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A single end table colored in some bright pops of color. The Musket was designed and built in Columbus, Ohio, USA by Aniket Vardhan. musketvtwin.

More than just a ride, the TIMP is also a challenge to document the ride via imagery and to write a written report which will then be shared online.

The route itself is a challenge, of course, but the entire TIMP idea is a way to share the challenge with other, like-minded individuals. The TIMP is mostly gravel roads with some dirt roads and pavement sectors in and out of towns. It starts on the Big Sioux River just west of Hawarden and ends on the banks of the Mississippi River in Lansing Iowa. Our first two TIMP riders are Andy Ziener and Scott Sumpter. A new ocean acidification study is underway in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, along with monitoring of glacial runoff, and a search for plumes of water that could be harmful to some species.

Studies show that almost half of the carbon dioxide emitted remains in the atmosphere, with the land and ocean absorbing the rest.

When the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide, its pH balance changes through a process called ocean acidification.

Because cold water can absorb more carbon dioxide than warm water, acidification can disproportionately impact coastal regions around Alaska, scientists say. So far we've not captured a good screen shot, but no doubt we will soon. This image was captured by the Project Team this morning during a short change in incubation. The male later brought in some food, but flew off with it shortly afterwards because the incubating falcon showed little interest in it at that time. "Home Story Germany” is a multimedia reading event about Black German history. The reading is created by Manuela Ritz and Sharon Otoo Dodua and it deals with dreams, hopes, disappointments and everyday experiences of black people in Germany. Starting point is a fictional dialogue between five historical figures with different life stories, who meet in a timeless space and share their stories with each other. "We are still a white audience. If you're watching a cast of negroes, you are still looking at something which in a certain way is strange. We look with white eyes at a negro," said a white actor in a dicussion on TV about black actors in theatre plays. The scene was a Dutch discussion between a black actor and two white directors.

The background was the fact that the only black actor in the cast found some of the elements of his dialog in the play racist.

He had to say: “She has the colour of shining hors manure”, which revert to the colour of a black woman. The line was eventually altered. In the discussion a tape was shown about what a colleague actor had to say about the whole matter, he said: “We look with white eyes at a negro. "The moderator looked at the black actor and repeated what the white actor had said. "An East Hartford man has been charged with a late-night burglary that was interrupted when a resident returned home and found the suspect standing in her kitchen with a gun last September. South Windsor Police arrested Robert M. He was brought in from the correctional facility where he is currently being held on other charges to be served with the warrant, according to Deputy Chief Scott Custer. ". Working with children is my passion. I am a proud mother of three children, with the youngest one entering his teenage years. I like to share the knowledge I have aquired throughout the years about kids and motherhood. I hope that my experiences are helpful for new moms out there. I am always happy to listen to other moms and exchange opinions and advise. My objective for this blog is that you find the content interesting, fun, usefull, and insightfull. Stock Island – A Key West man is in jail, charged with fleeing from deputies and driving recklessly. m. today. He saw in his rearview mirror a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. He turned on his lights and siren to pull the vehicle over. just jared.

The guard of the gate to hell.

You can have Christmas without presents and all the pizazz, but you can't have Christmas without Jesus. What a wonderful revelation from the Hermie the Worm kids movie. I like it. It's true. It needs to be remembered. I need my children to know this. Somehow I've got to do an about face from the way that my family celebrated Christmas when I was growing up. For me and my husband, it was all about the presents. Sometimes I find myself being sucked into that materialistic mentality where bigger is better or the more expensive, the more it means. NO!"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in our home. Enjoy your Sunday!. That also makes it like diarrhea. Here's what fishing is even more like: finding a literary agent.

It was a nice stout worm when you started casting, pink, eager, and wriggly, but now it's kind of sad and unappetizing, and you start thinking maybe you aren't a good judge of worms.

You start thinking, maybe there's something wrong with this worm. Robot Damashii Destiny Gundam feels bigger/ taller than Robot Damashii. Maybe it's the long beam launcher, beam sword and 'Wings of Light', which took up more space on display. Could contribute to some weight issue. I have just spoken to Ben. He is sorry there have not been many posts recently, but he has not been feeling too good. He lost sight of release for a few days and got very down.

Ben moved into shared cell yesterday with someone who "snores like a train", but other than that the guy is okay to live with.

Ben is back in Education and has been asked to produce a second magazine.

He said to thank you for your continued support and promises more blog posts over the weekend. Ed. And I'm as responsible for what I did today as at the time. From the "Strictly Platonic" section by the way. Want to talk mostly, have always liked it. Hairy legs are nice, however armpits is really what gets me going. I am in no way saying that woman should not shave, but the ones that don't, do have my attention. I like them and I like being with them. Be sure to note that if you want to shave, there's nothing wrong with that to him. No sirree. / FILTHY HUMAN' A BEAUTIFUL SHIT. Observation: When Moses had finished building the Tabernacle exactly to God's specifications, the glory of the Lord came down and remained over the Tabernacle throughout their journeys in the wilderness. When the glory moved, the people packed up and moved. They followed the glory of the Lord. Application: We need to be people who follow the presence and glory of the Lord.

We need to seek Him, follow Him, desire Him, and do what He says.

When we do, the glory of the Lord will be upon our lives. When you follow the pattern, you experience the awesome presence of the Lord. Indeed, there was some good in Judah". He was not faithful to the Lord, the God of his fathers and God had determined to wipe Judah off the map. When Rehoboam realized what he had done and was confronted with his lifestyle, he humbled himself before God and God gave him mercy. Application: What was it that turned away God's anger from Rehoboam? Simply an act of humility. God loves humility and turning to Him in bad situations. As God's people we must learn the lesson of humility. You just couldn’t drift further away from global warming. Six in a row would be nothing short of spectacular. Chukchi paper is strong evidence that their predictions of a grim future for polar bears – based on theoretical responses to summer sea ice declines that should already be apparent – have been refuted by their own studies. It’s no wonder they want to keep the media away from this story. Carissime mancano pochi giorni ormai a fili senza Tempo primavera ed io mi sto appena riprendendo dalle fatiche americane per immergermi nella magica atmosfera del Castello di Formigine. Questi che vedete sono i miei ultimi nuovissimi disegni che porterò con me questo week end. I classici disegni dei samplers antichi donano un effetto particolare a questo disegno che potrete ricamare per intero o estrapolare alcuni soggetti per piccoli progetti. Il secondo disegno l'ho intitolato BIRDHOUSE, tre simpatiche casette degli uccelli che rallegrano dei puntaspilli dalla forma un pò insolita. There is no situation in life that cannot be made worse by the presence of police. Singha Corporation Presents An Evening with Olivia Newton-John. Pour BangKok ce n'est plus un SUMMER NIGHTS concert mais un An Evening With. une petite merveille sonore. guess what? Who knows what these are?. Hey peeps! Thank-you to all who have already parted with their hard earned bucks and bought my newest album 'Parallel to the Sea'. It will be up on CD Baby in the next day or so, and over the next week or so it will be available on iTunes! I will be doing a solo show on New Years Day in Warsaw at the infamous Warsaw Tortilla Factory and two shows in The UK. I got to play with these guys a few years back when Nick and I toured the UK. Looking forward to it, looking forward to playing the new songs with this great line-up of musicians. I would like to put an offer out to those of you that will buy my newest album. Among the current crop of atheist philosophers, Graham Oppy is one of the best they've got.

So it's useful to see him summarize his case against the credibility of reported supernatural encounters.

The argument doesn't get any better than this: First, there is no question that the history of reports of encounters with supernatural beings and forces is, at least in very large part, a history of fraud, gullibility, deception, stupidity, ignorance, and so forth. Second, there is no serious doubt that there is at least good prima facie reason to believe that there is a huge panoply of supernatural beings whose existence would be vindicated by the recorded supernatural experience of humanity if the existence of any supernatural beings was vindicated by that recorded supernatural experience. Third, it is quite clear that the joint effect of these first two points is to raise serious questions about the evidential worth of any reports of experiences that are claimed to be of, or directly caused by, supernatural agents. Greetings, With Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, now is the time to consider all that we have and those that are less fortunate. As you know, I am honored to be donating my time to design a guest bedroom in the newly expanded Ronald McDonald facility at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, which will now be the largest of its kind in the world. This holiday season, I urge you to think of the children who will be benefiting from my design and make a generous donation to this wonderful cause. The soothing environment that the Ronald McDonald House provides is crucial for these families as they grow and heal together. Once I did the "I Dig You" card two days ago, I started looking at the other images in the set for cute Valentine sayings. Ready? Here goes. Ahem. I want to show you more of what it looks like up in the mountains. We saw the Do Not Enter sign and just had to check it out! There are lots of these private drives all over the mountain sides. Most of the really big houses look like this one. There are trout streams throughout the forest. A lot of these places look like they belong in an Andrew Wyeth painting. I don't often do sequential jokes but here is one now. Just look a couple of inches above where you are looking now. I don't have a lot to say about it, so let's talk about something else.

Did you ever get one of those emails that has been going around for ten years or so about the cat and dog diary? I've gotten it many times over the years, it's one of those email jokes that just goes around and around.

Well, the fun thing is that it started with one of my cartoons.

It doesn't mean fame or fortune – I don't get royalties on its use or even credited for the original idea – it just means that I created something that got into people's heads enough that it was passed virally to enough folks that it became generally well known.

Creative people like that kind of thing. A guy named Allen Roland even took credit for writing it on a Salon. .