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This is a terrific and exciting historical account of the subject.

If you remember the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" and the line, "My name's Anderson. They call me Bloody Bill. " you'll know the type of action written about very credibly and very carefully. Now, I know why John Wayne's character in "True Grit" called his cat what he called him. Worth reading. “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. This is the second death. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. Bearing Fruit In All Season's And we're not talking dried fruit either. This is a lovely old bowl filled with fresh strawberries These were hand picked by myself and my Husband and sister and brother in law It was such a beautiful day! A strawberry field smells just wonderful! This is the picture of them after they were washed and hulled And put into this beautiful large antique bowl. Isn't that bowel absolutely lovely? It does belong to one of my sisters. It is very beautiful in her kitchen, of course, it is only used a few times of the year When we pick and gather a large quantity of strawberries it looks so pretty filled to the top. I will say that not only were these strawberries, beautiful But they were some of the sweetest and tastiest strawberries I've ever had in my life. They were not even very large, but the flavor did more than make up for the smaller size. I think it is the same way in our lives, It is the small things that we do can really bring a sweeter aroma to the Lord When they're done in love. When was the last time we did something special for someone in secret? Maybe you might know someone who could really benefit fromGiving them some of your extra purchased bounty this fall. I've remember that day for the rest of my life, and the victims of that day remain in my thoughts. beard growing, getting fat, and polishing up some aluminum. yup. Nature can be a dangerous thing, even when you think you're safe. A man is presumed dead, after he was seen falling into a geyser at Yellowstone National Park. What a horrible way to go. A man is presumed dead after falling into a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park Tuesday, park officials said. Rangers said the man probably died because he hasn’t been located and searchers are being extra cautious because of the spring’s dangerous thermal features. The basin was closed soon after the incident, the Billings Gazette reported. m. ". "While searching the neighborhood, police said they came across a person of interest described as a black man with dreadlocks, wearing a red shirt and silver basketball shorts. Officers tried to talk to him but he ran away. ". I made a flyer and here it is:. According to sources, motorists driving on Sixth Ring Road were surprised to see several lingerie pieces of various colors lying on the road. Many of them slowed down while some even stopped to check, which resulted in traffic congestion. When the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about the presence of female underclothes on Sixth Ring Road, securitymen rushed to the location and removed them. Investigations have been launched to find and arrest the suspect who threw the lingerie on the road. – end – Seriously??? Police have nothing better to do than to chase down a lingerie bandit? You want "shock and awe" in Kuwait? Throw us your panties. And puhleeze - from the looks of it, these are "A cups". Not even worthy of a mention. You want to do something truly poetic, drop some DDs or larger. Plenty of big girls around. I didn't even see any leopard print in these photos and therefore, I am guessing that these were dropped by a teenaged expat. Definitely loving these colors this morning. You can order coasters with your Instagram photos on them.

Pretty dang cool.

Yum- a BLT salad. Unique and semi-creepy paper mache hand hooks. I never tire of Gatsby wedding inspiration. Cookies that allow you to put the lime in the coconut. These glowing photo spheres are bee-you-ti-full. I am usually quite pumped about plants, though I do wish I had a greener thumb. Hahaha: the rich kids of Instagram. Homemade mustard is the best. Decorating with corks. A totally beautiful bedroom mini-makeover. Make an adorable little river raft for your kids. I finished the gauge swatch for the Lustkofen and gave it a swish through some soapy water. The bad news is, I'm knitting two pullovers at six stitches per inch. The good news is, I'm not knitting them at seven stitches per inch, because the yarn relaxed once it hit water. You see, if you measure BEFORE washing, then you can also measure while the sweater is in progress, before IT is washed, and have some idea what in hell's going on. Yes, yes, I know that's really nitpicking, but the sweaters I knit usually fit their intended victims. This afternoon at about six-thirty PM, Eastern Standard time, I sort of finished the Crumb Cake yarn. I say 'sort of' because about four hundred yards of it is still on the bobbin, waiting to be wound off, skeined, washed, dried, and labeled. Charlie Chaplin. the brands… dress: chadwicks. sparkle tights: dsw. I really am Irish! I get my Irish heritage from my dad’s side and my Italian heritage from my mom’s side. Since today is St. Patrick’s day, I’ll continue to embrace the Irish side and wish you all many days of heath and happiness. Kisses!. LIST’s …. Continued… The deadliest weapon. We don't see a lot of chrome coated Mobile Suits in the past and I would say Hyaku Shiki is the first for Gundam series even though at that era the anime could only illustrate it in yellow. Well, Bandai did produced both two version of Hyaku Shiki in Master Grade kit. The epic moment of Hyaku Shiki is really its smooth surface deflecting laser beam when shot at. GO STEELERS!WOOTWhen you grow up an hour from Pittsburgh,and their training camp is in your home town,well, it's in your chipped ham, rolling rock,jumbo bologna, Halula's ever lovin' heart. Just read this minute while I was spell checking that Halula's is gone now,Steelers better win, I'm depressed. I will give you treasures in the darkness and hoards in the secret places that you will know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel who calls you by name. Lessons learned in a place I never thought I would be. Nature is a big part of our lives and as Lucy gets older, we are having so much fun sharing and teaching about the world around her! One of our favorites activities is documenting and creating in a nature journal. After a trip the Oregon Coast Aquarium, we came home with tons of inspiration and lots of curiosity about all kinds of creature but Lucy's favorite were the jellyfish. From animals and insects to leaves to flowers and weather, we always like to be on the look out for opportunities to learn and observe nature. Incorporate art with learning. Stay safe. My goats don't have a pasture. But goats are browsers, natural herbivores and to them Washington COunty is a large buffet when it is this green. So my goats go on walks up and down the county road, to eat the apple trees and weeds along the sidelines. Bonita is a fan of these walks, and Francis is learning a collar and lead aren't a noose one shrub at a time. Natalia Vodianova plays an angelphotograph by Peter Lindenberg. Izithakazelo zakwa-Hlomuka Ngidi, Bophela,Busane Fuyane, Mazinga, Mlalazi kaNoxhaka, Laka lathengwa ngembuzi, Imbuzi kwakungeyempongo, Wena bhaka laseMakhasi, Wena nyoka zakhwela emthini zingenanyawo, Wena nkomo zehla ngelengiso estikini, Wen'okandunu mabukwa yombili abasezitheni nabasekhaya, Dlokwe lendlovu, Jiji Mankononkono, Geza ngenhla abafokazana begeza ngezansi, Mnguni!. Hats. I like hats, supposedly I look good in most hats, I don't wear hats because they mess with my sinuses. I love to knit hats, they are typically in the round, at least for me. I'm actually very excited to knit my mom a tam, and I hope to get around to a ton of other hat projects I would like to do someday. I may even make me one that won't hurt my head. But like normal I have shawl knitting to go do and I'm going to go and do it now. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here's a peak into one of our holiday outings with family- it was too sweet for words, a country walk with the whole family, babies in sleds and dogs in tow. nearly perfect:. I. For several reasons, I don't normally discuss apologetic methodology.

I think it's often a cul-de-sac.

Both sides repeat their talking points.

Round and round.

There's no progress. It's often a substitute for doing apologetics. In particular, presuppositionalists have a bad habit of never getting around to doing apologetics. To their credit, evidentialists produce a lot more apologetics. Finally, I have my own apologetic philosophy. I don't normally talk about it because it's something that informs my apologetics. However, I was recently reading two books that prompt me to revisit the issue of apologetic methodology: Why Should I Believe Christianity?, by James Anderson, and Four Views On Christianity and Philosophy, P. The debate between atheism and Christian theism has such a stereotypical form that it's easy to overlook the radical disparity: when you think about it, there is no positive evidence for atheism. The case for atheism boils down to an argument from silence. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with an argument from silence, but that's a very vulnerable argument. The case for atheism boils down to the alleged lack of evidence for an interventionist God.

Claiming that we can explain the origin of the universe naturalistically.

We can explain the origin of life naturalistically. We can explain every illness and recovery naturalistically. , Sarasota, FL will feature Paper Paintings along with the pottery of Charlie Barmonde and the oil paintings of Martha Kelly. When I was making Greek food, I thought I might as well make hummus too. This is my favorite hummus recipe. Then pulsed until a smooth paste formed. Be careful not to burn. .