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It could be described as weird fiction. It's in the public domain and can be read online. I read it here. You can listen to it here or here. It begins: WHAT I am about to tell I learned nearly half a century ago in the house of my great-grand-mother, old Madame Fedderson, widow of the senator, while I was sitting beside her armchair, busy reading a magazine bound in blue pasteboard-I don't remember whether it was a copy of the "Leipzig" or of "Pappes Hamburger Lesefruchte.

" I still remember with a shudder how meanwhile the light hand of the past eighty-year-old woman glided tenderly over the hair of her great-grandson.

She herself and her time are buried long ago. It was in the third decade of our century, on an October afternoon-thus began the story-teller of that time-that I rode through a mighty storm along a North Frisian dike. Marathon recovery week. Though I was pretty trashed at the finish line, this is the smoothest and easiest marathon recovery has ever gone. But Sunday's IV drip probably gets some of the credit too. And I have wanted to run. The integrated VTEC Controller adjusts the point at which the engine switches from the Lo to Hi cam during acceleration, as well as when the engine switches from the Hi to Lo cam during deceleration. elvs enjoying a lazy and cosy day it's sober and rainy outsidelove these beautiful grey shadeswarm and soft today some snapshots of autumn in my house.

wish you a wonderful sunday! ps.

We have an awesome treat today! Elena has styled the sweetest Easter party with Happy Easter and Penelope's Blossoms! I just love how she added the charcoal color in to her sweet pastels. Draw a pencil line where you would like your sentiment to sit and stamp the sentiment in a black ink. Brontë enthusiasts and local people, invited along by the museum, lined the churchyard to cheer the happy couple and throw confetti. Living Like A Brontë will be part of a year-long BBC season focusing on classic literature in a bid to get more people in the UK reading. During today’s ceremony Rebecca Yorke, the parsonage museum’s marketing officer, played bridesmaid Ellen Nussey, Charlotte Brontë’s best friend. She said: “The ceremony was really moving. The two people playing Charlotte and Arthur were really well cast and it felt very real, being in the Brontë Chapel. “When we were in the church we could hear the rain hammering down, so it was amazing that so many people were outside to greet us. “I’d had lots of inquiries so I knew a lot of people were interested in going.

We had responses from people all over the world.

Last week we covered the cutting instructions for making our Table Runner or Table Square. For those that asked me about this ruler - I purchased it HERE. This week we will sew our "Hexagon Squares" together. The tutorial below is for piecing this block using rotary cut hexagon shapes. Nancy used the pattern from the book, Contemporary Art of Knotting with a Shuttle by Rhoda L. Auld to make a drawstring tatting bag for a friend. She chose to use a split chain on this one although the pattern didn't call for it, just to get the practice. IsDihara has started the modified Margaret motif in white and yellow with a green border and it looks lovely and spring like. She's had lots of suggestions of things to try with it and now she's got lots of ideas to work on. She finished the Nelson edging and attached them to some pretty Easter socks for her niece. Linda is working on another CQ block with a pretty tatted mauve butterfly. Jill starts of the tatting challenge with a bang with two motif's. The first isa simple snowflake pattern from Myra Piper's book "Tatting". The second is Jon's "Quantiesque" snowflake in quilting thread. It turned out beautifully. Anne is introducing Ringtrim, a micro dragon that she designed. It's Friday, Yay! Today's freebie is one that I found while working on my lesson plan for next week, I can't wait to use it with my class. This is a cute Easter themed game from Yay for PreK that encourages children to practice their number recognition skills. It's called Find the Bunny, and the pieces are designed to fit in a pocket chart. You "hide" the bunny behind one of the numbers, and as the children identify the numbers they get to check behind each egg to see if they have found the bunny. When I use this game I'm going to print two sets, so my kiddos have to draw a numbered egg, tell me which number it is, and then find the match. Enjoy this freebie and check out what else Yay for PreK has to offer. I have another great Easter themed freebie for you next Friday!. Last night we played a rousing game of Scrabble, and Alex found a great place to nap:For the record, according to the Scrabble dictionary, "gook" is not just a racist insult, but also means "guck" or thickly-applied make-up.

Gordon wanted that clarified, since it's one of the words on the board!Meanwhile, Julius snoozes on the kitty credenza, high above us all.

Merging one of the two inevitabilities of life with a third we get this proposal out of Omaha:Federal TP Tax Floats To Top This looks more like something Bloomberg might surface for the toilet bowl of New York City. It hardly seems consistent with a pretty red state like Nebraska, but what do I know about that region. What I do know is that when Omaha needs to build sewers, they won't flush in my house in Texas.

When Omaha has a municipal infrastructure issue it doesn't require a federal tax on anything.

For the mayor to seriously believe that this is in any way a federal issue is the problem here, not the product being taxed. To help Nicole and Jordan get to the finish line, I took their engagement pictures last month. Apparently this is a hot spot for pictures, because there were no less than seven professional photographers there doing their thing, which made me feel a little silly in all my amateur-ness. It's not optimal, because some buttons get accidentally pressed through the tape, but it's way better than the original. Some days no matter how well you plan you feel like just nothing is going to work out. this is one of those days. Right now I should be quilting in Fairford - a town about an hour from where I live. The back seat of the car was covered in quilting stuff! I even made a batch of brownies and a Peach Brandy pound Cake and packed them into tins for the group. This morning I got up early. If Macky D is a bellwether for the global economy, we just got our bell rung. Americans need good news. The vast, globe-spanning web of corruption that passes for government in Afghanistan is collapsing and you and I will get stuck with the bill – which we've already paid ten times over. The situation on the ground in Iraq is no different today than it has been for some months. But Fannie and Freddie are not to "undertake economically adverse or high-risk activities" to meet the goals. Clear? Humor: “Israel Invited to Join Anti-Nuclear Pact. On Saturday during a booksigning at Stitches East my phone rang. I excused myself to pick it up - my phone never rings so it had to be something important. The voice: "Hi Kristin. It's Debbie. "Me: "Oh, Hi Debbie," I said non-chalantly. Apparently, you should quit smoking because otherwise you are bound to suffer a violent and immediate death. Those Frenchies have always been arty, haven't they? I just didn't know they were so creative with their imagined killing of smokers.

These are just the first three of an ongoing series, you can subscribe to their channel for weekly episodes here.

I suppose being employed to think up regular gory deaths for people who smoke must be a bit of a busman's holiday for anti-smoking obsessives, as anyone who's read our psycho anti catalogue will agree. Within these five main parts the exam is expected to cover many of the sub-parts listed below. Please note that the following items are general and are not representative of actual test questions and do not necessarily represent the relative weighting of each of the categories. Cook's latest data release casts further doubts on his consensus paper. In my thirty plus years of having sex I’d tried anal a few times, like most women and I didn’t like it. However, after reading the Pleasuring Zoke stories I contacted the author to he if he would do for me what he’d done for her and he said, “No!”I couldn’t believe it! I was offering him the most intimate part of my being, willing to allow him to fuck not only my well-used pussy, but also my nearly virginal ass. However, it wasn’t quite that simple and as he explained it began to make more sense. He wasn’t willing to try and imitate someone else’s experience, but he was willing to try and pleasure me if I was willing to just allow thing to happen as they would without a set routine or game plan. I didn’t know it then but I was to learn later this was the most important secret to good anal sex. Meeting Thomas for the first time was scary primarily because I don’t generally meet guys knowing that they are going to be taking me rectally, but in this case I’d already emailed exactly what I wanted. We met for dinner and as he seating me his hands slid over my breasts making my nipples hard instantly, but he seemed unaware of what he had done and he was a perfect gentleman throughout the meal, flitting with me, some double meanings and sexual innuendos, but all of it fun. As I rolled the verse over in my mind, I knew that I wanted to open up the significance of this purebred Jewish Rabbi calling this dirtybred gentile Gentile a "genuine child in accord with our shared faith. " I wanted to find a way to highlight what a massive thing it was that Paul, for years, had gladly worked with Titus as his Exhibit A of Gentile conversion, his beloved and trusted coworker, and his go-to guy to send into dicey situations. until I connected it with a current story in the news. But then when he was older, he mellowed a bit. The Pulse is a collaborative project that aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. Their responses will be presented in a series of online posts which will run every Sunday. ' The rhythm of the three shapes prompts us to pause. I found out afterwards that this was also used by the ancient Greeks in a similar way to express what they call 'Kairos' or unmeasured time. When in 'Kairos' time, we're free of the daily rush and time stands still. I spent some time sorting out my silver cutlery recently. It was all over the place. When we're here alone, Hanno and I use few knives and forks but we often have visitors and then we need quite a few. I don't have to have everything matching but it's nice to achieve it every so often. I didn't have one full set in the drawer we use every day. We had some in there and the rest all thrown into a bottom drawer. So I sorted out both drawers, divided up the daily use and the occasional use items and then started cleaning it all.

hint: it takes more than bangs.

You do the math. She puts to shame the skinny white girl backup dancers. I would dearly love to meet this woman. The red rocks, hot springs, and epic skies reverberated through our minds that first night back. I have never known she lived with photographer Alfred Stieglitz, who helped create an image of her for the world. And her myth grew. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "An idea not coupled with action will never get any brighter than the brain cell it occupied.

" - Arnold Glasow Current temps betray the calendar as an unsteady warmth approaches.

Exposed beach heeds the siren's call as tides recede at the current hour.

Vectors determine spiritual transgressions and demand immediate reflection and self-actualization, but all who attend regular services amongst the breakers know, in their bones, that this is unlikely.

Far from a day of infamy or legend, yet smaller offerings make themselves known to those that are mindful and willing. CHANNEL: The district sleeps alone tonight, after the bars turn out their lights. Void of shape and the domain of only canines giving chase to green felt. PATCH: A gathering crowd seeks solace within micro-rights and peelers that hold, if they don't shine. I will post a link when one is availble for those who would like to purchase a shirt to support Syd and the three girls. One of my guilds had an auction tonight and boy was there a lot of stuff there. I donated quite a bit when cleaning my sewing room and didn't plan on buying much. When this Bunny Hill Snowman Country kit went up, I couldn't resist. I think there may be a few of the fat quarters missing, but at that price, who cares!I left after about an hour and a half because I really wanted to make some progress on Barb's depression blocks quilt.

I have finished the center and have the bottom border to do and then I will take it off, turn it and re-load it to do the side borders.

It seems like this one has taken me a long time.

I loaded it Sunday morning and would like it to be finished tomorrow evening. We are providing you with the contact details of the Immigration Officer so as to make things easier for you in obtaining the required traveling documents. Because of the express traveling approval of your working Visa and considering the documents that may be required from you to be presented by the UK embassy in your country, and the nature of interview that you might face, the time of Visa delay, which might not be all that favorable to you, thereby resulting to refusal of the visa to you. so with the help of a reputable immigration officer i was able to make a contact with the UK embassy's in Chandigarh/New Delhi India Office and i have concluded all arrangement with the immigration officer to assist you for fast approval of your Visa/work permit without much delay and long visa protocol and he has promise to be of help, in this mail there is an attachment document is your work appointment letter. Bizarro is brought to you today by TONIGHT!Wow, what a super bonus fun pack I have for you today! Our first illustration is an old header panel that I found in the archives. Check it out here. Now let's talk about this groovy Superman cartoon. I love it. And laughing is good. Some of her fans are even creepier than the movie. This Edison cartoon garnered an email from a reader who said that Edison did not invent the light bulb, Tesla did.

I kind of hate to admit it though.

Being part of the band on this journey/road in a short bus full of sheepole with Yosef as the lead singer/driver wasn’t exactly my first choice.

I hate to admit it but I do look forward to his posts, at least once or twice a day. Direction? Who know’s??? Yosef is one crazy lead singer/driver!!! But I’m not part of the cult following in believing everything Yosef says is the truth. I believe in Plan B’s and shades of gray……. .