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Please join the T Tuesday link-up at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover blog. For more information visit Victory Motorcycles. "This move is an affront to the victims of human rights violations and to future generations of Venezuelans who will no longer be able to access this regional body when their rights are not respected in their own country. " - Guadalupe Marengo, Deputy Americas Programme Director at Amnesty International Venezuela has denounced the American Convention on Human Rights, blocking victims access to the Inter-American Court. “This move is an affront to the victims of human rights violations and to future generations of Venezuelans who will no longer be able to access this regional body when their rights are not respected in their own country,” said Guadalupe Marengo, Deputy Americas Programme Director at Amnesty International. “Having access to an international body like the Inter-American Court is a right that all Venezuelans had up until now, but the government has decided to cut off that important lifeline. ”Leaving the CourtPromoting and protecting the human rights of all without discrimination is the cornerstone of the rule of law and allows states to ensure that all people can live with dignity, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin or any other condition. Regional and national human rights systems were created to guarantee everyone a route to pursue justice and reparation for human rights abuses when national justice systems have failed them. Over the years, thousands of victims and their relatives across the continent have seen it as their only chance to obtain justice after national justice systems have failed them.

Venezuela’s Constitution currently guarantees all people the right to access to international bodies, but once the current government’s decision takes effect within a year, this route to justice will be blocked.

This technology is held out to be ready for national diffusion, right up to the POTUS.

Once patients experience the benefits of this technology, they will demand nothing less from their providers. Hundreds of thousands of physicians have already seen these benefits in their clinical practice. Vendors deny major problems with their CPOE and other health IT products. Fortunately, there are some medical centers who are open and honest about HIT problems. HRI recruits and trains legal professionals to provide pro bono representation for our clients through its William O. Holston Jr. Pro Bono Program. Cost: This is a free event. This training is for attorneys to take cases with Human Rights Initiative of North Texas for VAWA, U Visa, SIJS, and Asylum cases. Other corporations with aviation operations at the airport include Unisys and drugmakers Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Merck, Hughes said. courtesy of on. cccourtesy of mingpao. Gum Sing Mo's rare return home naturally made him the focus. He announced that he still was single. After three years he again went to Taiwan with the team, at the event he first greeted everyone. When asked about his love life, Gum Sing Mo said, "I am still the same, still the same, and still the same. The term is often used to refer to activities with some potential for physical danger, such as skydiving, mountain climbing and or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, a love affair, or other major life undertakings. g. g. See yesterday's post. They also create all sorts of labels, home decor and much, much more. We were fortunate enough to have a booth close to her at the last Spring Quilt Market. I am so imaginative some days. It is mid January and we finally got a little snow. not much, but enough to cover up the brown. We went to town. this is what it looked like traveling behind a snowplow. We followed him at a distance almost all the way to town. You can see that the snow does not cover the grass in the ditches yet. Reporter to kid eating ice cream: "I bet you're hot!" Kid: "Uh, yep!" Onward to the Livermore roofer. Drawing while in motion is no easy task. With practice anyone can do it. Sometimes I get a little intimidated by doing it. Once I begin I really enjoy the challenge. Here are a couple or recent examples. I should mention that the second drawing was done on the staten island ferry.

Also there is a podcast about me at The Illustrative Designer.

It's a website of the great Von Glitschka I think you should give it a listen, even if it's only to find out how mental I am. Shooters and crop spraying are the cause of the massive decline in numbers. It's been a while. Gag. s. o. s. We just found out we won SouthWaltonScene. Affirmation from our customers is our best measure of success and we humbly thank you for voting. They are a Premium Sponsor on both our blogs this year. Please be sure to give them a like and check out their online store for metal dies! Please check out their links below Dies R Us is an online store dedicated to bringing you the best in the metal die industry. You also have the chance at our Sponsor Giveaway and Being Featured Designer. Previously, from the Office of National Statistics.

I did this bear for the June/July issue of Crochet Today!I borrowed the first pic from their Ravelry account.

Happy weekend! . feeling light and happy and TGIF! How about you? Glad it is the beginning of a long weekend. where anything is possible? You could take a little road trip, venture down an old road and see where it leads. Milliner Philip Treacy has described mass-produced fascinators as "no more than headbands with a feather stuck on with a glue gun". Why not something of beauty & of the bizarre? but something a little more Boucher-than Braque. So I hope you have had a good week. We went to the doctor yesterday. this pregnancy. Here is another card created for "Rating the Rookies". /fem bird present alongside the known imm. male and imm.


Or if you read history, you might be familiar with a time long ago when Presidents would fire insubordinate assholes who deliberately undercut their administration's policies, no matter how popular that asshole may be, or how much outrage that firing may ignite. As Brother Charles Pierce points out, John Brennan is one such insubordinate asshole who needs publicly sacked by Barack Obama and walked out of the building by security immediately.

No Vegas odds-makers has yet crunched the numbers on the probability of this actually happening, but I'm guessing it's somewhere around the same as The Ghost of Reagan Past from the grave on Christmas Eve to remind a joint session of congress that he not only.

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s'occuper du Trump World Tower.

because they're either repulsive or stupid. Ratty jeans? Yep Stringy hair? Yep Didn't we already do the ripped jeans thingy?? The big trend of the "lunbersexual" look for men who sport big ugly unkempt beards, flannel shirts, and work boots. Thing is, these "men" wouldn't even know which end of a hatchet to hold. Tattoos. I'll make exceptions for teeny little butterflies located someplace very inconspicuous, or any tattoo acquired by a service man while on leave and drunk. This is just plain ugly: And the latest craze? Man buns. Awful, awful, awful.

I chose to do freehand curls and feathers in the bow ties and a molar feather in the border.

Here's the back. See that spot that I missed. It's done now, but I didn't see it until I took this photo. A. M. B. Milly Opening Ceremony Philipp Plein Polo Ralph Lauren Porsche Design Sonia Rykiel Tods Tomas Maier Tory Burch Trussardi Vivienne Tam Zac Zac Posen Which of these pretty pieces do you prefer? CC is loving the blue Milly bag! xoxox, CC. youcatwalk. I refuse to Let you in. I can no longer hold on to something that wasn't even mine to begin with. I have turned my life around just to make you my everything when in the end i was left with nothing. My Heart and Mind has been made into a keepsake that is infested with memories of us. It's pathetic how a familiar scent can lead me back to you. .