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Paul HarveyMany of you know the very useful series of books Columbia University Press puts out introducing readers to various religious traditions in America: Jane Smith on Islam in America, Randall Balmer and Lauren Winner on Protestantism in America, and this one, Richard Hughes Seager on Buddhism in America. That latter volume has just been released in a revised paperback edition, giving us a chance to blog about it again. Here's a short review of the revised edition: Seager, Richard Hughes. Buddhism in America. Rev. and expanded ed.

I have removed all songs from the Australian TV show "The Voice" from my site in protest of the highly damaging effect that they are having on the ARIA charts.

I refuse to promote music that exploits the charts so severely in the pursuit of money, votes and TV ratings.

I feel disgusted about the amount of money that I've spent to buy these "Voice" songs in the past.

Marathon – A Marathon man is in jail, charged with threatening another man with a gun. m. , deputies responded to the bar to reports of a man with a gun. , had chased him down the street with a gun in his hand. The two men had a previous altercation, about a week before, during which Valdes was struck in the eye. The victim said when Valdes saw him in the bar he left, telling the victim he’d “be right back”. The victim said he was afraid Valdes was going to get a weapon, so he armed himself with a pool cue. But you are Ranger fans and you should know that one of the requirements for being a Ranger fan is that this franchise at times will tear your heart to pieces. Do we want to sit here and trash Henrik Lundqvist for picking the wrong day to have a bad game? Lord knows that Henrik has saved this teams butt more times than any of us can remember so not gonna do that either. Every other blogger, every other fan and every other writer is gonna tell you that once again a slow start is what really doomed Rangers. The past month seems a blur of traveling and doctor's appointments. neither leads to a real festive mood. Need to snap-out-of-it. so I am doing some marathon cookie baking today. Nothing says the holidays better than a house smelling of cinnamon, chocolate, and pecans. Images - Flickr. HOLLAND'S TURNEDEN'S TURN"No no", "more more", and "up up up up up up". At least I have another one who's always willing to give me a great smile!. themetapicture. All information are gathered from Style. it, NYMag. This past Saturday, I had the privilege of concelebrating the nuptial Mass of my friends Jan and Monica Sikorski. Jan and Monica graduated from Notre Dame this spring and will be working for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend as chastity educators while Jan is pursuing a graduate degree in Theology. It was a very beautiful and reverent Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeline.

The music was all good.

Oh, and the best man is a seminarian studying at the North American College. Among the attendees were Matt and Emily of the Holy Whapping Shrine. yes, TEA! I am sitting at my desk doing the faffing stage of those spinning turntable drawers.

It's not fancy tea.


Let it remind you always to recite this teaching of the Lord, 'With a strong hand, the Lord rescued you from Egypt'" Observation: When God's people came out of Egyptian slavery and were delivered from their oppressors, He told them to hold an annual festival as a sign to remind them that God delivered them with a strong hand. It was to be told to their sons and daughters and every generation after them. God instituted this so that every generation would remember what He did. Application: In this case as festival was instituted once per year forever to remind people what God did for the people of Israel in bringing them out of Egyptian slavery. Egypt is a type of sin and the promised land is a type of salvation. We need to find ways to remind ourselves that we have been brought out of sin with a mighty hand. We need to have some visible reminders of what Jesus did for us and who we are as a result.

The Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America have decided to ignore the City of Philadelphia call to renounce their policy on homosexuals.

For example, right here in our own People's Republic of Montgomery County, the MoCo school administration banned fliers from being distributed to student about Scouting. This was fought by the National Capital Area Council - BSA and they won! Now, the MoCo Public Schools must distribute Scouting fliers along with ever other group. How did they do it? It was because the Republicans in the Congress helped to pass the Support Our Scouts Act to protect Scouting groups from being denied access to public facilities in response to their stance on homosexuality.

I've been getting a lot done, but not what I should be working on.

It's productive procrastination! Finish: Cactus Flower table runner started in May, finished last week. See the reveal post here. New: I started playing with fussy cut hexies on a day when I didn't want to move off the couch. Productive laziness? The gray and white one is my favorite so far. I'm not sure if they will get centers or stay as rings. We'll have to see how this evolves. Finished, but not posting until tomorrow: Tangerine and Teal Triangles. Join the Winning TeamRUPAYAN Housing Estate Ltd. - Set up guideline for Marketing & Sales team to develop effective Marketing & Sales strategy. - Able to initiate action plan to identify potential market along with new sales opportunities. If I were forced to categorize Kathleen Parker's writing, I would charitably describe as Peggy Noonan hand-me-downs. Except for that one time when Ms. achieved brief fame outside the wingnut Thunderdome a few years ago when, after an entire career spent lobbing red meat to violently insane bitey-bitey Conservative zombies, was suddenly and hilariously shocked!shocked! to discover after a less-than-supporting column about Sarah Palin that her readers were not just violently insane bitey-bitey Conservative zombies, but violently insane bitey-bitey Conservative zombies who super-duper luuurved them some Sarah Palin. Sure, she's a decade too late and, sure, by virtue of Mr. Kristol's inexplicable indestructibility bagging on him is the most risk-free form of counting coup imaginable. Have a great weekend. - EBAY Vu sur EBAY. Spoon Full Of Sugar 'Torn' ChallengeMy new Gorjuss Girls stamps arrived this morning and I couldnt wait to ink them up, so I made a card for this week's Spoon Full of Sugar challenge which is to have a torn edge on your card. SuppliesStamps: Gorjuss Girls - Funky KitsTools: Prismacolors, Sansador, Distress Inks, Pearls, EK Success punches, Lace from stashDP: Basic Grey. DOW is a design agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. Helping our clients understand that brand design is a critical part of business success is key - a successful brand is the cornerstone of future profitablity"Agency: DOWdesignCountry: New Zealand. I would be willing to guess that I am not the only educator that feels this way. Below is a hypothetical letter that explains my rationale. Dear Principal/Superintendent:Good morning! You are probably wondering why you are receiving this letter out of the blue. Let me quickly explain. Recently I began blogging on my experiences as a Principal at New Milford High School with the hopes that my ideas and success stories could help other administrators in some fashion. A blog can also be used as a fantastic public relations tool in your school/district. .