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Shirley made all the quilts she showed us that day for the people in Haiti.

She is going there on a Dental Mission in the fall. It's time to announce the winners for our October Mojo Contest! For those of you just joining us, we have contests with prizes the first Monday of each month. The rest of the weeks we just play for fun and inspiration. The cheaters got here. Now that I'm working the kickass librarian look, I will knit like the wind, get these sleeves done, and get this KAL moving.

Sorry about the delay.

I've already tried them, and I CAN see now, and they do work, so things will pick up soon. Oh, and if it looks like my hair matches my glasses in that photo, it's because I dyed it this week. It was supposed to be purple, but really looks more like magenta. Oops.

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