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Singleness and chastity are hard, so why wait? - A thoughtful, real article.

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Why I don't run family devotions around the dinner table - Another excellent idea from Jodie. Richard CoekinDear pastors, please quit picking on video games - Laziness and irresponsibility can be expressed in all kinds of ways. Here are some of them.

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The Christian celebrity - I've experienced "transferred expertise", and I love Challies' advice about how to handle it. Paul’s preaching was not of deceit. Paul’s preaching was not of uncleanness. He did not exhort the congregation to immoral behavior or preach as a cloak to cover any evil intention on his part to take advantage of them. Paul’s preaching was not in guile, which is linked to iniquity, speaking evil, wickedness, deceit, and malice. We've finally taken a major step toward fixing the sinkholes in our yard caused by the flooding we had on our property in late March. A couple of weeks ago, our landscaping contractor tore into our yard with a backhoe and removed a shocking amount of buried stumps left by the builder who thought it was a good idea to bury them there. Unfortunately, we were left with a barren wasteland for a yard and have to go through the time and expense of getting some topsoil and having grass planted. Learn the extent to which victims of sex trafficking are arrested and criminalized under current police and prosecution practice. This session will provide a basic overview of relevant federal and New York State anti-trafficking law, an examination of how those arrested and prosecuted for prostitution are overwhelmingly victims of trafficking, and how to develop advocacy tools and engage in motion practice to serve this marginalized population. The session will specifically address New York’s new innovative law that allows survivors of trafficking to vacate convictions. Pre-registration required. m. m. This program provides transitional credit for newly admitted attorneys. Speakers: Faculty Chairs: Kate Mogulescu, Esq. Deadline day today, so submit!. I've used Cosmo Cricket papers, now I pretty certain you know that this chap is a Penny Black, the sentiment is one Simon Says Stamps own stamps and the dots that look like brads are the dots that are left after you've used the large hole thing with the cropadile. Will the main-stream media notice and acknowledge that? Somehow I doubt it. . The most recent re-branding of the Messiah after previous make-overs as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln has been to conservative icon, Ronald Reagan. Despite all evidence to the contrary, he refers to himself as "The Gipper" and regularly likens his administration and policies to those of the President who cut taxes, restored our economy after Carter and ended the Cold War. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Remember this? Now the governor and legislature of Wisconsin are struggling to deal with their massive budget shortfall and keep the state solvent.

They were elected to do that and the job requires tough choices.

There may be other choices, but it is clear that dealing with a union that represents government servants is not a viable consideration. What Part of Federalism Don' t You Understand? I've asked the questions before, but it is important to dissect the rhetoric once again. The latest Horizon report is out, sponsored by the New Media Consortium and Educause. This report annually identifies technology-led trends and challenges. One of the key challenges identified is as follows:"The academy is faced with a need to provide formal instruction in information, visual, and technological literacy as well as in how to create meaningful content with today’s tools. Fluency in information, visual, and technological literacy is of vital importance, yet these literacies are not formally taught to most students. We need new and expanded definitions of these literacies that are based on mastering underlying concepts rather than on specialized skill sets, and we need to develop and establish methods for teaching and evaluating these critical literacies at all levels of education. However, still good to see information literacy plainly. A boys birthday camp-out sleepover. They refuse to call it a slumber party. First and foremost, and as always with Jess Franco, there is the element of music. Today I'm sharing another page I created with the Carpe Diem Scrapbooking Collection from Simple Stories. So many options with this collection for creating layouts or projects. I focused on the yellow and also a bit of turquoise. My nieces and I were playing outside one day and decided to get some paint and make a big mess outside on a huge canvas. We had a great time and that included a bit of paint on our faces! It was the best day! Have I ever told you I love Bits & Pieces! Yes, this layout was based on tons of little diecuts and stickers. I couldn't help myself they're all so cute and went so well with Megan's happy face and turquoise paint splats! I played with some diecuts and kept layering with chipboard, washi paper tape and of course dimensional adhesive. I love sewing on my pages and wanted to show you that you can sew or create your own stitches without a sewing machine.

When we are faced with the hard reality of death,beyond the shock, the grief, the anger, the exhaustion,what we face is the darkness of unknowing.

What really lies beyond?As a priest, I visit with a lot of folks who are facing death, or grieving. So many vivid memories, all so different. I think of a woman who, during her final months, was so often afraid. There came a point when she wasn’t afraid anymore, she was just tired. I had a funeral for a woman who died of cancer in the prime of her life,leaving a teenage son. Amidst all that was so painful was something beautiful—as the day approached, her every thought was about her son. What made that hard was that he was so ready to go, but it didn’t happen. In his final months, he said he saw his mother,as well as my mother. "It is better to give than to receive. "This is the season for platitudes. And that particular one is usually spouted by more hopeful recipients than gracious givers. And I am not certain where I fall in that equation. Or, at least, I was not certain this week. For me, it was a week of tradition. There are two events that usually excite my passion for the season of salvation here in my little fishing village by the sea. The first was our church's distribution of despenas to local families with special economic needs. Despensas are practical gifts at any time of the year. Bags filled with basic staples to feed a family for several days. Aberdeenshire, who knocked out last year's national champions Angus in winning the North Division title at Tain in June, have high hopes that they will win the Scottish title for the first time in many years when the three-day Scottish county finals tee off at Stirling Golf Club tomorrow. Their opening match, against Midlothian, will be the acid test for North-east aspirations. If Shire beat the recent past champions then they will know they are good enough to go all the way. If the Aberdeenshire challenge is found wanting, then Saturday's Midlothian v Renfrewshire clash will be the virtual title decider. The South Division champions, Borders, are the underdogs of the four qualifying counties. Currently on constant rotation around my house. Made with me in mind. Last night's "party" was thankfully dull. I drove out to the westernmost suburbs of the city. We had dinner in a nearly deserted, garishly lit former Pizza Hut-cum- Mediterranean restaurant. Lisa's ex husband sat at the head of the table and performed like the diva he is. Lots of gesticulating hands. There was an inordinate amount of talk about hysterectomies and melon ballers at the dinner table. Good morning, gentlemen. I added a page for Nenad Zimonjic to the brflines site this morning. I also added a button for a page that I visit regularly, mens underwear guy. You should check both of them out!. Cut the carton off the ice cream, and refreeze until ice cream is hard. Melt a good-quality chocolate, and pour chocolate over the top of the frozen ice cream, letting it run down the sides. Refreeze until topping is set. Slice and enjoy! Just for today. my beloved magazines did it again. they introduced me to people i love. no matter how many times i may have looked at them, i constantly find things that excite me. Mini First Avenger paper toy created by Gus Santome. by Phil Johnsonwas listening to a sermon by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones not long ago in which he pointed out that assurance is one of the most prominent subjects in the New Testament. Virtually every New Testament epistle was written to address some doubt, answer some question, settle some uncertainty—all of them aimed at stimulating or reinforcing the assurance of believers. Scripture encourages us to have assurance. It is not inherently brash or presumptuous to be confident in your faith. Today I would like to introduce you to Natasha As a longtime reader of this blog I am looking out every day for a new post. So, time to return something to the blog and participate in the Reader Under the Spotlight series. I am working as a assistant shop-manager in a small chain of shops. In my spare time I am studying Management Science. I like reading, writing, cooking, baking and gardening. My father used all of his working life a Succes junior. If I were to write up a list of To Do's everyday, it would go something like this:Sweep floor Wash dishes Talk to Hanno Bake bread and biscuits Make bed Smile Relax Sew and knit Water garden Clean cupboards Harvest paw paws Enjoy yourself Cook two dinners, freeze one Get enough sleep I don't make a list for myself any more, I used to, but now my daily rhythm sweeps me along. But if there were such a list in my home, every day, in among the housekeeping tasks, without fail, Rhonda-keeping tasks would be listed too. 'Talk to Hanno, smile, relax, sew and knit, enjoy yourself and get enough sleep' have as much to do with keeping my home in order as sweeping the floor and baking bread. Without those elements in my day, it's just a list of chores, and while I find joy in working at home now, it wasn't always so and might not always be. I need to relax, smile, talk, knit and sew to enjoy what I'm doing. I know I'm in that laid back phase of my life now, and there are many of you who are run off your feet with the work you need to do each day, but my days are also full to bursting at the moment, so I make sure I look after myself as I go. If I don't who will? No one. It's not Hanno's job to walk around with me and make me smile, I have no personal assistant who tells me to sit down and have morning tea while she types up a report for me, or does a couple of pages of book writing. Des photos, encore des photos. - FULFILLED. ou la quintessence !! Steve Real feat ONJ !. Camas nan Geall is beautiful, even on a grey day and between wintery showers. But beneath the skin of this serene place lies a long history visible in the many archaeological remains that are scattered round the bay. The place has so many layers of history - neolithic, bronze age, possibly iron age, early Christian, and pre- and post-clearance - that the whole site is a scheduled monument. This is the oldest site, a neolithic chambered cairn, much robbed of its smaller rocks, on top of which stands what may either be a pre-clearances house or, possibly, a chapel. Between it and the beach lies. by Wizard Hi. My name is Alley. Men love me.

My body just seems to ooze sensuality.

Or so I've been told. I. I was asked to give some examples of fulfilled non-Messianic prophecies. Before discussing examples, we need to back up. For the argument from prophecy to work, the oracle must take place before the event. And there must be something uncanny about the fulfillment. Something that can't reasonably be chalked up to a coincidence or lucky guess. These conditions can pose a dilemma of sorts inasmuch as unbelievers who think the description is too accurate to be lucky or coincidental will use the correspondence to date the oracle. This weeks theme at CCT is nice and easy, Something Blue. I used Stampin Up butterflies and a Cuttlebug embossing folder. .