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Wowzie, I have a busy month ahead of me. I started last night and will continue today and tomorrow on catching up on my DT's and scheduling post! This weekend I am heading to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and a few other places. Next week is the Scrapbook Expo in West Palm Beach that I will be attending with my stampin' buddy and MIL. The following week I have a Halloween party and Oktoberfest party to go to. Then the last week of October I am heading to Key West for Fantasy Fest,and yes I am scared. I have never been before and from what a I hear it's a bit crazy for me. Lyrics excerpt:Two cups of coffee in the mornin' Two days till I stop feelin' blue Two chairs, one empty in the corner I got too much me and not enough of you I got too much me and not enough of you Please join the weekly T party over at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog, where Elizabeth is eating out and remembering Christmas. LINK London based art and performance photographer. LINK Amazing photography studio based in Milan, Italy. Pre-registration required. Phyllis Modlin is a Construction Defect Claims Supervisor with Markel in Walnut Creek, California where she manages construction defect claims on a nationwide basis. Ms. Modlin received her B. He was wearing a North Face hooded jacket, a blue and black flannel shirt and dark jeans. FBI spokesman Garrett Croon said that a suspect was in custody Monday afternoon. ". A Stock Island man was arrested and charged with possessing a large amount of cocaine after a search warrant was served at his home Thursday afternoon. m. Sotolongo was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine. Working together on the service of the search warrant were Sheriff's Office / Monroe HIDTA,Key West HIDTA/Special Investigations, agents from Homeland Security Investigations, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. After a walk round and arriving at the hide the first bird I saw was a Bittern out in the open on the edge of the reeds. Whilst watching the Bittern a Water Rail walked across the ice in front of it and later the pair of Stonechats appeared. Later went onto Old Moor for the roost, I went to the Wader Scrape while Jeff went onto the Reedbeds. until I think of something else to say. Anyway. It's been useful. 'Control of bleeding' covers all sorts of emergency stuff - bandaging and direct pressure and elevation of extremities and tourniquets and pressure bandages - you get the idea.

One correspondent in England wrote back to note that he had signed the petition opposing a state visit by Trump.

There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about their nature. K. is a country that supports free speech and does not believe that people that oppose our point of view should be gagged. ” That is a fascinating prospect. NEWS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE SCOTTISH LADIES GOLFING ASSOCIATIONFiona Norris has been named Captain for this season’s European Team Championship and the Home Internationals, and she is looking forward to the challenge of building on last year’s success. Fiona, the sister of LPGA Tour professional, Mhairi McKay-Smith, knows she has a hard act to follow in taking over the captaincy from Lesley Nicholson, But she brings a wealth of experience to the post. “I hope to build on last year,” said the Hamilton member. So much to be thankful for this afternoon. God has answered a huge prayer for us today. HUGE. More on that later in the week. So grateful to be part of women's ministry team "Freedom's Call". Watching God work in the hearts of women. Sunrise over the water. FOR A BRIEF PERIOD of my life I was a professional seaman. At least, I was a member of the seamen’s union. Catering Department, actually. I was the starboard watch greasers’ peggy. The greasers were close to the lowest form of life on the liner — just slightly above the gooseneck barnacles that festooned the hull. As I understood it, they worked down below in the engine room and squirted oil on the pistons as they went up and down. There were six of them in the starboard watch and they were a rough lot.

Longcheer analysisI pretty much said it in the charts already.

It seems like price did not rebound off trendline today, so a possible exhaustion gap is in the making. Which is one of the scenario that I said might happen yesterday. If it's an exhaustion gap, then I think price will go down further, reverse, then cheong past the trendline and carry on the uptrend from there. Looks like more downside to go, but should be a weak one. ME, Juliette Crane, Mindy Lacefield,, Margie Romney-Aslette, Jeanne Oliver, Chrissy Gardner, Shea Fragoso, Debbie Murray, Junelle Jacobson and Christy Tomlinson. The course is hosted on a private website and all instruction will be in video form and include up-close pictures of each project and supply lists. I love using junk mail as much as I can and the easiest way to transform it is to paint over everything with colorful acrylic paint. Once the junk mail is dry, quickly journal, doodle or even scribble all over the surface. I wrote all sorts of little love notes- to myself and to my husband. Scrunch up until it looks like an abstract flower. Use hot glue applied to the back of the flower. Today is full of fun. we are blog hopping with RRR to showcase the monthly ribbon club assortment Sweet Pickle & doing a bit of early cross promotion with Peachy Keen stamps .

You should have found your way here from Ms.

Gloria's scrumptious blog. If you lose your way you can always start at the RRR blog link up above. I chose to work with a cherry on top stamp set for this card.

It worked perfectly with my PTI cupcake diecut and the sweet pink ribbons in the monthly ribbon club assortment.

So it appears increasingly likely that even this model, which is very much at the lower end of the range of predictions, will soon be invalidated. Life fails to be perfect, but never fails to be beautiful. My daily life has been improving. I am having more happy days than sad ones. I am spending fewer days in my pj's and wrapped up in a beloved old quilt watching endless hours of uninspiring television shows. The healing process is a slow one. It has it's own voice. At first there is so much pain that the voice says to stay inside. To keep safe. To hide. It encouraged me to stay on a familiar path. Today we celebrate the studio table: uncensored, unedited, and most likely unkempt. When the studio table is full. One very noticeable visual aspect of Athens was graffiti. It seemed to be everywhere, including on many public municipal buildings. Interestingly, some of the earliest examples of graffiti known were found in Ancient Greece. Most of the graffiti I saw was scrawled letters and looked like unwanted vandalism. However, there were several examples of graffiti art that was quite impressive. In fact, I saw for the first time two examples of mixed media graffiti, clearly by the same artist. Unique and creative, it is one of those ideas that seems obvious now but I have never seen it before. Has anybody else? Here are photos of several pieces, with close-up details included as well. There was some much needed rain here yesterday. It was short lived but the tank is full, the larger tank is probably three-quarters full, and if there is no more rain, that will see us through the next few months. It's enough and enough is all we need. It's only now that I see these photos that I realise I didn't add enough milk to this cake batter. They still tasted good - vanilla with lemon cream cheese frosting. The rest of the day was spent sewing and knitting. Just a curiosity type question from me really. Then as you use each one, it gets moved to the back of the system so you have a fairly varied diet. Or you could sort them in to categories, may be on preparation time, or in to say meat dishes, cold dishes, hot dishes.

So you can match your time constraints or to match the outside temperature.

Specifically finding a post that contains that 'gem' of information about something that you know has been discussed or written about before, but when was it and what was the post called. With so much trouble in the world today, and everyone having an opinion on it, I thought "Why not add mine to the mix. " So here I am. Let get you a little background to kick things off. I am a U. S. citizen. I am male. We're sorry, this page is currently under construction. Denny Burk is another participant in this debate. The flashpoint of the debate was an answer that John Piper gave to a question about policewomen. Todd Pruitt made the mistake of using Doug Wilson as a bad example. I generally like Pruitt. He's usually a good culture warrior. He stays informed. But he's no match for Wilson's wit and rhetorical prowess. That exchange went badly for Pruitt. A better match-up is between Wilson and Trueman, both of whom are witty and rhetorically nimble. But that's not the level at which we need to conduct the debate. This isn't a test of literary panache. Crew Maison Rabih Kayrouz Marissa Webb, via nymag. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field.

When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership.

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