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Have you heard of Spectrum Noirs? They are the latest and greatest in markers. This is a by SWALK and is called "present" I love the little gift she is holding and knew it would make a wonderful Birthday Card! I colored her with Copic markers. I cut the banner out by hand. I was going to add words onto it and ended up liking it this way. So I left it alone, which is hard for me to do sometimes. We are replaceable. No one is indispensable. No matter how big a splash we make in our own local pond, the ripples will only last a minute or two. We really are small and insignificant. On top of being small and insignificant, we are failures. We fail at them all. The FED can influence stock prices, they can influence a lot of things, but they cannot influence it all at once. The market is simply too big. Eventually it will all get out of hand. A bearish setup in Breadth and long shooting star candle. Possible small impulse up from the overnight low. I was finally able to upload my video of yesterday's card! I hope you enjoy this video with Cozy Christmas, Copics and Basic Grey!You can watch it here or at You Tube!Thank you so much for watching!Have an amazing day,. We did very little decorating, holiday baking, or even shopping - our ski trip was the present for everyone. But, this year, KC is in a new job and has only Christmas Day off so we are home, we are decorating, we are shopping big and I am loving it all. I am having fun finding Christmas decorations that haven't been out of the attic in a decade. Each day I am gradually adding more "Christmas" to the house. We put the extension on our dining room table for Thanksgiving and are leaving it on until after Christmas. Every surface in the dining room received a touch of Christmas. I am savoring this slow process of bringing Christmas to the house and don't feel rushed. “When Ideology is placed above objective information, truth and ethics are the first victims. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

” -Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister, Nazi Germany There is a campaign underway by the Cuban dictatorship, its agents of influence and sympathizers to cover up its brutal treatment and murder of Orlando Zapata Tamayo while creating a false biography of this human rights defender to diminish his moral stature.

She is now the target of a campaign of defamation, character assassination abroad and physical violence perpetrated against her by agents of the Cuban regime. Meanwhile the press has apparently lost interest in the story leaving Reina to the mercy of Cuban state security. Snow melted off the walk and snow started to melt and drip off the roof. It was a great day for visiting outdoors.

Kids and dogs.

It is not innately criminal. Assuming that political government has a legitimate reason to exist, its jurisdiction applies only to “external behavior and not the inner life of man,” as Justice Felix Frankfurter wrote in a rare moment of moral lucidity. All people are sinners, but relatively few are criminals. Aspiring totalitarians demand the power to define what is sinful, to refine sins as crimes, and then to redeem society through the application of violence. The roster of contemporary sins has been expanded to include possession or display of the Confederate Battle Flag, which the murderous sociopath Dylann Roof conspicuously displayed in a photograph taken shortly before embarking on his killing rampage in Charleston. Within days, the Battle Flag was removed from government-claimed property in several southern states. May the divine Lincoln forbid that property claimed by the plundering class be defaced by a symbol associated with aggressive contempt for the liberty and property of other human beings! It is entirely true that Confederate symbols should not be displayed on government property, but the appropriate remedy is not to ban the symbol, but rather to privatize the property. We know he postures as a great leader. He's told us repeatedly what sort of incredible take-charge guy he is, even while creating that new concept for Libya of "leading from the rear. " Of course that image is so very metro-sexual and modern liberal that it seems to fit the Messiah like a lacy black elbow-length evening glove. We've seen him take off his coat, roll up his sleeves, summon Air Force One and take to the hustings to claim victory on this, that or the other thing. He's one campaigning fool with a resume full of conspicuous empty. Meanwhile we've got prices rising, unemployment rising, debt rising, the markets falling, large chunks of the globe in turmoil, threats rising, savings eroding, gas prices sky-rocketing, and the Cubs sixteen games out of the lead in their division. Settantesima puntata. Oggi:La Corrida ai "Tre Delfini". L'ospite Laura Lo Ricco canta " Io per lei". Due to the fact that I am throwing a Man Men-inspired holiday party this weekend, it seemed only fitting to create a collection influenced by the show. Oh, Mad Men, you are one stylish program. Taking a break from decision making for a day to ask if anyone saw this article in Slate by an adoptive mom about her difficulty bonding with her adopted Chinese daughter. And then think. what? What would it be like to read that as an adolescent?But at the same time, I found aspects of the article honest and real and willing to grapple with issues that are rarely discussed, at least in public forums. That's certainly what I would hope. Youpeee!!!! Spring is here! Steve actually put our Adhirondak chairs in there " spots " yesterday. The sun was shinning and it was soooo nice. Eddie went out to play and enjoyed himself sniffing our shrubs and finding his - Scratch post! Thank goodness cause i noticed tonight he's been beating the crap out of our sofa and love seat! GRRR!Tonight, I hope to scrapbook a little bit, i have a class that I want to get ready for the month of May. i think it will be a Mixed Media Memory Book. This will include tons of fun things and many chipboard shapes!Stay tuned. Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Work at it, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well now. -P. T. Barnum And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. This is my second quilt, just finished last month. I half quilted it, and half tied it. I gave it away to a very dear friend - not her style, though - I should have known. I will make her another one more to her liking. Check out amy's bloggers' quilt festival! I'm having a blast checking out all the quilts, and all the talent and creativity. Another "day in the life" post, although it will be about events from this week. I met with the family on Friday afternoon to plan the funeral. I often have a volunteer do this, but in this case, I didn't know the family at all, so this was a way to get better acquainted. mendelonline. This is turning into a Gwen Lu week. Update: I found new photos for this editorial on StudioROM, photographed by Steve Koh. If anyone knows where and when these were published, please e-mail me. Instead we'd arranged to meet up at an event chaired by Martin "Bubblegum" McPhee, a man so devoid of features you'd associate with good health that - naturally - he wants to tell you what to eat, drink and not vape or smoke. It was a very amusing event, delivered in monotone by whey-faced drones and - customary for any public health "debate" - devoid of even a soupçon of differing opinion. It was clear from the outset that the only answer to the question of Can The War on Tobacco Be Won was going to be yes. It matters not to these people that - according to their own sources and those of others - tobacco sales globally have never been higher.

Republicans Pounce on Obama's Global-Warming Regulations for Political Fodder - NationalJournal.

So far, this Tuesday is not going so well. If you don't hear from me for a while you will knowthat I have moved into the MacLife shop!For now I have a Table Top Tuesday Tea Cup that's under cover. So far I have primarily used the pendants and bezels from the line but waiting in the wings are the texture plates, relics, and dies that are also part of the collection. The gold highlights on the surface were made using a rubber stamp and another obsession of mine: Golden Glitz Delicata Pigment Ink from Imagine Crafts. This is hands down the best metallic ink pad I have ever used. I hope you enjoy these posts on Saturdays and this week is no exception. I want to write a bit more about time management. It's an important part of living simply and if you get this right, you'll make your life easier. If you've been reading here for a while you'll know I often write about finding a balance. For me, time management is the tool I use to find the balance between work and play. It's important to know that if you give yourself too much play time, you won't have the time to do the work you need to do and, of course, the reverse is true too - working through the day with no rest or time for yourself isn't healthy. You need to find the balance that suits you. This is me at work yesterday.

I had to take a photo for the local paper and this was one of the rejects.

My life is pretty easy and relaxed now that my boys have grown and moved away. Now it's just Hanno and I, and our chooks, dog and cat.

But there was a time when I felt like I worked from sun up to sun down, plus some.

These clouds are the personal ones, which unfortunately are never far away. And now, I have three other concerns. The first is my beloved Cyrano, the big orange fellow who has graced my life since he fit in the palm of one hand. An album that became so anthemic, so iconic, that of course it now attracts all sorts of revisionist criticism and contempt. Shae is one of those women. So here is a post dedicated to her. Brian WieferingUnknown model with very high hopes. Illustrations: Peter Jaworowski. Bizarro is brought to you today by Heavy Objects You Don't Need on Your Foot. I tend to think that most nicknames are chosen by the person to whom they refer, in spite of their elaborate stories to the contrary. About a year ago, I adopted a nickname for myself, but nobody uses it. It's hard to get these things to catch on. I decided to go by "Jimmy Whatagain. " I don't have any special reason for it, I just like the sound of it. It makes me smile every time I say it. And the Abbott-and-Costello potential is obvious:"Last name?""Whatagain. Today's Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by the American Association of Absent Parents. Radical? Yes.

Likely? No.

Given that fact, I can't blame people for wanting kids, but I can grouse about it in cartoons. .