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So last night we were sitting around having this same discussion, again. Bill Woodcock with Doc and Mayme Capell at Winter Quarters Office. I'm making the big switch from blogger to word press this week. This could be translated to changing from tivo to direct TV. Or an i-Mac to PC. In other words. Old Dog - New Trick. DRZ Ryan was telling us about this clip. Front wheel high says this guy needs to wick it up a bit but still looks fun. "I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. They are diametric opposites, so how can they be stand-ins for each other? Well, I have a theory. “It’s going to be no joke when ObamaCare fully takes effect, and Americans begin to experience its disastrous results. " via Freedom's Lighthouse - and we thank them. Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour. I had seen this project for a mermaid wand in the FamilyFun Magazine and figured she would love it.

"I Wake Up Screaming" is one of my favorite movie titles of all time.

But if the movie is even half as lunatic as the title, I suspect I'd enjoy it a lot. B. As I contemplate the continuing, widening destruction wrought by Bush and his henchmen both at home and abroad, screaming seems to be the only appropriate response. Many people think the God of the OT seems to be different from the God of the NT. Mind you, I suspect many people who say that don't read the OT on a regular basis. Indeed, they may never have read the whole Bible cover to cover. Now, I think Hitchens overlooks some OT passages regarding eschatological judgment, but there's certainly much greater emphasis on eternal punishment in the NT. So one could turn the objection around. Although I don't think that's correct either way, it does present a different perspective. The OT is far more violent because Israel had to fight for her survival. You don't have the warfare narratives in the NT. Three lucky winners will receive a Sew South Swag Bag full of amazing sewing products. To enter to win, simply head to the Sew South site! Good luck!. Enjoyed. -dana. Merry Christmas, Groove-ophiles! Today's Christmas classic features The Batman in all his Groovy Age glory, with a Neal Adams/Dick Giordano cover, a Denny O'Neil Story, and Irv Novick/Giordano art! It's The Batman, Santa, a snowstorm, a toy maker, a reformed crook, an innocent child. and a Christmas miracle. The cabbage, or brassica, family is huge, and includes everything from the familiar red, white or green varieties with tightly packed leaves, to cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts as well as pak choi, popular in Asian cookery.

The round, crinkle-leafed Savoy cabbage and the pale, lozenge-shaped Chinese leaf are considered to be two of the best to cook with.

Availibility Different varieties of cabbage are available all year round. Choose the best All cabbages should look bright, with crisp leaves. Varieties with tightly packed leaves should feel heavy. Prepare it For loose-leaved varieties, remove old or damaged outer leaves, cut the leaves free of the core and slice out any tough central stalks. Rinse if necessary, then chop or slice. For tightly-packaged cabbages, strip the outer leaves in the same way, wash, then slice into quarters, cut out the hard central core on each one, then chop or shred. When cooking red cabbage, add a little vinegar to the water to stop the colour running. Hi there crafty peeps! I am back today to share a fun card I have created using new to me watercolors, a stamp set from Fun Stampers Journey, and beautiful ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I started by creating a watercolored background panel with my new to me Mission Gold Watercolor Palette. I cut it down to size and matted it onto some light yellow cardstock. I then stamped a flower from the Full Bloom stamp set on Bristol paper. I colored it with my Zig Real Brush Markers and fussy cut it out. I popped it up with foam dots onto a pierced die-cut panel with a sentiment from the same set stamped onto the bottom.

School is quickly approaching here and my random hugs from my little men will be on hold for much of the day.

Came across this stamp the other day in my craft room and love the message. If you haven't had the chance to work with silk ribbon I would highly suggest it. It is soft, beautiful, very easy and so very light to work with.

Matches so well with any of the lace trims RRR has to offer.

Andrea. .