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We watched it last night.

My brain hurts.

I kept having trouble thinking about time travel paradoxes.

Some of these characters look an awful lot like characters in The Incredibles. It was a sweet enough flick, I guess. A mixture of black and white grains arranges itself into distinct layers in the "Avalanche" exhibit at the Exploratorium, San Francisco. Additional exhibit information. For more from the Exploratorium, see "Riding on Square Wheels," "Counting on Success," "Tide Cycles," "Pinball Chaos," "Restroom Illusions," and "Gyroid Climber," and "Pulse Spiral. " Photos by I. Peterson. TORONTO - With its heady storyline, poetic literary dialogue and no room for improvisation or rehearsal, the new film "Cosmopolis" had several of its stars fretting before cameras got rolling. Director David Cronenberg's calm demeanour put him at ease, as did a pre-shoot chat at the filmmaker's house in which he told him to "stop worrying. "But I think you just said, when we started shooting, 'What will be will be. '"Pattinson is earning raves for his performance in the film, which recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and opens across Canada on Friday. Along the way he runs into a mess of traffic caused by a visit from the U. S. president as well as anti-globalization protests.

Good morning Augusta.

Merrill Goozner, on the GoozNews Blog, dissected recent pronouncements on health care reform by economist Uwe Reinhardt. He noted some advantages of the latter systems, but wondered whether US citizens would accept the trade-offs they implied. But he conveniently failed to note that the German plan's success may depend on its exclusive use of only not-for-profit health insurers. courtesy of singtao. and Mrs. and Mrs.

Last night friends who came to congratulate him included Mr.

A versatile serving tray with clean lines and elegant materials. The solid wood base is bordered by a durable aluminum frame. A modular Carrara Marble cheese board can be repositioned as needed or removed for greater service areavia. Life isn't fair. Tonight's B-B-E vs. Labels: bbe jaguars boys basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball. I know it doesn't sound pleasant. but it's a tell tale sign when I see little purple dots on the small sidewalk in front of my house. It means the mulberries are ripe and the birds are beating me to them.

I'm able to gently pull a limb down to reach the little purple berries.

This is one of my favorite places. I snack on the sweet berries and watch the sky darken to the east while the sun sets behind me. My family is not religious, but someone many generations back must have been - because we still celebrate holidays like Easter and Christmas. Our celebrations are secular in nature, but filled with the warmth and love that we all share for each other. This year we had an Easter lunch together, in my grandparents' beautiful backyard. They have a very large garden - with raspberries, green beans, winter squash, summer squash, garlic, plums, oranges, lemons, apples, tangerines, nectarines, artichokes. you get the idea! I made two things for the festive feast - This is the Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomato Fritatta from VwaV. YUM! I've never made this before, but I've seen Don't Get Mad Get Vegan raving about it many times. Register through this active team. See we did not buy into the marketing fluff from those folks who operate the Rangers at Madison Square Garden and think it was a legit run for the cup. It has always been our view that this was another year in the rebuild and that it would take time. In our eyes it is also the "make or break" year for Tom Renney and his staff which is where we will begin. We will start with the positives as we will hand it to the coaching staff for being able to take so many young players like Dubinsky, Staal, Dawes and even Girardi and turn them into key parts of the team so quickly. In fact we salute Renney for finding Girardi himself, for developing the developmental program that the Rangers currently use and for the increased investment in the Ranger future. that I really want this antique wall chart hanging in my home. Sorry, beautiful. Rather, the ancient Hawaiians are. It wasn't a one-way trip to Hawaii, it became a colony of a large sea-going civilization spanning most of the Pacific. Populations moved around, and they traded, and took plants and animals to different places. Yeah, right, said anthropologists studying them, in regards to trade and regular travel between Hawaii and the rest of Polynesia. Once upon a time, when I was a "rich" single gal, I used to spend ridiculous sums of money buying every single one of my family members a Christmas present. Then I got married and became far less rich, so I transitioned into buying for just my parents and the sibling whose name I drew, and then giving a little gift to my whole family. Last year, it was a very important year's supply of our favorite condiment. This year, I went along with my mom's idea of memories and gifted my family an Elf Day. We are mildly obsessed with the movie Elf this time of year, so Matt and I replaced my family's scratched version of the movie with a new DVD that had our Elf Day itinerary inside. The itinerary was, of course, taken from the day that Buddy outlined for his dad in the movie. We switched "Dad" out with "Family" and followed the list to a T! Elf Day became one of our new favorite Christmas traditions on the spot.

for a while.

Trailer Parks Tramps: Having run out of foreclosed houses to buy cheaply and rent out at outrageous prices, the smart money is now looking to gobble up used double-wide trailers mobile homes and rent them out to the unemployed at outrageous rates. The American presidents continue to march through my library and bedroom.

Six weeks ago, I updated you, in bumping off the presidents, on my project to read a biography of each of the American presidents before I shuffle off to The Final Campaign.

Finding good biographies of this line of presidents was difficult. I can chart fundamental changes in my life to a handful of books. They affected me at particular moments of my life and altered the way I saw myself, my place in the world, and the potential that I contain for internal and external change. There was a short time, early in my sentence, when I mistakenly decided that as my crime resulted from an outburst of emotion, then emotions must be "bad". As a result I began making deliberate efforts to suppress my emotions, expending huge efforts of will running around inside my own head to squash them as soon as they appeared. And this was a path destined to lead to either insanity or real, long term dangerousness. Someone threw me a book, 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones'. It contained brief explanations of Zen Buddhism, koans and parables. Even as a callow teen, it suggested to me that suppressingemotions was ridiculous and unnecessary. He holds the present up to her As with a smile she nears And answers to the profferer, ''Twill last all my sewing years!' 'I warrant it will. And longer too. 'Tis a scantling that I got Off poor John Wayward's coffin, who Died of they knew not what. 'The shingled pattern that seems to cease Against your box's rim Continues right on in the piece That's underground with him. 'But why do you look so white, my dear, And turn aside your face? You knew not that good lad, I fear, Though he came from your native place?' 'How could I know that good young man, Though he came from my native town, When he must have left there earlier than I was a woman grown?' 'Ah, no.

OK, here is the deal.

About one mile south of my church of St. James the Just, there is a little white church. I am told that it was a Southern Baptist church at one time. Yup, the gay denomination. Not just gay friendly, but of, by, and for gays. Later I heard that the pastor was an ex-Catholic and failed Franciscan seminarian. The Daily JoyI still can’t contain the daily joy I experience living on this farm – our little slice of heaven in western Massachusetts. One of the most delightful things to happen on a recurring basis is plucking a WARM egg from the meager little hen house my chickens call home.

Sometimes if I can spare the time, I rush right inside, crack it into my old copper pan and fry it up to eat on the spot.

Eggs are a perfect protein. Pair it with some spring greens and your friends will be impressed and satisfied. It is even good the second day between a hunk of bread for lunch. Here is a quick Christmas-at-the-Counter tablescape. Why the counter, you ask?. Well I only have four of these Christmas plates so I couldn't do a full table - plus I am supposed to be Christmas shopping today. Poppin in this Tuesday to share a little project I got to yesterday. This is a perfect little gift for someone this Fall or use yourself to cheer up a little cubby somewhere in the home this season. Using more vintage wooden spools, I wrapped them with Mini pom pom and decked them out with a bit black and rust seam binding. The bottoms have scallop chipboard pieces attached. I used my oval spellbinder dies to create my backgrounds and added my fonts spelling out EEK. I attached them with mini clothespins for fun.

I think they are rather cute! Can't wait to make them for Christmas! Thanks for stopping by guys! Cherry.

by Dan Phillips At Parbar westward, four at the causeway, and two at Parbar.

Parbar. Deep stuff, eh? Oh yeah. Some claimed it as their life-verse. If I remember, it was the "motto" of the Christian satire magazine Wittenburg Door. Why? Well, because nobody knew what "Parbar" meant. The translators of the KJV apparently didn't, so they just transliterated it. Same with the ASV, the NAS, and other versions. source. Roman Polanski's adaptation of Macbeth is a dark and brutally violent work Last week, I took a gander at Orson Welles' adaptation of Macbeth. This week we'll delve into an even darker version of the play. Roman Polanski's Macbeth is gritty, gruesome and grim. Additionally, there's a rather dark personal tale surrounding Polanski's adaptation, which can't have failed to influence the director's work. And while Macbeth is undeniably a dark play, the tone of Polanski’s version is undoubtedly coloured by the death of his wife, Sharon Tate, and a group of friends, who were all murdered by members of the Manson Cult. This harrowing event occurred just months before Polanski began working on the film. Differences Between Polanksi's Macbeth and Shakespeare's Although Macbeth is a violent play, much of it is implied or happens off-stage - not so for Polanksi. Dear God. But what, pray tell, are these "machine guns" of which Stooksbury speaks? They sound very ominous, but I am unable to form a clear picture in my mind. In any case, we indisputably did the right and necessary thing. The Islamic State continued with its spring offensive in June, while the government was forcing them from Fallujah. Those figures have now been going down. The Iraqi forces continued their thrust into Fallujah with the Golden Division leading the way in the south. Both Shuhada neighborhoods were declared cleared, although there was still some fighting going on in the first. A few years ago, I quilted an Underground Railroad quilt for my online friend Ardie. She told me at the time that she was planning to make another one and sent it to me last week. I just finished quilting it on Sunday and shipped it back to her already. This one is just as beautiful as the first. This property is apparently open to the public. . E-Man was busy doing work for the police and his girlfriend Nova Kane needed help finding a friend who had mysteriously disappeared. I. Ms. Kane headed straight for Mauser's office. While crude, scruffy, and deeply cynical, Mauser also had street smarts, skill, and the courage of a true hero. Kneading by hand is a simple process of folding the dough towards you, then pushing it away from you with the heel of your hand. Continue, turning clockwise with each fold - you'll know it's ready if it springs back when pressed with your fingertip. Knead until smooth. You can experiment with other sizes, but I prefer this one. You will also need clothespins for securing the ribbon to the dowels. Simply secure one end of your ribbon to one end of a dowel using a clothespin. Wrap to the opposite end, cut, and secure the end. You now have both ends secured around the dowel. View Trading Co,. LTD. The varying levels of progress between one country and another as belonging to some of the wealth of the country 's own natural resources and other human resources are employed out of parents these riches direction that promote economic development and manufacture and maintain. Iraq have all the ingredients of a solid economy is capable of achieving high levels ofMashah degree of stability, but the winds do not crave ships and confusion prevail in the economic situation of the day due to lack of proper exploitation of the riches of all kinds and forms. .