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It’s not hard to tell that we are getting closer to the end of the church year.

In fact, three weeks from today we will be celebrating the First Sunday in Advent. The Gospel readings for these last few weeks of the Season of Pentecost talk about what God’s judgement will be like. They talk about the separating of the faithful from the unfaithful. Jesus described preparations for a wedding. Weddings provided much needed relief from the humdrum and hard work of daily life. Usually women took care of children and performed household chores. They looked forward to any small distraction, such as their daily visit to the village well where they could visit with other village women. But, occasionally, their tedium was broken by the great events of village life––weddings, births, and bar mitzvahs––even funerals. Of these, weddings involved the greatest celebration.

This week the Lancet published an epidemiological study which asked the question, "Can we see clear cut signs that a person is on the way to developing diabetes in the years before diagnosis?"The answer was of course, "Yes.


courtesy of singtao.

After visiting Chengdu two days ago, yesterday they went to see fans in Shanghai. Everyone attended the press conference at the Shanghai Traffic University. Playing a bar owner in SEE YOU TOMORROW, Wai Jai also mixed drinks with Eason on the spot. ". Detectives from various law enforcement agencies continue to search property on Stock Island belonging to the Soca family. Three members of the family were arrested this week on drug charges. Initial searches of their property turned up more than eight kilos of cocaine, hundreds of Oxycodone pills and thousands of Xanax bars. Today, detectives operated heavy equipment digging up the yards surrounding the two trailers. Thursday night, they served a search warrant on a shed at the Stock Island lobster house. The shed was controlled by Soca Jr. A long, long ride home. I am a doodler, as most everyone knows. Meetings are the best place to doodle. That would be where I did this. It does not have any deep meaning behind it. I was half paying attention to the meeting and half paying attention to my doodle. If you haven't seen it yet, there is a website called doodlers anonymous. I was craving for Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn filling, as i need to get some grocery from the supermarket, i remember there's a stall inside the Kopitiam Food Court at Jurong East MRT Station selling it. It’s Modern Monday Block from Forty Two Quilts. Above is block number six. I thought this interesting. This is what the block looked like in natural light. This is what the block looked like under a florescent light in my sewing room. The colors look more natural and the gray not as dark. But I like the vibrant blue background that I got in the natural light. Go figure. Later hop over to Alamosa Quilter and see Lynn's block. Above is a picture of JD’s peppermint Tabletopper. This class is scheduled for Wednesday. "I hope you do not mind a male chiming in, but I would love to have the chance to offer this to my wife. Congratulations Jason! I think it is so kind and thoughtful that requested this for your wife. It sounds like she has done a lot of work to get where she is today and I am happy to have you and/or her choose something from the fabulous MINK PINK designer line for her to enjoy. Please view my profile and email me contact details and the item and size of the MINK PINK piece your wife would like.

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Benasque nestles in it's own valley in the heart of the Pyrenees and is surrounded by the highest peaks in that area. From the town it is a short drive and then a short walk to.

My first cell was on the top floor of the hospital wing, facing across the front lawn towards the Gatehouse.

The cell contained what I would learn are the furniture staples - a metal bed, one chair, one locker, one plastic pisspot. A large room, ten feet in length, maybe six wide, and the window was thankfully tall. Barred, made of a metal lattice that contained small squares of glass. The door, like most hospital doors, contained a barred hatch which opened and closed with the temperament of the screw on duty.

The cell was one of a row of half a dozen, one being a padded cell.

This is the piece of chipboard that I was playing with last night.

The words are from Stampers Anonymous the Tim Holtz Collection and the cute light bulb is from Junkyard Findings.

The cogs are Tim Holtz cut from chipboard. The wings were clear acrylic and I have no idea where I picked them up from and I gave them a coat of glitter paint.

Not bad for ten days of playing eh? LOL.

So it's time for another sidelines update! Today's featured footballer: the every popular England team captain, John Terry. And so I've added three pics of Mr.

Terry to his page, which makes nine pics total.

I hope you like them! That's it. Bye!. I am not only excited because I love cookbooks, food and Jack but because I lived in a small town right beside Lynchburg, TN which is home to the Jack Daniel's Distillery. Jack Daniel's is not just about whiskey. This is truly an American iconic brand. After flipping through the many recipes what really stuck out was the pictures of the people and places that the authors chose to spotlight. There is so much rich history in middle Tennessee and Jack Daniels has been a huge part of this history. This book sets out to capture the "spirit" of this relationship and delivers very nicely. If you or anybody you know has ties to Middle Tennessee, Jack Daniels or loves good home cooking, then this is the book for them.

"I have placed this pillow in two of my idea boards, one for myself and one for a client.

One person per day presents their Mystery Bag to the class. Today we had our first presenter. this cutie's first name starts with letter "C". She brought a secret item in the paper bag that begins with the first letter of her first name. The rest of the class tried to guess what was in her Mystery Bag. Eventually they guessed it. My good friend Bernadette is gravely ill now, I've been visiting her in hospital and my sister Tricia, is visiting us so we've been talking, knitting, sewing and socialising and apart from a bit of cooking and washing, not much has been done here. Everything is upside down. Right now, Tricia and Hanno are awake and watching TV! Usually when I rise to write, the house is as quiet as a mouse, but can I hear the sounds of the world cup on TV and I know if Australia scores a goal there will be cheering and clapping. Uh oh, Germany scored. It's a public holiday here today - we have this ridiculous holiday for the Queen's birthday, it's not her birthday and even in the UK they don't celebrate this. I'm not working today so I'll try to get back into the rhythm of my normal day. It's easy working to a rhythm - you start with one familiar thing, others follow in a flow one after the other, you don't need to think about much and the work is done. Cream of Broccoli Finish off with…Brownie Indian summer!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. There is mild moderation.

Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply.

with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. Truman claimed that the camera had caught him off guard, but in fact he had posed himself and was responsible for both the picture and the publicity. J. The story is a roller coaster of geography, a whiplash of emotions.

In other words, it is a true account of a real hike along the Florida Trail, up the Appalachian Trail, and finally along the International Appalachian Trail into Quebec.

Some hiking books play up the good days and gloss over the bad. Not this one. It's all here: the sore legs, the rain, the doubts, the sunshine, the friendship of other hikers bearning trail names like Skookum, Yettle, and Old Goat. First, that I could match up all the tiny squares with minimal swearing. And second, that I enjoyed the process. Happily the answer is yes to both and I've found the above fabrics to start making more. -dana. I used Jen's Sketch For You To Try. Page Four The large tag. . and the small tag. I don't want a pocket between these two pages so I simply add double sided tape to all the edges, as well as a few pieces to the centre for good measure. The pages are placed in the album in the same manner, remembering to leave a gap between the edge of the page and the fold of the binding. My album is starting to fill up nicely. While there were a few stragglers here and there, most were on time. The anticipation of the night's proceedings was palpable. This was the first night eliminations would be made, so six of the talented performers would not be returning for the Semi-Finals of Week Four. .