales with stock readouts came in at about seventy bucks total. Took a bit to figure out how to go about mounting them, but I think it came out pretty passible and quite useable. The breakout board including Bluetooth adaptor will cost in the neighborhood of sixty bucks to build. .