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What is the point of "seasonal" decoration, if it's up all year?Labels: Gripes, lifestyle, public service message, You Do That In Public?. Cloud reflections. Photo by I. Peterson. NYAD count:.

Administrative Note Quite a few of the blogs have had no new tatting content in months.

Some people tat a dozen pieces and update only once or twice a year but with most people, no new content means they have lost interest, so on the next update I will be removing the links to blogs where there has been no new tatting in months.

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This broach was made with the same thread and has a real jade pearl in the centre.

Mary-Kate and Ashley looking effortlessly cool in laid-back looks with sunglasses. Get the look: + Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses + Current/Elliot The V Neck Tee In Grey + Italia Independent Aviator Sunglasses + Inhabit Black Scoop Neck Sweater. As always, we will start out by offering these in factory sealed cases, the contents being untouched by our hands. Next up is a brand new series, called the Auto-Drag. This is my first time attending her class. I was excited to meet Aunty Yochana as i always goes to her blog very often and also heard Sally and Kate mention about her before as they have attended her baking class before, but doesn't know how she looks like and finally i get to meet her in person. She's a very friendly person and during the class, whenever the students have any questions to ask her, she will be more than happy to answer it. I am so happy and feel so relax to learn from her. "The bunyip, or kianpraty, is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. The weather is finally starting to feel like autumn here. I'm getting some cleaning done in advance of the holidays. above is one of the blocks. There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.

And he began to teach them many things.



anambrayouthfarmers. blogspot. anambrayouthfarmers. dailypicksandflicks. The presidential election season is in full swing up north. Well, almost full swing. There will undoubtedly be a few more candidates who will modestly put themselves forward as being more beneficial than packaged salad mix. But the tone is pretty much set. Every four years, some political scientist, with a knack for writing college examination questions, puts together a series of questions to assist those of us, who believe we are rational, in choosing a candidate to support. The results are mixed. During the last election, the test revealed I should support a candidate who held federal activist views I found less than desirable. The second choice was far more to my liberty taste. No chicken dinner here because we're vegetarians, but we do have a winner. wait for it. So Miss Prairie Peasant is our lucky winner. PrairiePeasant said. Alternatively all you golfers may be going to a Burns Supper or have been at one at your own Golf Club. Here are a few at Douglas Park Golf Club last weekend at their "early" Burns Supper singing a couple of songsHere is a good article in the Glasgow Herald Today if you happen to be giving a "The Reply for the Lassies" Toast to the Lassies by Ruth Wishart in today's Glasgow Herald. via goldenfleecing. Hey kids, it's Christmas Eve. So today I give to you fourteen new pics of Rafa Nadal for you to ponder and consider. Cheers and keep warm!. THE COCKPIT of a sailboat is where most of the action takes place, but why is it called the cockpit? The dictionary tells us that a cockpit is a hole in the ground where cockfights take place, but I have noticed that cockfighting does not take place much on sailboats any more. So the question remains. During the times I have spent in nautical cockpits my mind has been most concerned with what would happen if a big wave came flooding over the stern and filled the cockpit. At times like this, in the middle of a dark night, I try to calculate mentally how quickly the water would drain away through the patently inadequate drains provided by most boat builders. I never succeed in this calculation. The Bronze Monkey and The Fire Hose With a tip of the hat to the cliche. it had been one of those days. My accountant was waiting for my tax information. Remember when I said I didn't want to get stuck in a creative rut? Ha. I'm currently in a watercolor rut. well less of a 'rut' and more of a watercolor 'binge'. I did this quick ATC while playing around with my new stamps and colors. This ATC uses SMAK "Trust Your Soul" and the Layers of Life "Dream a Little Bigger" kit. Stones of Barenziah paper model created by DeviantARTist KnightRanger, the Stones are quest items from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game. Now that school is out, I have been working hard to finish projects that have been on my mind for a looong while! Here are a few of them: Sometimes students have a hard time knowing what to write about. Students sort the picture cards onto the correct word family mat. Keep checking back in my store to see what's new! Or follow my store so that you will be the first to see the items as you plan for next year!.

Here's the blurb:BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Elizabeth Moon's Kings of the North.

For the first time in nearly twenty years, Elizabeth Moon returns to the thrilling realm of her superb Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy. Thanks to Paks’s courage, the long-vanished heir to the half-elven kingdom of Lyonya has been revealed as Kieri Phelan, a formidable mercenary who earned a title—and enemies—in the neighboring kingdom of Tsaia, where Prince Mikeli suddenly faces the threat of a coup. Acting swiftly, Mikeli strikes at the powerful family behind the attack: the Verrakaien, magelords steeped in death and evil. Mikeli’s survival—and that of Tsaia—depend on the only Verrakai whose magery is not tainted with innocent blood.

This checklist proves how easily distracted I get.

First I found a cool picture of Satchel Paige. Then I became interested in the story behind the picture and did a few posts on the MLB pension. That in turn got me interested in the Hairston baseball family. I could go on about being easily distracted but I think I see something shiny. D. Haaa. It is midsummer and I still haven't found my rhythm. Hit my stride. Figured out how to manage to keep my daughters sufficiently busy, visit with my husband, keep my puppies and find time for me.

It might have something to do with the devilish look in Harpo's eye.

But I can't blame it all on the dogs. I don't know. Here's the sketch: Cool sketch, with lots of room for interpretation. I opted for patterned paper for both panels with a sentiment cluster at the "seam. " Hello was die-cut with the Hello Confetti Cuts die. The word "adventure" is from one of the sentiments in Here We Go, and has been white embossed on a vellum Tag Me die-cut. What is he scooping up with a dona? Something definitely special!To many Malaria is a small disease. We live with some other things that are our partners in life. So its a big deal especially for my Dad when he falls ill. If I have learnt something in life it is to mock the things that try to bring me down and appreciate the smallest things in Life. I tell W also many times there are so many thing to be happy about. A sunny morning, an unexpected shower, a beautiful temple in an unexpected location, a beautiful kid.

GOD has endowed us with so much, good looks, sensitive heart, enough money to buy what we want etc.

"Coca-Coca Light the Lagerfeld way! This favorite drink of women has called upon the genius of Karl Lagerfeld to dress the Coca-Cola light aluminum bottle. Today, the polarizing contender is Donald Trump, and it’s safe to guess that many of the voters who like him also liked Reagan. He has built his campaign, in fact, on his appeal to “Reagan Democrats” — socially conservative working-class voters, particularly white men. Hmm. The parallel may sound absurd to those who remember the Gipper as a smiling, avuncular statesman whose speeches could touch the heart. When he was running against President Jimmy Carter, though, critics perceived Reagan as a reckless ignoramus with a simple-minded view of the world and a knack for exploiting racial resentments. But then the analogy breaks down: But the resemblance is deceptive. Reagan was a consistent conservative with a clear vision of what he thought the federal government should do, drawing on a body of political and economic thought and first-rate advisers. .