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This week the US government stopped all funding for a program that had been promoting Religious Freedom around the world. On the very same news cast they also announced that, via executive order, federal funding will be cut off from any nation that does not support "Gay Rights". Then on Saturday I sat down and watched the science channel video called "Biblical Mysteries Explained examines the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah". I knew they had excavated Sodom and had determined the it was in fact destroyed by fire and brimstone. The people died in agony as they were set on fire. What was kind of funny is that while they were proving the Biblical record to be true they were also referring to the story of Sodom as a "tale" and referring to the time as being "BCE". Here is a link to some of the Archaeological Evidence for Sodom: The article is titled "Archaeological Evidence for Sodom: Recent Findings Shed Light on Discoveries of ‘Biblical Proportions’" Here is the Science channel Video: Earlier this year New York state passed a "gay marriage" law and joined several other New England states in doing that. Take the case of two neighbors, both poor but both friends. One man’s increase in circumstance, the sudden acquiring of wealth or position, will lead him to have many new “friends” and often leads him away from his old friends from his poorer state. You just don’t hang around with the same crowd when things go well for you. In America everyone assumes they have the chance to be rich. Other than winning a lottery that’s simply not true for most. Most don’t have the energy, intellect, passion, genius, education, background, emotional intelligence, thrift, or connections to make it big. Most of us are average, by the definition of average. Robert Hossein directs. Dialog is sparse, but I like that. Some films are so talky that this is a breath of fresh air. The look of the film is also spare. There's nothing extra here. Every scene advances the revenge plot. via youtube:Spaghetti-Western. Fistful of Pasta says, "the cinematography in this film is exceptional" and calls it "an original". Singular Gryphon in SS gravel mode Of course, most folks hitting the blog here today will probably be Trans Iowa hopefuls or curious on lookers. It would seem that my entire life has been Trans Iowa centered by the looks of this blog of late. I've been busy, for sure, but I've been doing some other stuff that is bicycle related besides Trans Iowa. One of the things I've been up to of late is getting things arranged for Winter and lining up the Winter time projects. One of those thing has been taking care of some rigs that have been long neglected and that I hope will see some Winter time duties. The first out of project phase and back in order is the Singular Cycles Gryphon. metalsportwheels. Alaska’s succulent bairdi crab are being celebrated in the dining rooms of Red Lobster restaurants nationwide for a limited time this summer, as a featured item during the chain’s annual Crabfest. Red Lobster officials would not say how long the Crabfest would last, but while it does they are also offering wild caught sockeye and coho salmon, fresh from Bristol Bay and Prince William Sound in Alaska. Claudia Hogue, food service director for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, said Red Lobster’s proud history of supporting seafood sustainability makes it a great partner to help tell the story of the quality of Alaska seafood and bring this wild caught crab and salmon to tables across North America. To help diners learn more about Alaska seafood, Red Lobster is releasing three chef videos on the restaurant chain’s YouTube channel. Its focus is on freshly prepared seafood at reasonable prices, served in a contemporary seaside atmosphere. We are still elevated on the markets but as a country, we have not deleveraged the debt. So the market has shown cracks, but the debt has yet to be destroyed, de-levered or paid back. Now the Fed is scheming over issuing their own debt on top of this. see more of the penthouse here! wish you all a happy new week! via. A very cool read and it features a few new pictures of Rob as Rey. I especially love this part on his post "you aren't really allowed to have Rob Pattinson in a movie and not have his face on the poster. You hate Freds with the hatred that only a disillusioned Fred could have. You sound like Michelle Bachman's husband talking about gay people. That said, I don't know why you keep trying to say they aren't athletes. Go Navy!. He lay there in the bed, feet extended in permanent contractures, arms curled at his chest, immobile. Ulcers burrow deep into various parts of his body: sacrum, hip, elbow, shoulder, right ear. At this point of the end of life process, there are no more fluids being given, and no more food. Morphine is delivered via a pump that sits on the bed-side table like a silent sentinel. A small needle is inserted under the skin in a part of the body where there is still some semblance of subcutaneous fat. Once there is absolutely no fat left, this mode of delivery may not work as well.

A "rattle" is now heard in the chest as fluid builds up in the lungs.

One really needs no stethoscope to know what's going on. With the kidneys shutting down, whatever fluid is in the body simply shifts into places where we can hear it make its presence known. My First Art Collection is a training program for people who want to learn how to collect art. Behind another stellar pitching performance by Ethan Vogt, the Elrosa Saints blanked St. More will follow later. Labels: Elrosa Saints baseball, elrosa's saints field, Stearns County League amateur baseball. Located in Barcelona, Spain, ‘House C’ by Span ish ate lier, RTA-​​office, is a two story res i dence that explores geom e try, mate r ial and trans parency with a design that looks beyond the der mis of the struc ture to reveal the activ ity within. Fea tur ing ample green space and a pool, the house wraps around the site, cre at ing pock ets of pro grams divided by slim cuts in the volume. via. Here are the scans of namie amuro fan-club magazine, 'fanspace' vol. , a founder of Icicle Seafoods Inc. m. ". Ingbirchworth - Plenty of geese either side of annat royd lane this aft. Rose, Birthe Piontek, Marie Hochhaus, MS Logan, Stefano Azario, Anna Kern, Kate Powers, and Sarah Kehoe. Our decision makers think they are doing the right thing. One From Column A: The business booster press is heralding “ New Home Sales Surge. ” But hidden in the data is this: they surged ony because the previous month's sales were the lowest on record – and had been revised down sharply. Maybe we should just kiss the American Dream goodbye. St. Paul’s Letter to Ephesus raises the question:What’s so great about being a Christian?I'm guessing, most of us are Catholicsbecause that’s how we were raised. Why did they do it?The other religions had "mysteries"—ways to touch the divine. What’s more, they offered,not just one God, but a wide variety:a manly god like Apollo,or a strong goddess like Diana. Those other ways didn’t demand much change,because they didn’t expect it—they knew, as we do,how hard it is for us to change. In other words, exactly what people, today,say makes being a Catholic a hard sell. So why would anyone go for this?Listen again to what Paul said to us:God "has blessed us in Christwith every spiritual blessing in the heavens…as he chose us" in Christ,"to be holy and without blemish before him…for adoption to himself through Jesus Christ. Conciliators and similar officials shall not testify in any court or body regarding any matters taken up at conciliation proceedings conducted by them. ” The reasons behind the exclusion are two-fold. Court of Appeals, G. R. No.

So the cutting doesn't take as long as it seems.

I have not visited Fr. Greg's blog in a while. So I decided to take a look see. It make me think of a conversation that I just had with a high school friend of mine and the situations we put ourselves in. As a Catholic, do we do things that we really should not do and consider ourselves to be still good Catholics? Do we put ourselves into situations that we should not?I also think it debunks the myth that many non-Catholics put forward that Catholic priests have no clue about what is happening in real life. Just some random thoughts and take a look at his blog. Has some food for thought. Ever since I started working on a particular project-a sprawling ranch with Frank Lloyd Wright history, I've been intrigued by my client's collection of art. One piece- a large landscape, immediately caught my eye, and it's been in my mind to write about. Never capturing the perfect image-always focusing on tasks at hand, it eluded me. Just this week I thought about the landscape again-and went back to the last photographs I took-discovering, along with the pumpkins, part of my intrigue is in its reflection. Artist Nancy VanNoppen states in her portfolio: These works employ a variety of media and techniques including paper collage, film, and digital negatives that are used in layers to construct a scene. Nancy provides us with that perfect image on her artist's website. HI PEEEPS!! It's Noelle posting today! OK Back to the question. However when SMAK started I fell in love instantly. I used a SMAK kit on every layout I made.

Then LOL came out and I fell in love with it and used it on cards.

Now I use any kit I want on any thing I am making. Hello Ai fans! Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm sharing the last of my Valentine's creations! I've made three different things, two cards and my Valentine card box that I took to school on Thursday for the kids to put my Valentine's in. There's some shimmer here and there from my Wink of Stella pen. Copics used on my "love" card. by Phil JohnsonFor those wondering, we were not hacked by angry baptofundies this afternoon. I think this is the first post I have ever made without some kind of graphic tchotchke to spice up the look. It feels so. inadequate. Here's why: High winds broke a power line today not far from where I live. The downed power line caused a fire as well as a power outage that affected people from here to Santa Barbara. We have had a potty seat for the big toilet and a baby Bjorn one in our bathroom for months. There was little to no interest. until one day, it just happened. at home. We have not taken the leap to have him wear undies away from home too much yet. Our ice maker wasn't working so we opened it up. and this is what we found. a perfect heart. S. All in all about what we'd expect after yesterday's action, with a bit of surprise at this end in terms of the afternoon breakout heading south vs. north. Then again, we do remain in a longer-term range and closed smack dab in the middle. In general, I feel my market reads remain strong with my execution still lagging behind a bit. June will be focused on merging the two. The kids really love this dish. You can find the recipe here: I might not have much to post about these next few days. I am up to my eyebrows in finishing The Blog Tech's house and getting the guest house ready for Thanksgiving.

Plus my house is still being worked on.

For further information on these Scams, please Read . I dabbled in electronics during my undergrad. I joined MFM correspondence course. I worked on ETL tool called Informatica and OLAP tool called Microstrategy. With the basic datawarehousing background I could work on any DW tool. I worked on Power Builder at Keane India. I loved Unix Scripting. Because of this, I am going to go over some terminology that I find essential, what I mean by them and why I define them in a certain manner. This is not meant to be a list of terms that I want everybody to adopt. I have changed my terms quite a bit over the past few years and I am prepared to do so again. I need to go over a few things before I start. And when you report in again. .