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Check out the other entries hereSupplies from CTMH-White Daisy Textured CS, Black CS, Grey Wool CS, Grey wool ink, Black ink, sparkles, Friendship blessing stamp set, For every occasion stamp set, intrinsic background stamp setOther-scallop punch, hole punch.

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We had the embryologist tell us which was which, so I labeled it for you to see.

Today's blasts look in much worse shape to me, but then again, I'm no embyologist. I checked the girls' current stats at home, and plotted them on their growth charts. It's so weird for me that we had their last physical when they turned two, and don't have another one until they are three. This is going to be a busy, but productive, weekend. Last night, I had dinner with Cynthia and Mike, formerly of Guaymas, now of Salem. For three hours, we sat and laughed over their adventures in Mexico. If you have read their blog, they had quite a few adventures as English instructors in Mexico City and Guaymas. I could not believe that we had talked that long, and only skimmed the surface of their lives during the past year. These are two very nice people. Hmmmm, yes, you can tell that these were the final two. All the worlds a stage. one of my fav Shakespeare quotes. Good morning guys.

I added a single, lonely pic to Izak van der Merwe’s page in the brieflines archive this morning.

I hope that you like it and I’ll see you here tomorrow. I have a secret to tell you. my husband Andy is a really good artist, like REALLY good, maybe better than me- well, maybe not better- more like different.

You see while I think in color, abstraction and pattern, he thinks in detail, proportion, dimension and realism.

"Starless Night". Random charming stuff for random creative impulses. Our newest yarn base to arrive. This has not changed. We are definitely more seasoned now, and we still believe that choosing partnerships that are meaningful is one of the most important duties that we have as small biz owners. This base represents the good behind wool farming and yarn producing in America, the roots that family owned businesses create and the love that goes into the pride of work behind a wool made here. The simple goodness of this yarn is the slight slub and thick/thin nature of the plies. In this post from a couple of weeks ago, I described the panels and how they were sashed and pieced together.

I used another panel and coordinating prints on the back.

For the quilting, I decided to mimic the shape of the flag garlands in the border print. Imperfections are good, right? I had the hardest time cleaning off the chalk I used to mark the grid. I used everything imaginable, and I can still see some lines on the pink border print. The results lurk in the archives of this blog in spite of the hope of many that Google will "accidentally" swallow these words and pictures whole. Dan addressed the popular but unscriptural idea of a "call to preach. There it was again. It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity. At some time, every creature which lives must do so. Everywhere in the universe. ” ― Philip K. And do it topless, as a show of sisterhood and solidarity. That'll show us. Ardilla Congratulations on your win Ardilla! Please select an image from my store and email me with your choice. Frenchman Frederic Sauvage in photos by Pavel Ythjall. "That's what I like the most about bodybuilding. .