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But I must say I do love the place very much.

It snowed a couple of days I was there and it was quite beautiful. We stayed in an amazing hotel in Seoul called the Grand Hyatt. It has majestic views of the city. ACP Gull Roost: Fewer big gulls than yesterday. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem.

Nor should it be shocking that some folks are picking out one tiny uptick in consumer spending as a straw on which to base a market rally.

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The babies were out in full force including the namesake for our Daddy O' Drew pizza, and a little man named Josh, who will soon make his debut.

,. Caroline, Lady Canning in India Charlotte Moss has just introduced her new fabric collection with FABRICUT. I had the chance to finger the cuttings last month in her offices. photo by Jason Rothenberg Charlotte with friends at the beach- breaking all the rules-while looking super chic wearing her fabric, CAROLINE.

Her Mercedes is upholstered in the fabric-FANNY.

FANNY & APHRAFANNY, at left, is one of my favorite fabrics in the collection. It was inspired by a pair of pantaloons Charlotte found in Asia. Fanny is a faux grain pattern double cloth that gives it a great hand-something that is always key in my own selection of fabrics. Consider this for a Dining Room- why not cover chair seats and add a couple of odd antique tall back chairs, curtains with a big double border trim like Berlin,Charlotte's fretwork tape,and lots of polished wood. More?How about on the walls with the same trim along the top and bottom?APHRA is a denim twill. By exposing more of the weft, Aphra makes more of an impact than a typical denim. Hi, it's Kary here to share a card using the September SMAK Kit, Inner Voice. I love the beautiful large flower in the kit. A tip when coloring a large flower is to do one petal at a time, and use the flicking technique where you think the direction of the petal is and leave plenty of white spaces. Use the blender pen to blur the white spaces so it looks nicely blended. I can't wait to see all the creative ways you will use this kit. If you like this SMAK kit, please check it out here and read all about the Membership Subscription. Alternatively, you may prefer a smaller set, Unity has Layers of Life kit and you can check it out here. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I LOVE teachers, and so does TPT. Here are some of the newest additions to my store: My cart is already full of great stuff made by teachers, to use for next year. This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here from your blog by saying you're part of "On my mind". Please write a new post, don't link to an older one. Today I am thinking about Christmas eve and Christmas day when we'll have family here. I need to work out my menu and decide on what drinks to make. I still have a few litres of pure lemon juice in the freezer and I have elder flowers, hmmmmm. . I love knitting. I'm not particularly good at it, but I get by. There is something about winding a long piece of wool or cotton around sticks that is very appealing. I relax when I knit and I feel connected to all my grandmas who would have sat by a fire knitting clothes for the family. Knitting is a gift I give myself. As well as the relaxation, it exercises my brain, makes me feel productive, even when I'm sitting down, and it produces beautiful items that I happily use in my home or give as gifts. Knitting is part of my day to day life and I believe it should be part of everyone's. If you're not knitting for the productive rewards it gives, then do it to relax. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. " - Henry Miller Blindingly beautiful as sunshine dominates and illuminates the current landscape. An oasis of sand pioneered by canine friends gives the most worthy use of the current beach. Moderate winds but with temptation to unleash a more directed fury has the few dedicated hastily donning neoprene in an effort to beat the inevitable. Though swells are upon the Pacific, none feel the need to evolve into more than wave suggestions. The press is the enemy.

Richard M.

” -E. E. Not much in terms of surfing though. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Greetings wave wranglers and Gung Hay Fat Choy! Here we are at the start of another glorious week as, by the look of it thus far it's promising to be a great one. The waves are looking a bit tasty as both spots have something "going on" that is glide-able but don't start thinking Cape St. Kaedah dikesan tak selamat, risiko sebar penyakit berjangkitKUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Kesihatan tidak pernah memberi kelulusan kepada pusat kesihatan menjalankan kaedah perubatan melalui penggunaan lintah kerana keberkesanannya tidak dapat dibuktikan secara saintifik. Sehubungan itu, orang ramai dilarang menggunakan lintah sebagai kaedah rawatan yang dikesan tidak selamat dan mampu membawa risiko penularan penyakit berbahaya yang berjangkit melalui darah. Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman, berkata penyebaran penyakit berbahaya itu boleh menular apabila lintah sama yang menghisap darah pelanggan iaitu pembawa kuman, digunakan pula merawat pengguna lain. “Kita memang tidak benarkan kaedah ini untuk rawatan kerana ia belum terbukti berkesan, termasuk tanggapan lintah menghisap darah kotor juga salah, tiada darah kotor dalam perubatan. “Berhubung penyakit tibi, berkemungkinan besar seseorang itu boleh berjangkit kerana duduk bersebelahan ketika menjalankan rawatan itu, tidak semestinya oleh kuman dibawa lintah. “Proses rawatan itu memang mampu memindahkan penyakit berbahaya yang berkaitan dengan darah ketika penggunaan lintah itu. Dr Saadiah berkata, setakat ini dua pelanggan sudah berjumpa dengannya untuk mendapatkan rawatan susulan selepas dijangkiti penyakit itu akibat terapi terbabit. Dr Hasan berkata, pada masa sama pengguna diminta memberikan maklumat berhubung pusat rawatan didakwa mampu menyebarkan penyakit terbabit supaya kementerian boleh mengambil tindakan selanjutnya. “Beritahu kita maklumat di mana pusat rawatan didakwa menyebarkan penyakit tibi itu, kita akan pergi sana untuk ambil tindakan,” katanya. I wish all of you a joyous and peaceful New Year. Within the borders of your personal lives, such goals might be realized. This is not because the human race is innately evil, but rather because each generation determinedly teaches the next how to hate, and how to kill. The unending procession of oppression, barbarity and widescale murder throughout human history is not inevitable.

There have always been those rare individuals who, when confronted with the horrors of their time and asked to render support for them in any form and to any degree, will declare, simply and with no claim to heroism: No.

Dave Lindorff:Pelosi and Reid, too timid to seriously confront President Bush and call a halt to the disastrous war on Iraq by simply refusing to fund it, have orchestrated a bill that provides the president full funding to carry on with the killing for the rest of his term, while allowing those of them who have to confront anti-war voters to claim they voted against their own measure. "I will vote against this bill," says Pelosi, who personally crafted this cave-in to Bush and Cheney. The whole Democratic Party caucus in Congress has morphed horribly into John Kerry clones. They will be voting against the war funding bill that they engineered, knowing that with Republican support, the bill will pass and go to the president with no strings attached. The Iraq War is now fully a Democratic War. With regard to the general contours of United States foreign policy for the last hundred years, and especially in the six decades following World War II, the catastrophe of Iraq has always belonged to both the Republicans and the Democrats. We should endeavor to be minimally honest, despite the fact that even an infinitesimal amount of veracity will forever destroy the continuation of our deadly political charade. " In terms of the moral principles implicated, it had to fail, since it was and is a war and occupation of aggression, waged against a nation and a people that never constituted any serious threat. Darlings, as you probably already know, CC is a yoga and Pilates instructor and a fitness enthusiast, so CC is always on the hunt for fabulous fitness gear. They look beautiful and hold up quite well after multiple washings. Please check out these amazing Athleta Coupons before your next shopping excursion and save big on your favorite workout wear! These fantastic Coupon Codes are ideal for all your Athleta sportswear needs. CC hopes you enjoy these yoga pieces, all available at athleta. Now you know what he was doing to pass the time until Chevy Chase left Saturday Night Live! Other voice actors include Bob Maxwell as Mr. Fantastic, Cynthia Adler as the Invisible Girl, and Jim Pappas as the Thing. For more wedding pics and details of the day, go to. Kelly and Joe Hornberger donated their time and talents to capture our special day and we are so thankful. Hornbergers, thank you for honoring God and blessing others with your lives.

These are the links to other donated photo sessions that the Hornbergers have done for us.

- Reader Jim L writes: Are you going to have a Saratoga-only blog again this year? It does look like a terrific meet. Yes, it certainly looks like a terrific meet, but no, sadly there will be no Saratoga-only blog this year. As you may know, we're off to Del Mar on Saturday morning for a week. Weather was soggy, but still had a fun day. Put on my monkey suit reserved solely for weddings and funerals. I live in blue jeans. I head out to my buddies wedding.

Typical lack of planning, I didn't google it ahead of time and I manage to arrive at the very last minute.

I no sooner sit than the ceremony starts. .