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That raises an obvious question that apparently had not occurred to her: What reason do we have to trust NewsTrust? To answer that I looked at their web page and discovered that the single source of information for which it showed the highest rating was Rolling Stone, the magazine responsible for the bogus UVA rape story—not merely a mistake, but a mistake pretty clearly due to irresponsible reporting with an ideological bias. Add to that the fact that the two blogs which they rate on that page are Daily Kos and Think Progress, both well to the left, and I conjecture that their ratings tell me more about which side a source is on than about how reliable it is. That leaves us with the problem of how to figure out what facts to believe, given that not only news sources but sources of information about news sources are likely to be biased in various ways.

In that particular exchange, I had already demonstrated one solution to that problem.

The Mother Jones article was introduced to the discussion by me, as evidence against Warren, not for her. Both the politics of the publication and the tone of the story made it clear that any bias would be in Warren's favor. It is now four years since Dr Malcolm Kendrick published his book questioning the wholesale prescribing of statins to asymptomatic and low risk patients. What are their doctors thinking? There seems to be little acknowledgement that these drugs can have serious and unpleasant side effects and in people who have no history, no symptoms and little risk, starting these drugs on the basis of numbers on a lab report is very poor medicine. Yet more evidence is now emerging that supports Dr Kendrick’s view. How long is it going to be before the medical profession takes notice? And as for the polypill, not yet adopted by doctors, this concept should be strangled at birth. The Pofahl- It's Fixed!So I had yesterday off and decided to get after the Pofahl and figure out what the deal was with the incessant creaking. This problem has been intermittently cropping up and bugging me since the day I put the thing together. At one point I thought it was the crank set, so I swapped it out. The bearings in the bottom bracket were indeed shot, so I thought maybe I'd gotten it figured out. Then the saddle was the culprit. Swapped and still- creaking! Then I read where some folks had creaky Chris King head sets. This time period was all overlap of some degree or another.

Yet there are some ways we can ultimately label the move.

And certainly the market kept working itself lower.

Julie Calbert is a Belgian photographer, working in Brussels and Paris.

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Their efforts to smear Cuba's democratic opposition have failed miserably as have their efforts to force the opposition into exile. The agreement reached back in July with the Ladies in White and the Catholic Church as mediators was not conditioned on prisoners of conscience agreeing to go into exile. Nevertheless, save one, all the prisoners released were sent into exile. Deon Washington said. ". . And I gave in more than I wish I had. It was very frustrating for me. The No. They have outdone themselves with their latest releases, which have just arrived. I ponder this question every morning now that we've moved into a new office building where the parking structure is one of the most poorly-designed that I've ever seen. Torn it uuuup. aren't they amazing? i thought they'd look great at the wild west landscape. Hardly slept last night. All I can do is sit here, flicking through all of my posts to date. I'm listening to Leonard Cohen loudly through earphones, endlessly repeating 'Hallelujah' from his Live in London concert.

Time after time.

Some desperado has just encroached and been sent on his way, disgruntled. He wanted to scrounge a cigarette. A selection of this week's oddities and eye-openers. There's a little typo in the book. Today is the day! A fantastic challenge starting at Really Reasonable Ribbon. create something with shimmer & sparkle and ribbon of course! This is the only challenge for this month at RRR. so please join us. I have broke out the glitter again. Since quite some time we at Dam Style have been thinking of ways to show you a bit more of Amsterdam's fashion people. To show this we decided to make visits to the studios of some young Amsterdam based designers. Off the streets in the studios so to say. We hope you'll enjoy the extensive read!— The first in this series is Sober. Sober came to us by way of Elza - one of the Dam Style photographers. It is quite a fresh brand, just a few collections young. Well my dear, we must ALL work at something. . Obama Re-Polarizes America: From Red vs. Blue States to Carbon vs. I stamped Scratch using Staz-On ink on watercolor paper so that I could use my Tombow watercolour markers to colour him, along with a wet paintbrush to soften and blend the colours. Here's a close-up of my colourful feathered friend. And finally, I wanted to share my inspiration with you - I found this on Pinterest and immediately knew that I wanted to try something similar with the Bird-Brains! This is a print of an original watercolour by artist Renee Chastant. My version is a little tame next to Renee's, but I'm working up to it! Happy stamping, everyone! . Paper Bingo game box set created by Ayako Fujioka. Here's my fourth bento block for the swap. Now I need to decide if I'm going to make more or stop here. Four blocks could be a wall hanging or a table runner. I probably don't need anything bigger than that. I think they look so cool together!I can't wait to see what I get from other quilters!I've been hoarding some of these prints in my stash for years. It's fun to get them all out and play!. Filofax UK have announced Free Postage and Packing until the end of January. Grab them while you can. Pockets in Malden, Finchley and Deco's all at half price. I haven’t a lot to report today. My walk on the patch was quiet in the strong east wind, but to be positive, a wind with some east in it is always more productive for bringing migrants, but it often takes a day or two to provide the goods. From Lane Ends heading west towards Pilling Water I noticed a number of Meadow Pipits arriving from across the bay, then as I walked further more jumped out of the grassy sea wall where they both fed and sheltered. A circling Sparrowhawk distracted the hirundines from feeding for a while before they went back to the sheltered ditch and the abundant insects. So because it was a nice sunny morning and not a lot happening otherwise, I sat down near the Swallows and watched the recently fledged young ones resting but also watching and waiting for adults with food. As most of you know, I wasn't enamored with Steven Erikson's last Malazan novella, Crack'd Pot Trail. I felt that it was too weird and experimental in style and tone, and I could never truly get into it.

Well, I'm pleased to report that The Wurms of Blearmouth is akin to Blood Follows, The Healthy Dead, and The Lees of Laughter's End in every aspect.

As far as the timeline is concerned, the action takes place directly following The Lees of Laughter's End. In many ways, this novella is sort of the aftermath of everything which occurred in the third Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novella. And once again, it's hilarious! Considering the doorstopper size of Erikson's Malazan installments, his short fiction continues, for the most part, to be immensely entertaining reading experiences. Tyrants abound on the verges of civilization, where disorder frays the rule of civil conduct, and all propriety surrenders to brutal imposition. Millions are made to kneel and yet more millions die horrible deaths in a welter of suffering and misery. But we’ll leave all that behind as we plunge into escapist fantasy of the most irrelevant kind, and in the ragged wake of the tale told in Lees of Laughter’s End, our most civil adventurers, Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, along with their suitably phlegmatic manservant, Emancipor Reese, make gentle landing upon a peaceful beach, beneath a quaint village above the strand and lying at the foot of a majestic castle, and therein make acquaintance with the soft-hearted and generous folk of Spendrugle, which lies at the mouth of the Blear River and falls under the benign rule of the Lord of Wurms in his lovely keep.

And of course, hovering over all, the denizen of the castle keep, Lord –Ah, but there lies this tale, and so endeth this blurb, with one last observation: when tyrants collide, they have dinner.

& changing oil. But for the sake of my future self for when I turn this into a book, I'll peg a few more good examples of what was happening on this blog during that tough year:David Brooks was horrified. that Scooter Libby's excellent reputation had been sullied by hippies. I use my own personal experience to try and explain the difference between being bullied and being terrorized. Here they are, set to music. Things could get a little better, but right now they are not too ideal.

Light mist/rain with minimal swell activity.

Channel: Surf is crumbling in, at the ankle high height.

Could get a little better with an outgoing tide, there are waves out there, they just aren't getting in currently.

Rhonda had Chad while she was in school and was forced to drop out. She had since finished her education but had been divorced and remarried numerous times. Chad was just about finished with high school and was heading to college. In all, you could say their relationship was pretty good. Rhonda was fairly attractive for her age. She had shoulder-length blond hair and she always liked to dress up nicely, which often meant short skirts and high heels. One evening, Rhonda went out to a bar with some friends. Chad felt a little sick so he stayed home and watched TV. Not much fabric used this week, but none added! So I'm still heading towards my goal. My goal. Aaaaaand since each captivating chapter is only five pages long. Enjoy!. scam-job-emails. tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam. The email address is fake! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!From: "HOTEL JOB OFFERS IN USA" - submit. The following is Remo's account of photographer Valen Zhou's first Custom. The good news? He's already working on another.

Valen Zhou"Valen and his Motorcycle This is my boyfriend’s first handmade motorcycle.