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The show is really useful in giving me a deadline to finish quilts.

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Their Lord said, "What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

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Howard's sword-slingin' Cimmerian, but oh, if only they'd had the chance to pencil a few Conan adventures for SSoC.

Mike Zeck Ron Wilson and Joe RubinsteinCarl Potts and Neal AdamsKeith PollardDon NewtonPat BroderickKerry Gammill. Today I was at work when my boyfriend popped in to tell me that Red Veg is now selling vegan cake. Of course I had to run over there immediately to see if this was true, and it was! They had two kinds, Chocolate Coffee cake and Banana and Walnut cake. of course I got both. Unfortunately I had people to pierce and had to get back to work so I sent the cake away with the boy so I could have it when I got back home. It was a lazy evening.

I was feeling fatigued after a hectic week and a busy day even though I was at home.

At lunch we had Dry Fruit Kheer which had resulted in a good late afternoon nap.

When I woke up it was dusk and a little chill in the air called for some refreshing tea.

I had used up the milk for the kheer leaving us no milk for tea. Though I could just go down and get it I decided instead to make a spiced n flavored black tea. I can't remember her name. The Lost and Found page is permanently located beneath this current post. Old Connections Abound can be accessed via the date or subject archives listed on the sidebar. Check the submissions page, FAQ, and ways to get involved for additional information. Bizarro is brought to you today by People Who Want To Save You. Who doesn't want to be saved? Life is hard.

Bad things happen to us, we get ourselves into jams we wish we hadn't and can't see the way out.

" That's why humans have always been in love with saviors. What's not to love?The downside is that some people will try to save you against your will, with the savior of their choice. I wish being saved were simpler. Just put everything on hold and make sure nothing gets changed or damaged while I'm not looking. Period. that really broiled my intelligence at the time. .