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Yesterday's Guardian had a nice article about the rise of the gluten free diet, the latest pseudo scientific preoccupation of the worried well. I didn't give it too much thought. I've seen this sort of phenomenon many times before. But today I found something that takes this to it's most absurd extreme. That's right. Gluten free cosmetics! WTF! Do ordinary cosmetics contain any gluten? Does even the most seriously affected coeliac sufferer have a problem with gluten on the skin? There are people out there who will sell you dog shit if they could get you to buy it. And with attention to presentation there are people who would buy it. This has a frame story but only enough of one to provide space between the all-but-nude women "dancers" who then receive their just punishment. This may well be the worst movie I've ever seen, and I've seen some bad movies. I could embed it here, but I'd hate to subject you to the pointless drivel. Poorly done soft-core porn/S&M. Surely this trailer will be enough.

Topless female nudity alert in case that offends you: "A pussy cat is born to be whooped.

" Please spare yourself. I didn't finish it. I would really like everyone to meet my good friend Linda. To me she is Linda but to all of you she is "Lori's friend Linda no-blog". I really think she should have a blog, she would be really fun to have in the blogging world. A couple of days ago, I was over to her house for a visit and she let me snap a few pics to share with you. I wanted you to meet her and her cute smile before you met her quilts!This is one that she just finished, she put minky on the back. Look at the cute quilting! I think this little selvedge project that she made and framed is just adorable. This is a quilt she is working on now. UPDATE: The study referred to in this post was retracted by its authors and is no longer available online. Now a report in this month's journal, Diabetes Care confirms I was right to be suspicious. Nuttall et al. As someone who saw her marginal blood sugar control deteriorate dramatically and permanently after a single course of prednisone I know that cortisone can cause permanent damange to blood sugar control. Years ago when I posted about this on the old alt. support. diabetes board, several people sent me emails reporting that the same thing had happened to them. Prescription cortisones had either made them diabetic or, if they were diabetic but in good control, the cortisones had made their blood sugar control much harder, in some cases forcing them to use insulin. My doctors have continued to tell me that the changes that cortisone makes in blood sugar are temporary. Now large study confirms that exposure to another form of cortisone, that found in the inhalers used to treat asthma and allergies, dramatically raises the risk of diabetes and worsens the blood sugar control of people who already have diabetes. The study is: Inhaled corticosteroids linked to increases in diabetes incidenceSuissa S. Am J Med.


It has to do with the failure of medical staff to explain to patients for whom Lantus is prescribed what it is that Lantus does and what it is that Lantus cannot do. Lantus is a basal insulin. Normal people's beta cells secrete tiny pulses of insulin every couple minutes throughout the day and night. These pulses allow healthy cells to take in blood sugar and use it any time they need to. This slow steady release of tiny bits of insulin is called Basal Insulin Release. It is a failed basal insulin Release that Lantus attempts to replace. These fast, large insulin releases are much more powerful than the tiny pulses of insulin produced during basal insulin release.

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Although the AMA claims that the RUC is just an "expert panel," it appears de facto to be the only source of input to Medicare about how to revise physicians' reimbursement. Concern about the RUC has been more evident in the blogsphere, if not openly anywhere else. Maybe now there is just a little momentum to take a closer look at how Medicare sets physician reimbursement, and maybe to develop a more transparent and accountable method of doing so that represents the interests of all physicians and all patients. Lola Adesioye is a British socio-political writer in the US. She writes articles for the Guardian and The Huffington Post. She also appeared on CNN. In this video she talks about Obama and why it’s difficult for him to make that change he promised. For more information go to her website: Lola Creative.

At that time their ideas were just notes on paper, but four months later, plans have sprung into action and expectations have been exceeded.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a military-based program that provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life. “The goal is to help them get their life back,” said Rinearson. “Sometimes it’s through counseling, sometimes it’s through helping them purchase prosthesis. Reading + Discussion + Signing. See you there? Hope so! -V. Her absence was never mentioned by co-host, Brian Sussman nor traffic reporter, Katie Green. One of the great joys of blogging is meeting so many wonderfully talented friends. Today I'm excited to share about a new book, Love The Home You Have, written by my friend Melissa of The Inspired Room blog. She has several of these challenges in her book. They are simple ways that you can make the home you currently have into a space that you love and that is a reflection of you and your family. My project is so simple, it might actually make you laugh.

However, to her delight, she found the perfect nightdress.

Moreover, while waiting in line to purchase her selection, she noticed a young woman behind her holding the exact same nightie. This proved what she had long suspected: despite being in her forties, she had kept up more than adequately with current fashions. "I see we have the same taste," she said, somewhat proudly, to the teenager behind her. "Yes," the young woman replied. "I'm getting this for my grandma. One of my coworkers has a groovy dog named Casper. Her name is Noelle. She asked me if I could draw him. I said I would give it a shot. I must say I captured him pretty good.

He likes to sit and watch the cars drive by.

He can do it all day long without moving.

Make sure and take advantage of these savings as they will only be available for this limited time. With fewer holiday shopping days this year, it would be a good idea to start shopping now!. The Stonewall Riots were a turning point in Gay History. Many Gay people, don't know their own history. A gay male couple walked into the restaurant. I had waited on them before. One of them asked me if I knew what Stonewall was. I said yes and he asked me. "What is it?".

This kind of shocked me, because I was expecting him to give me a lesson in gay history.

Even when I was little, I read the obituaries. The Washington Post used to print some that started out with a one-word sentence: "Suddenly. " Those were the ones I was looking for. They pushed every mortal button I had.

A child does not even want to think about "suddenly.

" But I couldn't look away. I never saw one that started out "Gradually," although that probably applied at least as often. When I first began reading the obituary column in The Oregonian, most of the information was contributed by family and edited for clarity. Received an email from a vendor about Catholic titles in digital format. If interested, take a look:. So do your flock a favor and take a moment to win some free goodies actually worthy of a chicken dance. ENTER HERE!. So glad you could stop by. Let's catch up. I'm having a glass of red wine, would you like some too or do you prefer white? See those big pine cones in the background? I told you I was going to buy them. I hope that I will get to put them in our cabin, but I'm trying not to get too excited about our cabin because the Wesley fire is not contained and continues to grow. You can see the fire plumes from our property. I am praying for rain! Bentley is feeling much better. He was so cuddly and sedate for one day. I thought I would wait and see if he got better before I panicked. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winner is: - Sean Novicki, from North Hollywood, California, USA Many thanks to all the participants!. The Craigslist ads promised much today. Definitely not a religion I'm interested in! There was the “Big Ass Sale” promising tools, tools, tools. And the “Yard sale/Knife sale” ad that says “We have over a hundred new knives and swords sitting on tables on our front lawn. One ad is headlined MOVING SALE, FREE/OBO. Ummm, if you tell me something is free, that’s the best offer you’ll be getting from me! I like the simple enthusiasm of “Yard Sale like you wouldn’t believe!” Another offered “free hugs with purchase” which I found more than a little off-putting. ”Okay. Hello, My Friends! It's TIME! Time for a NEW Die Set!!!! Woo Hoo! Check it out. behold the only savior you need. I've been having way too much fun with the current Curtain Call Bow Tie challenge! Today's card is the last of the batch of four cards I made for this challenge. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Our enthusiasm for the Future seems to have died when the bills - financial, societal, environmental- came due. It is to them we must truly tip our hat, and, without irony, give thanks, for they are the actual creators of the technologies we take for granted today. Yes, four cylinder, and yes, suspension, and disc brakes, and center-hub steering, and all-aluminum everything. Which brings us to the Mercury. .