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Here are a few more pics from the Cyclefest USA shows attended by Gangster Choppers!!. Warming up in the parking lot. I was looking at my son, who was obviously bored, sitting inside with nothing to do, and I said, "Get yer shoes on, we're going for a bike ride. " He was curious as to what the agenda would be. Up until now, most of our adventures had started and ended from the front door, but this time I told him we were loading up the truck and ferrying the bikes to "ride in the woods". Bikers and hikers basically keep the way open besides the minimal City maintenance that happens at the beginning of August and whenever a bad storm goes through and downs a bunch of trees. Symmetrical arrangement of stained glass windows. Photo by I. Peterson. The blue box area is the virgin wave space. Dr. Yang, who served a five-year jail term in China for his social activism, will speak about the situation of jailed writer Liu Xiaobo, whom he represented at the Oslo Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in December. The conference will feature victim testimonies from renowned human rights defenders, dissidents and experts, and produce draft resolutions for the UN Human Rights Council to adopt. The Chinese government has been criticized by human rights groups and the U. S. State Department for gross and systematic violations of basic rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion, and for oppressing minority groups. This program will provide an overview of the criminal litigation process and legal issues. Streeter Jeffrey A. Brown By: Dechert. Credit: CLE credit is pending in CA, NJ, NY and PA. Cost: No charge More Information And Registration. Ron Ng has been a free agent since his TVB contract ended in Junecourtesy of mingpao. cc Frankie Lam Man Lung and Rachel Lam Hei Tung two nights ago attended the Miss World Peace pageant. He also said that he has already discussed the matter with lawyers, but a decision will not be made until after the holiday. Rachel said that Shu Kei was the Academy for Performing Artists Film and Television Academy chief, as an alumni of the school she was heartbroken and disappointed.

What world do these people live in?? There are not too many countries or cities around the world where you can walk too many steps without seeing an interracial couple or a person of mixed heritage.

And, instead of being caught up in the ignorance of people’s upset, she simply thought that the big fuss was about her great smile. Watch the video here. This is why I just love the innocence of children. They are great spirits to keep around because they keep your heart pure and mind away from all the negative of the world. To the Kage last night for Zazou, Dundee's premier nitespot. I took a few photos and here they are: The name of the club is Zazou Djs Stefan Blomeier and Il Discotto Dancing lessons from Suspiria The crowd go wild A psychedlic trip into the centre head space. Icicles on the kitchen windowThe view from the frontPipes have frozen. Plumbing fail. The museum needs a gardener. I was told that all the grounds work would be handled by the County. I just needed to sweep the steps. Piece of cake. I can ride a broom with the best of them! Last week I was talking to one of the maintenance guys. I said “Whoever is in charge of that flower bed out front has a lot of work to do. ” He replied “The Historical Society planted them so it is your problem. ” I told him “Well that is news to me. It pulled them into a tie with Osakis for first place with one meet left. m. to determine who gets the conference trophy. Here's video from the end of the meet: In two CMC meets on Friday, the B-B-E Jaguars boys' golf team placed third at home and second at Osakis. They travel to Upsala/Swanville Area next Tuesday. the Jaguars baseball team hosts Minnewaska Area in Elrosa. The Lakers are coached by Belgrade Redmen alumni Brian Gruber. His older brother Dennis is the assistant varsity coach for the Jaguars. I'll also be at Jr. It's going to be a great day!!!. The watch runs on the Freescare i. of a new stamp set! I used the Everyday celebration card kit stamp set for this weeks sketch over at CPS.

The set if full of great images and sayings, but my favorite is this two step cake.

Limit of one free kit per order. I'm still doing the same old thing and you're gone and I miss you.

You're still on my mind even when I'm surrounded by people.

I always see you in the half-light in-between or out of the corner of my eye. I hate that I found out on Valentine's day. It changed everything. Maybe I'm extra needy on that day and people don't get it. I feel so mediocre. But hey, I am more popular than the Archdiocese of Washington. Hello friends, I apologize that the blog has taken a back seat. But my first year of teaching has begun. This week was the first of the school year, after two weeks of New teacher training and then district wide training. These past three weeks have been some of the most difficult of my life, but I can say that my God has once again proved ever faithful. Y'all can I just say that I am so weak. I have no strength of my own at this point in life. Yes, I am only in my mid-twenties but after this week I see how utterly I depend upon my Savior. Kelli at Ponderings of a Pastor's Wife has passed this on to me. Thank you Kelli, it means so much to me. Having grown up in the glass house of a pastor's family, I so appreciate your authenticity and your passion for our Savior. It's not always easy to make the choice to be "real" but you do, and we are blessed by your obedience. My purpose for blogging is simple. It's for my daughters, my nieces, my nephews, my grandchildren. I just want to thank Diane for awarding me this wonderful award! I think it's so awesome that there are people out there who are so kind to think of others. I try my best to share many of my ideas and hopefully I've inspired a few people to tap into the craft world. Scrapbooking is such an obsession of mine and I enjoy every moment of it. Post the logo on your blog. Add a link to the person who awarded you. co. ukTo: martin. Not overwhelmed and spluttering at the smell of your next door neighbour's bathtime candles, I trust? People can be so annoyingly free in their own homes, can't they?Still, I'm sure you'll get them all in the end. Anyway, enough of the small talk mate.

I have a serious question to ask.

It is an atrocity. While everyone else around here was in Mexico I holed up at home, made some beef jerky & got to work on the Norton motor & trans. Next, smooth out some of the more obscene casting lines and jagged fins, then pull it apart & see what's happening inside. I don't ever remember Dr. He points out a number of things as to how to reinvent how police in America operate and package his criminal justice plan with ones that preserve voting rights and protect against racial violence. And he went on to list a number of other things which includes the wearing of body cameras to a number of black lives matter protesters who have also pointed out were necessary especially after Mike Brown. With that said, and a lot of people are wondering, every politician deserves to be scrutinized, whether they’re liberal or conservative, but there seems to be far more, far more politicians, let’s say, on the far right who are less than sympathetic to your cause than a Bernie Sanders. There’s really no point in confronting the GOP, at least I think during the primaries because GOP members will pretty much flatly tell you that they don’t care about black lives. So instead we really need to put pressure on people who claim that they care about black lives, claim that they’re closer. When should I change paragraph?Roughly every five or six lines as a guide, you should start a new paragraph. This means about the length of your thumb. How to use paragraphs:Each paragraph should be about a strong, separate idea. If you're finding it hard to figure out when to change paragraphs, it might be because your ideas aren't strong enough or clearly separated enough. When you start a paragraph, get a clear idea in your head what it is about. How should I show paragraphs If you're writing by hand in class or exams, indent by the width of your thumb. Like the paragraph I've just written here. When I saw this week's SCS color challenge, my first thought was "I don't 'do' orchid. " I don't. But I gave it a go anyway. It always gives me a good laugh. Like right now. Two of my kids decided to have a December wedding. Pineapple Sheera and Shravani Cake, I have been in love with them for a long time now. As the love blossomed, mine and not theirs, me as a parent many a time thought of a marriage. It would have to be arranged I thought.

I did and you know what now they are in love, deep in love!If bro V reads this he will go nuts.

May be he will call me to tell he loved it as he sometimes does. Relating to you the proceedings of the ceremony. Dad had made a pineapple syrup and bottled it two days ago. I looked at it, so beautiful I thought. As the weekend arrived and as has been happening lately we were booked for a lunch, a family was visiting so I had to make some dessert. That's when this grandchild was born. It is the expression of both the parents best. High Hopes 'No Patterned Paper' ChallengeThe challenge at the High Hopes Blog this week is to use no patterned paper on your card. I have made a Stair Step card using the sea life range of stamps. This was such a fun card to make with all the cute little characters!SuppliesStamps: High HopesTools: Pro Markers, Glossy Accents, Sakura Clear Stardust. My grandmother made three varieties of this layered bread, cheese and anise, oregano and green onions, and a sweet almond one that she would drizzle with syrup. You can also make it with spinach instead of the oregano. There are two secrets behind this bread popularity, one is brushing the dough with oil after each fold. That gives the final product a wonderful layering. When you tear a piece of it you will find super thin layers with the filling in between. The other is use of fresh ingredients, as you will see in the ingredient list, the dough is simple, flour, yeast and water.

- Reader Saratoga Spa writes: I have to say the Harness executives have done a good job marketing the sport of late.

Don't know if that's exactly true, but it's probably not far off if it's not. And I'd also say that, speaking specifically of Somebeachsomewhere, who I've followed closer than his trotting counterpart, most of the buzz was generated by the horse itself. He's been absolutely spectacular and breathtaking, even in the race that he lost. You can't say that about Curlin this year. "I actually snuck through on the fence today on the three-eighths pole," Albarado said. "He's never wanted to do that before. It's scary how good he's getting. Asmussen mentioned the Man O'War or a race at Arlington as possible places to test the turf waters. And while this would all be quite cool, it would certainly preempt any chance of a meeting with Big Brown in the Classic. Besides the fact that the races are less than three weeks apart, it would mean no chance of a prep over whatever surface will be in place at Santa Anita this fall. .