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Via another blogger I have had my attention drawn to the following article about higher education in California. I'm reproducing it here as it is an exact mirror image of what is happening to higher education in the UK.

Read & weep.

Despite the concurrent trends of racism, sexism, and American imperialism that pervaded that era, California’s higher education system was a golden example of what America could achieve. Previously, admission had been free, except for a few relatively small fees, but the Reagan government lifted regulations on how much schools could charge in fees, allowing costs to skyrocket. Also, incentives were created for colleges to accept out-of-state students, who would pay higher fees. Both of these strategies shifted the financial responsibility for higher education onto students rather than the state. So, I was procrastinating on Saturday and didn't get a ride in due to a mid-day phone call to fill in on guitar in the church band I play in. It wasn't my week to play, but the guy that was on for the weekend came down ill. That's what I get for not waking up in the morning right away and getting it done. So, things were looking good for a ride to church on Sunday morning, since I would be meeting Mrs. Guitar Ted later and hitching a ride home. I looked around for a likely ride. I pulled out the El Mariachi for the job. Pumped up the tires and went on my way. The 'Cosmopolis' Official Site has been updated and it looks amazing. There's a new UHQ behind-the scenes still of Rob and David Cronenberg. And a Festivals tab that will soon be updated. Our resourceful floor re-finisher, who is quite passionate about historic floors, has found some new wide plank white pine floor boards for us to use in our kitchen. They have been sitting in storage at a nearby saw mill nearby and were surprisingly affordable. While the two bathrooms had the original wide plank flooring beneath the linoleum, the kitchen floors did not. Here are some updates on the floors in the rest of the house. The sanding of the dining room floor is nearly done. Just the edges around the perimeter of the room remain.

Started to clean the Snake Run today with a broom.

This is going to be a lot of work, ha. The rationale seemed to be that the administrators need to appear to be rich in order to hob-nob with the sort of rich folk needed as donors. The perks have continued even though the state-supported university is facing budget cuts. I am afraid the main effect of such perks is to further isolate academic leaders from the people they are supposed to serve. After all, academic institutions are supposed to serve truth-seekers and learners. Exploring the relationship between the past and the present with regard to non-Indian vs. Indian perspectives about American Indian history, religion, and sacred space/place. Zinesters from across Scotland made their pitch to our select panel, who somehow had to decide on a winner out of all the worthy presentations. In attendance were CC, Barnum's Baby, Plastik Zine, St. art Magazine and Anti-Zine. All participants were able to make new connections, dialogues and friendships through the event, and all can count on Yuck 'n Yum's full support in their future endeavours. Yuck 'n Yum is massively thankful to all who took part. If you fancy a last strut on the weird and wild side of the disco tracks. be there. These films linger to be retrieved arbitrarily and relived again Seascapes projected over rumpled bed sheets, whispered intimacies now lent profundity by an apt mis-en-sceneDusk, and muslin layers shroud the here and now in a warm maternal embracePresence of something, allow to be alone and inAlterations and amendments and adjustments, as if to ask is this this or rather something other? A backdrop for an event? A stage-set?Black minimal arrangements break up a landing, lights beamed up against the ceilingSculpting in the garden and limbs stretched taut in the living room, legs intertwiningAllow it just this once to be, uniquely.

So the poster arrived this morning, and it's really something of a mixed blessing.

No cardboard tube, just a flimsy box for protection on a journey all the way from Switzerland, and unsurprisingly it got here a bit creased and dog-eared on its voyage. All annoying, except that the museum never charged any money or sent any invoice, so I'm hardly likely to moan too much. Hopefully the framers can do a little restoration work, iron out the imperfections, and just maybe it'll leave me with something beautiful. Not that I've much room for another big picture on the wall, but then I really won't be living here forever and an art collection has to be a long-term project. Here's the final minutes of the game against Osakis last week: I hope you've had a great weekend!Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball. You won't see this image on the BLUE UNDERGROUND DVD, though. Why? Because the distributor put footage of a car chase from another film under the credits. A film Jess Franco had nothing to do with. KMM also has other footage included NOT generated by the director, including the long jazz fest scene. The Spanish version is the covered version, while the English language shows above the waist nudity. But I much prefer the Spanish, which retains numerous personal and arcane audio jokes/references which have been removed or changed in the English language variant, which also replaced the original score besides dubbing it into English. This last point is significant since the whole point of the film is a search for a secret formula in which the clues are in musical notation from a score we are not hearing!Our Spanish reader Nzoog reports that there is no English subtitle option or any other extras on this and the other new FILMAX discs. That's the conclusion of a recent study: The US government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country's citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has concluded. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias built into the US political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favour policy change, they generally do not get it. " There's more at The Telegraph. And see my previous post on this subject. Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine. -Kathleen NorrisDo not be anxious about anything,but in everything, by prayer and petition,with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. themetapicture. yukky pink, sort of salmon pink. so I went for the black shiny version instead. Hey there, guys. I added a new picture of Matteo Trevisan. I hope you like it. Exploration and going outside is a big part of our daily lives and once in a while I like to share a little peek into our adventures. SW Paper Dolls. Copy all the code in the box below by hi-lighting it andpressing "CTRL and C" at the same time. Ecosystems change slowly and incrementally, on time scales much longer than those we’re biologically designed to heed. Climate processes unfold over centuries, millennia, whereas we’re primed to pay attention to what’s happening in front of our noses, or at best within our lifetimes. “The seas rose another. Most of my critics since Friday have regarded it as a given that Jesus would never, ever—ever—be anything but friendly, deferential, polite, and sweet-tempered to men of stature who teach in religious settings. Here's a reminder that such a saccharine view of Christ by no means reflects who He really is. In fact, the opinions of today's evangelicals about what constitutes "civility" and authentic Christlikeness are sometimes about as far from reality as it is possible to get. Very often my favourite birds boil down to those I have grown to admire and respect after witnessing their decline over many years of birdwatching. Readers of this blog will be familiar with other species I mention frequently here - Lapwing and Corn Bunting to name but two. These three, plus a number of others are British species which dangle by a population thread thanks to the horrors of modern farming, increased disturbance from an expanding human population and uncontrolled predators. Our once green and pleasant land is being trashed like never before in the name of the of “economic progress”. I recently watched a Yellowhammer on top of a fence post singing its melancholic “little bit of bread and no cheese”.

It carried on singing until fatherly duties drew it back to the rough field where the female would be sat tight on her second lot of eggs.

Yellowhammers nest low down in a bush, but sometimes on the ground. Yellowhammers are known to sing quite late in the year, sometimes into September. Also the male sings more frequently when the female is actually incubating. Here's a slew of cool old waterslide decals stuck to the greys benches at the NHRA Museum!. You will also find some other backups of these Messages and Prophecies given to Maria Divine Mercy for The Book of Truth as they were found on the original site here: .

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Has anyone else read this? I can't wait to jump back into reading it tonight. Just had to get that off my chest. I added a double layer of Wired Edge Burlap in Red and White an Red Plaid Ribbon for extra detail and topped it off with a nice poofy bow. It's mainly good for eyes so should be kept in regular diet. Keep this tadka aside for cooling. .