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Here to share a card literally sweet from TRC using the mint swirl candies stamp.

I knew when I got them that I wanted to pair them with the mini jar . What says Christmas more than a jar full of yummy candy! I won't lie.

this card took some time! You must like fussy cutting.

which I do. in S. C. Shannon snapped this picture at yesterday's visit to the Welde Bear Sanctuary. Good morning Unity Peeps! How are you all doing today??I have a couple of quick shares with you. WRITE THE ROOM I posted cards around the classroom for students to find. Students had to find the cards and either make a contraction out of the two words or take the contraction and separate it into two words. They recorded their answers on this page. Julia sprained her ankle playing softball. She started to limp off the field, so her coaches ran over to support her.

Then I saw her knees buckle and down she went! She passed out from the pain, just like her father does.

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I've got a few Santo cards that I made for that blog.

Expect them to be liberally sprinkled in here as well.

Most of them have no reason to exist except that the blog is based on Ron Santo so I plan on putting him on lots of card formats. Hello, My Friends! Check out this FREE VIDEO CLASS at Stephanie's Stamp Pad! To see how to make this adorable card. Happy Stamping!. Parking is a plenty because the surf is not.

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I just received an advocacy email from a state gun group proposing changes to the way the state infringes on the right to keep and bear arms. I'm not going to say from whom, what the state is, or even what the specific issue is because the last thing I have time for right now is getting into a pissing match with butthurt prags. Suffice it to say, the gist of the email was to address waste and streamline the collaring process. I understand these folks are in solid blue territory. Been there myself. The enemies of freedom aren't interested in working with you when they have the upper hand. They're interested in you obeying and them crushing you if you don't. Never underestimate how much they despise "deplorables," and how they actually get off on adding in-your-face insult to injury. If all "lobbying" can result in is kinder, gentler Intolerable Acts, it's past time to try a new paradigm, one no state or national "gun rights group" wants its members to embrace for the pretty obvious reason that it will expose their ineffectiveness.

Easy for me to say?.

These days, I'm stitching with Sashiko cotton thread. I put my favorite fabrics freely, and sew them together with Sashiko thread. I like them very much. So, to capitalize this taste, I made this bag. It seems not so strong, but it's really strong enough, because of the thick thread. Japanese people use this thread for strengthen clothes, especially costumes for sports, like Kendo or Judo. ". a well deserved FIVE STAR diner". .