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Sorry I haven't been writing much recently.

Gospel reminders anyone can do - Many years ago I developed a test of all ministry principles and practices.

Mark Lauterbach. Why you're still here - When life is painful and you wonder why God doesn't just take you home. Joe Thorn. Don't just see me as someone who's suffered - Wise advice about how to treat those who have suffered - and what we can learn from them. RC Sproul. This was my last week of ramping back up from the marathon before jumping into workouts. At the same time, there's really no need to go much higher. I'm not training for a marathon, and I've certainly got a strong base from the last marathon training cycle that should persist for some time. As part of my reverse taper, I increased my drills and strides. I also cut back my yoga some - I've now got my strong core and leg stability back, so my time is better spent on other things. I B D Ltdibd-uk. Careers - About ibd - Advisers - Advisers List ibdltd. co. ibdltd. co. uk/IBD - the UK's number one trade distributor of bearings and power transmissions. ibdltd. Full suspension, hard tails, and single speeds. Is that a good thing? Well, it remains to be seen. Wait a minute! I thought we were in an economic downturn? Sheesh! You'd never know it by the prices I'm seeing!. Niner Bikes has set one of their models, the W.


O. The vast majority of Pacific salmon originate in the waters of the member countries: the United States, Canada, Japan, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea. I also love the Flutter By butterflies on the photo. She used food images from Love 'n Breakfast, Critters in the Sea, Bake Me A Cake, On the Mend, Critters on the Farm and Cozy Christmas and Chevron Backdrops to create her background. Beautiful! Lea's card is so beautiful and perfect for Earth Day. I cannot wait to try this! Teri's card is so sweet! I love that she used the Critters in the Forest tree to create the scene and then used the Making Frosty Friends sentiment to finish it all off. I think this would make the coolest ornament! I also love the way she created a background with the sentiment. You will walk away inspired for sure! Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel. Mr. Mr. Harvard, stable boys, and Davy Mrs. Harvard, Davy, Adeline, and Mr. Davy, Mrs. The Preppy PrincessFor the first post in the Dressing Avery Series, I decided to go with one of my favorite bloggers and early supporter, The Preppy Princess. Already an authority on all things prep, the Preppy Princess developed a little online shop that is filled with tons of goodies for that special prep in your life. My Mom and I stopped in at the Flower Farm today. I hadn't been by since the daffodils were blooming so I was excited to see what they'd have. We weren't disappointed as there was a variety of Peony in full bloom. They're so beautiful. This was documented in a recent study published in Diabetes Care. Sustained Hyperglycemia Among Patients With Diabetes: What matters when action is needed? Jennifer E. Lafata et al. This basic training will focus on how to bring a Petition for the Guardianship of an Adult in the Probate Court. This is an excellent area of practice for new attorneys as well as an additional area of practice for attorneys experienced in other areas of law, but unfamiliar with the guardianship practice. Historian David Wolff says he originally wasn’t much interested in famed Dakota lawman Seth Bullock. But the more he learned about Bullock and his many political and business pursuits, the more enthusiastic he became about finding out more. At different stages of his life, Bullock was a sheriff, a banker, a rancher and a miner. A considerable portion of Wolff’s talk this month further revealed Bullock’s close relationship with his partner Sol Star. Star was working for the Governor and Bullock served in the legislature. A few people have asked me to get round to writing something about the experience of having an Ofsted inspection earlier in the term. There's a kindly-written post about this on the blog, too.

I guess I have been waiting to clarify my thoughts about this.

It hasn't happened. So, here are my thoughts for the moment. Firstly I wonder about the role of self-policing in all this. Is the self-generated fear, obsession with detail and making the place perform at its best even worse than what Ofsted actually want? I think perhaps it is.

As it happens, Ofsted came round in the middle of lots of building work and other stuff going on and there simply was not the time to rehearse the usual performances.

I felt hugely supported by the senior staff and just as much by the whole staff team. I think we were pretty confident and also pretty straight with the inspectors. As the end of the school year approaches, seniors have two things on their minds—graduation and scholarships. It's not too late to find financing for college. View tips to help you pay for college.

A Key Largo man who beat his wife with the stock of a shotgun then shot repeatedly at law enforcement officers is in custody at the Monroe County Detention Center.

When they arrived, they could hear a woman’s voice calling for help. They found Schminky in the front yard of his home. Investigations into the attempted theft of a boat and trailer Tuesday night in Islamorada are continuing this morning. m. after a man called the Sheriff’s Office to report two men in a black SUV were attempting to steal a boat and trailer that belonged to his boss. When Deputy Michael Onsgard arrived on the scene, he saw the reporting person standing beside the bait shop at Abel’s Marina. He pointed toward the south side of the building. Deputy Onsgard then saw a black SUV backed up to a boat trailer with a flats boat on it.

Two men were standing beside the trailer attempting to hook it up.

He ordered them to stop what they were doing. We're going to see a lot more of this: Iraq War vet Shawn Howell worked two jobs but still couldn't keep up with his ARM payments and had to sell the house to avoid foreclosure. Thousands of families who made payments on time stand to lose their homes as their mortgage lenders go bankrupt. Just for a minute imagine that you're a thrifty, responsible homeowner. Unlike many people, you've been conscientious in protecting your credit. The error has been corrected and we apologize for the mistake. I am loving the collection of amateur scenic paintings on thiswall above along with the traditional floral centerpiece,primitive table and modern chairs. FOR SALE: Paris Street Scene PrintMany of you wouldn't think of Curious Sofa as having a modern aesthetic and rightfully so. I for one just like good design period, no matter what year it was launched. And although a house full of modern style is hard for me to warm up to, I certainly like a touch of it now and then especially when it is a well-loved vintage item. I added a Modish category to the online store for this very reason. Holiday Fever – How did everyone survive the holidays? Just a few more days and it will be a new year. Time to start a new project. Be sure and stop in for this pre-inventory sale and start off your quilting year with a big bang!Also – You’ll want to stop in at the shop and see all the changes that have been made. The shop was closed for remodeling right after Christmas and I’m sure you are going to like all the changes that Chris has made to make things more convenient for your shopping. Something New – The Newsletter went in the mail this week and will go out via e-mail on Monday. If you don’t receive yours or can’t wait, you can now go to the blog and now find a link for the newsletter and the three month calendar for your convenience. Stop by and take a look. That's the "Celtic Lattice" vest from "Folk Vests" by Cheryl Oberle. Still, I'm amazed at all the places this book's charts are turning up.

You string these colorful balls togetherover small bulbs to create a light garland.

egyedviktor thisiscolossal everlastingblort. Sitting in with the prisons probation officer, she suddenly leaned aggressively across the table, stabbed her pen, and spat at me, "you pissed in Gilpin's dinner!" I've been accused of many things during my time in prison, some large, some small. Being accused of unleashing my dong in the dinner queue and letting loose on another man's grub was one that was new. A few days of making inquiries unravelled the prosaic reality. Gilpin was a con I disliked and it was very mutual. He stored a curry in the hotplate and, as the hours passed, the oil in the curry leached out and for all the world looked as if someone had peed on it. Gilpin, the rat, assumed I was the deviant and grassed me up. Wing staff happily passed the info to probation, who gleefully tried to nail me. Eighteen years on, I'm still waiting for the apology. Your weekly dose of Spurgeon The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. "Whether we teach young Christians truth or not, the devil will be sure to teach them error. See to it that you look after the children that are in Christ Jesus. Peter was a leader among believers, yet he must feed the lambs. The lambs are the young of the flock. So, then, we ought to look specially and carefully after those who are young in grace. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. any visions have led to the most disastrous results. When Napoleon had a vision of a universal monarchy over which he should preside, with the French eagle for his ensign, he drenched the lands in blood. Many visions have been wretchedly delusive. Men have dreamed of finding the fairy pleasure in the dark forest of sin. Carnal joys have danced before their eyes as temptingly as the mirage in the desert, and they have pursued the phantom forms to their misery in this world, and to their eternal ruin in the next. Mistaking license for liberty, and madness for mirth, they have dreamed themselves into hell. Many dreams have been enervating—sucking the life-blood out of men as vampires do. Men have passed from stern reality into dreamland, and while seemingly awakened, have continued like somnambulists to do all things in their sleep. The scheme adds a fourth bedroom with en suite bathroom to the family home, along with a large kitchen, larder and dining room conservatory. The proposal was approved under delegated powers by Elmbridge's planning case officer. New legislation is being proposed in Texas that aims to significantly improve that abysmal statistic for breast cancer patients. The bill was drafted based on similar legislation in the state of New York.

PRMA Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that a former patient, Tammy Carrington, is the team leader behind this Bill.

She proactively sought out her state representative, James White, to begin drafting proposals. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: "There is a way to master silence, control it's curves, inhabit it's dark corners, and listen to the hiss of time outside. The vibrations are, if not heavy, then mixed with a certain reluctant acceptance of what the immediate future holds. One is well advised to seek this lofty state in your own heart and mind, as today may not bring the finest opportunities to our stretch of sand and sea. CHANNEL: Slow and low, that is the tempo, as we desperately seek the love below. Low tide is doing no favors, and more water will not likely provide more stoke. The vectors bring only confusion as a mild cross wind seeks to damage what small whitecaps are found. After I get off work at noon, it's lunch with Dan and then I will pack my car and off I'll go. I am so looking forward to spending quality time with my daughter Julie this weekend. This is a special thing we can do together and I cherish the times. Off we go. The main problem on the revenue side is the migration of betting handle from on track to off. Only a one day weekend. Work is picking up again now that the weather is nice. Perfect weather. Finished picking up the last of the branches and raking up the last of the debris. Got the weedwhacker back up and going. Yard actually looks great. Made a special t-nut for one of the machine accessories for work. I never have time while at work for fixing some minor things. W. Lagakos, a statistical consultant for the journal, writes about time-to-event analysis for long term treatments in the context of the APPROVe trial. This was the trial to see if Vioxx could prevent the recurrence of colon polyps and which demonstrated an increased risk of cardiovascular events in the treated group and which in all likelihood both Merck the NEJM wishes never happened. The article is found in the perspective section and labeled "statistics and medicine". Dr. Lagakos discussed some of the issues involved in a time-to-event analysis such as the appropriate period of follow-up and the assumptions of the proportional hazards technique and the log rank test and monotonicity. If the purpose of this article was to inform readers so that they could read studies with these tests in an at least semi-informed manner,I am not sure he succeeded. I read it twice and still do not have a good sense of the statistical issues. However,I doubt a didactic motivation was operative. .