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I'm back today with a few more things I made with this month's new stamp sets/dies at Papertrey Ink.

I have so many to show you, so I may break it up and share more tomorrow! The first set I played with was called Chevron Stripes.

I decorated some cardstock eggs and attached them to candy-filled glassine bags.

I used the Papertrey Ink felt to make little flowers. Next up is a card made with the new Ad Sense die and stamp set. I stamped the larger stamp onto the yellow patterned paper and then cut it in half to create this cute banner. The sentiments are from Ad Sense also, paper and chipboard are by Crate Paper. I backed the paper with some Papertrey Ink felt. My parents brought out homemade chicken and rice soup, I had a nap and a sauna and practically feel like a new only slightly sick person. Sat in the yard for a few minutes last night. Good to be outside after so many days incarcerated indoors. Here are the Lady Slippers I had hoped to photograph last week. they are not perfect anymore but there were twelve in this clump. ph: Daily Mail UKGet the look. Minnesota has a number of wild fires burning. Three areas North of us are or have been burning. The Smoky Hills are real smoky. Wednesday afternoon the smoke moved in. It smells like a wild fire. It has rained, and it has thawed and reduced some of the snowbanks to half their size. We have a lake in our yard. The walk to the house is a wet one! The green thingy is a special grate that Far Guy installed in the walkway to scrape the sand off of your shoes.

There is another of these special grates right in front of the front door.

We have very sandy soil here. It vacuums up very nicely inside once it has dried. Sand is hard on your bare feet, Chance tracks a lot of sand into the house. He has four feet and they all collect sand! It is the time of year where we should wear shoes with spikes on them. It is very slippery.

So what are all the fashionable elementary-school girls wearing these days?Flowers.

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Mardy Remember Your word to Your servant, in which you have made me HOPE. I love white with just the littlest touch of pink. pretty!. I do hope Christmas is going down as well with you as it is in Puddlecoteville. Yesterday, a dozen of us descended on one of those licensed restaurants - which used to be called pubs - for a meal where we could just leave the plates and bugger off when we'd had our fill of turkey and Sancerre. I'm not sure exactly when the practice started, but we've taken to pinching small portions of the little uns' bits and bobs every now and then. For example, a few chips from a Maccy D's meal, a spoonful of their after dinner dessert, a couple of sour sweets from the pick'n'mix. You know, that sort of thing. We call it 'tax'.

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Sheesh! Seriously great entries.

Go vote. -dana. I decided to go all girly and use pink, not my usual colours but I am really pleased with the result. The card is white and there are touches of glitter on the cake but the light is so bad here it doesn't show up. This thing, which is unaltered and always remains absolutely the same, which does not grow old with us, is just the kernel of our inner nature, and that does not lie in time.

We are accustomed to regard the subject of knowing, 'the knowing I', as our real self.

The Will itself is still exactly the same now as then. Happy Saturday Y'all!!! Remember this little cutie from yesterdays hop? Well, she wears a bow that I made using the July Ribbon Club Assortment. .