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Look, I'm not asking you to join the military, or throw a party, or have a parade, or offer your first-born virgin daughter to a serviceman. I'm not asking you to even go find a serviceman, current or former, and thank him. Wearing that uniform has few privileges attached to it, beyond the opportunity to have served this nation. With few exceptions, everyone who puts that uniform on is subject to being put into harm's way for their country. If you will remember that for the next little while before enjoying the rest of your day, then I believe this Memorial Day has served its purpose to this nation. Makes a great gift for the rebel in your life. I learned a lot about financial crises from Gary Gorton's work in the area.

His views on what went wrong during the recent crisis and what might be done to prevent similar events are views that should be taken seriously.

Seriously, that is, but not uncritically. .

Season's Greetings.

with best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Have a good one!. I'm not fond of getting my feet wet when I launch/retrieve and I have to do it solo because my wife is disabled. I can easily get the boat in the water myself. at ramps with floating docks. I attach extra long dock lines to both the bow and stern and lay them at an accessible place on the deck. If the boat is too far from the dock, I retrieve the lines with a boat hook. These dock lines are then attached to the dock well behind the boat - the boat is now tied to the dock but still firmly on the trailer. A spokesman for British Columbia’s Ministry of Energy and Mines says a copper/gold mine seeking permits to operate in the northwest part of the province will have to prove that the tailings facility performs to design specifications. Energy and Mines spokesman David Haslam said in an email statement Feb. Approval of the interim permit is not sitting well with the transboundary environmental group Rivers Without Borders, whose spokesman, Chris Zimmer, said it was “reckless for British Columbia to permit the kind of outdated watered tailings facility at Red Chris that failed at Mount Polley. Sen. What does this mean? Well, nothing really, other than that the public is often mistaken. Here are the facts: Fannie Mae underwriting guidelines are the same as they were last month, and the month before that, and the month before that. So what does that mean? It means mortgages are actually easier to get now than they were last month or in earlier months. It does not mean that it is harder to qualify for a mortgage. If you can prove that you earn what you told your lender you earn, and you can prove that the money in your bank accounts came from acceptable sources, and you pay your bills on time, then you can probably qualify for a mortgage. Life in a Coffin. courtesy of singtao. Lead actress Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen, Teresa Mak Ka Kei attended. the two Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress and Best New Actor nominee Fish Liew Chi Yu and Jennifer Yu Heung Yi demonstrated the four hand massage on co-star Kevin Chu Kam Yin. Friend Miriam Yeung Chin Wa showed her support but quietly went inside without being interviewed, as she did not want to steal Gigi's thunder. We previously discussed a controversy at the Society over industry involvement in guidelines it sponsored that featured a broadened definition of "pre-hypertension," one that seemingly would include many more patients as candidates for drug treatment. According to the Globe,The title of the proposed panel discussion cut straight to the point: "Conflicts of Interest. " But attendees at the American Society of Hypertension's spring meeting in Chicago won't get to hear what panelists have to say about financial ties between the drug industry and medical societies and physicians. The society has rejected the session, saying it was 'one-sided' and did not meet 'standards for fair balance and scientific rigor. ' Now, the cancellation itself is causing a conflict, prompting three prominent drug industry critics from Boston who had been invited to participate to accuse the society of stifling debate. 'The society is hiding under a rock,' said Dr. I spent a few minutes at the bedside of my patient in the hospital today. I sat in a chair to the right of her bed and rested the side of my face on the bedrail so that our faces were aligned, her head resting on her pillow. We spent several minutes smiling at one another and looking into each other's eyes. Of course, she asked me for news of my wife, son and dogs, and I told her a story of Mary calling me in a panic this morning when one of Sparkey's nails broke off and he was spurting blood all over the house. While I was sitting at her bedside, I noticed that the site of the needle biopsy on her upper chest was bleeding through the lame little bandaid that someone had pasted there, and I alerted the nurse that she needed a pressure dressing on the area. While holding a gauze sponge in place while the nurse searched for dressing supplies down the hall, I took the opportunity to not only hold the gauze in place, but also to perform a little Reiki on my patient's heart chakra. We stared into one another's eyes and breathed, chatting nonchalantly until the nurse returned and broke the spell. In a way, though, the nurse entered our little tete-a-tete with her own caring energy as the she dressed the area more securely and placed a nasal cannula on my patient's nose so that she could have receive some oxygen. I translated for the two of them and we all had a few sweet moments as a triumverate. After the nurse left the room, I said "Are you depressed, my love?" She nodded very sadly and we were silent for a few more moments. I had the chance to fry up some of the morels I found this weekend. I like to soak them in a bit of salt water to get rid of the dirt and any creatures that might be hiding inside. Then dip them in an egg/milk wash and roll them in cracker crumbs. Pan fry till golden. The morels, baked potato, chicken piccata and salad. I get so excited when I start getting emails as early as September inquiring about when the next year will be ready. I ended up releasing these a bit later than normal. Last week our agency served as the coaches in the Writer’s Digest University class “Agent One-on-One: How to Craft Query Letters & Other Submission Materials That Get Noticed Bootcamp. WHY WRITERS ARE FRUSTRATED: Different agents will tell you different things.

Some want the word count, genre, and title at the top.

Some want you to dive straight into the hook of the story. We only serve top quality brand food! Grooming services are also available. Intanto i consiglieri D'Alia e Rifici si dissociano dalla richiesta di "dimettere" l'assessore Giovanni Sardella avanzata da una parte dell'UDC. One of my favorite pieces of graffiti art, in a place I've featured before. Fill your Saturday with sweet and pretty things - enjoy!. The Quidditch match was something I was a little bit nervous about. I did a lot of research to find out how to play and found several websites with different versions of the game. All the girls needed to have a broom but I did not have it in the budget to buy brooms for everyone and I couldn't find brooms that looked like what I needed for a reasonable price.

I needed to find a cheap way to get brooms for everyone.

One day at Home Depot it came to me.

A while back, I opened the Sunday paper to find a little sidebar with the headline "this week in the Civil War. " It was startling. That's the kind of news you get when you get into bed backwards and oversleep, I guess. I'm really looking forward to it, because I don't know much about it.

I had no interest in history at all when I was a kid.

I knew what history was. I'm at an age where life tends to be self-humbling. This can set you free. When I was packing for my trip to the New River Birding And Nature Festival, preparing to meet a bunch of people I'd only met on line, I was moved to do something about my Mom Jeans. I didn't even know there was anything wrong with Mom Jeans, and when I was brought up to speed, it did occur to me that I ought to be old enough to escape derision for wearing them.

Still, I succumbed and bought a pair with a very modest lower-rise.

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I’ve investigated his background.

Then again, with "progressives," every day IS Opposite Day. Let's go way back with Flex Wheeler: Sorry, I have no dates for these scans. a game of misdirection, the vary lest the Hegelian Dialectics and work. That is in the usage of the term "Democracy". You hear it spewed all the time "our democracy " is - that. Here on this web site. .