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Furthermore, she's supposedly a pain in the ass and treats some staffers like a piece of shit.

That's hardly someone to build your foundation around but who knows what's going on at PIX. My hope is that this will serve as a place where I can post my own developing thoughts on topics related to biblical theology, ranging from discussion of specific biblical passages to broader biblical theological themes. Only time will tell how this blog develops, but my hope is to start discussions that will provoke thought on how Scripture fits together and connect those discussions to larger issues in the church and culture where possible. And since I am new at this, I appreciate your patience as I learn the ropes of blogging.

I look forward to our ongoing conversation.


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Finished up today.

Managed to get their hot job done in time and the next one set up and going.

Day went very well.

No distractions on Saturdays. It is rather peaceful and your not bothered so you generally can get alot done. After work I visited my local gun store. Owner is a member of the club and it's always fun to sit and chat with him for a while. Did a little horse trading. .