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Those who don't will find an explanation here. A standard example is the tendency of men with college degrees to marry women with college degrees. It came up in a talk I recently heard in the rather different context of the tendency of elite law firms to have partners at similar levels of ability. Consider a greatly simplified model of the marriage market in a world with the traditional division of labor between household and market production but without the traditional sexual division of labor. The world contains four people, two men and two women. So here we are again. you know the drill by now. find yourself an hour or three, a drink of your choice and a quiet moment to enjoy the following web finds this week. Well, now you don't have to think of that. It's raining and I'm waiting for some epoxy to kick so I thought it a good time to share. Have you ever wanted to solder some wires for a good connection but found when you stripped one that the copper was not bright? Tarnished copper simply will not take solder. This is especially evident on boat trailer wiring that can 'corrode' back a yard or more inside the insulation.

You can scrape it with a knife or run sandpaper over it, but odds are you'll still strike out with the solder.

But there is a solution. a wire brush on a drill or Dremmel will do the job in a hurry. I just use a battery tool. Roll the wire as you try try make it longer with the rotation of the wire brush. You'll end up with shiny copper that will suck up solder like. The area is known for bigfoot vocalizations, so the RMSO tries their luck at some call blasting. I'm sure there must be a great story that went into their design and build. Members of the Sheriff’s Office from both road patrol and the detention center showed up with a group of trustys and helped pick up significant amounts of trash while having a terrific time. Eşimin birlikte çalıştığı bir iş arkadaşı var. Artık emekli olmaya karar veriyor. Hindistan'a taşınacaklar. m. via. All you get at the end of each month is just as good as a peanut. This is not right. Mia Thompson's new novel, SILENCING SAPPHIRE, is finally on sale! On the heels of her successful first novel, STALKING SAPPHIRE, and her popular Wattpad book club, Mia Thompson has released the hotly anticipated sequel. mia-thompson. My last post about Farmart, there's this Grand Atlantic Fishery there, went in to take a look and took some pictures. Crab Live Prawns Different type of fishes Curious about what's this, ask the staff there, they mention that it's 象拔蚌. How lovely are these fashion/advertising images by Parisian photographer Lionel Guyou? Pretty people, pretty sets, and truly pretty shots. only to discover a muddy mess of a playground when we arrived. But two weeks later, we were in business! Jake and I started going to the park nearly every day. We were just walking along the sidewalk when suddenly, Jake stopped and laid on the ground to soak up some Vitamin D.

He is definitely my child.

Just as darkness retreats before light, so all anger and bitterness disappear for the fragrance of humility. -John Climacus Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. I thought today might be a good time to talk about the Jubilee Year of Mercy that Pope Francis declared several months back, and which starts this Tuesday, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. For this reason I have proclaimed an Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy as a special time for the Church, a time when the witness of believers might grow stronger and more effective. So there it is. Why focus on mercy, of all things? And Pope Francis had an answer to that as well. His first words of his letter are these: “Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy. Of course, we've heard similiar things from other NATO allies. "I fully understand many of our allies are queasy about the war in Iraq.

Many Americans, were and are, queasy about it as well.

So responding to the aggression that was launched from the territory and with the connivance of Afghanistan was not only morally justified, for those who gave their word by treaty, it was morally necessary! I repeat: morally necessary!A little refresher for those who don't know this. I didn't play the game yet. Made of ABS and PVC, Alicia in her Federation uniform with short adorable tie, slinging her rifle over right shoulder. Noticed the two wok-looking-plates which protect the hip. A soldier in her innocent and gentle facial expression. Alicia wears her iconic baker headdress, tilts her head as though she's looking at far distance. Official licensed and produced by SEGA Japan. First big storm of winter. I worked the Amherst Winter Farmers Market Saturday and The Farmer stayed home to get the barns ready for lambing season. The Farmer is still cleaning out last year's hay, bedding and manure pack and getting ready for this year's contribution. Most of it can be done with a tractor but it is still incredibly time consuming. You think snow is heavy? Try packed manure. Sorry, I missed you last week, but I had to catch up with the Terrible Twos in a musty Sacto basement. They were great as expected, and made me less bummed to be born too late to see Dow Jones & the Industrials play live. Google that name any way you want. Chi ne fosse interessato mi può scrivere una mail per ulteriori informazioni. Hello my dear friends, hope you spend a peacefull and creative Sunday. It was raining all the day here on lago Maggiore and I spent my afternoon between a tea with dear friends and stitching. I'm working on a new project for a french magazine and I just finished it, I need to send it for the middle of November so, ther's a little bit of hurry indeed.

Well, I checked also on Vicenza staff left and I discovered to have two more limited editions kits of HOUSE OF CHRISTMAS and three kits of my last Castello d'Uviglie Class.

If you're interested in them please do not hesitate to write me have a splendid Monday you all my dears until next time . i can't believe i have had a blog this long and haven't written about sheila bridges. her interiors are just amazing. her designs are all over my office- either on my corkboard or found in my notebooks. the use of color in her design is just effortless. they are always right on. i can remember seeing the silhouette ottoman for the first time and i just flipped out. it is such a modern spin on a classical art tradition- LOVE!!. by Phil JohnsonBefore we get to the actual blogpost. Don't miss the announcement that Grace to You is waiving registration charges for September's "Truth Matters" conference. The theme is "The Gospel According to Paul," and the conference will offer lay people a taste of the hospitality and style of teaching pastors receive annually at the Shepherds' Conference. GTY Donors are generously covering the cost of registration. Why Fornication Is Peculiarly Evilby Phil Johnsont the heart of all the problems in the church at Corinth was a tendency to let the values of that debauched culture seep into the church. That's something for missional Christians to consider today: cultural assimilation as a strategy for church growth in a pagan culture is fraught with serious dangers. Especially in a city filled with both temples and brothels—where fornication was literally deemed a religious rite—the worst thing the church could do would be to take a lax attitude toward sexual sin. So the church was made up of mostly Gentiles who, of course, came from a culture that was not inclined to see sexual sin as unspiritual. Just the opposite. Most of the "religion" in Corinth involved temple prostitution and debauched sexual behavior. Perhaps they thought they could connect with their culture better if they casually accepted the man's sin without flinching. So I thought this message from Paul was suitable for a post in its own right.

Hi everyone I’m Paul from Sydney & have been a Filofax user on and off for decades.

For the past year, I have been using my Personal size with Filofax One Day on Two Pages Calendar, in which the right hand page is a ToDo list. I keep a MasterList in which I dump everything from my head onto, and then pick tasks from the list & write them on the RH side pages under “Priorities”. This has served me well during this time and is not overwhelming to look at. Thanks to the generosity of the kind folks at Subterranean Press, this lucky winner will receive a copy of the limited edition of Robin Hobb's The Inheritance and Other Stories.

For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe, and Subpress.

One was an earnest assertion that the "asylum seekers" who attempt to exploit the United Nations farce, run by the UNHCR, to escape the shithole they were born into, to live in the lucky country, are poor, hungry, oppressed, persecuted, homeless waifs who after struggling to a beach, board a leaky boat and head across the Indian Ocean to Nirvana. Bullshit to that, many of the scheming bastard's shitty homelands do not even remotely access a beach.

Many of those who would claim to be refugees sell up everything they have, fly to Indonesia or some other appropriate start zone, "pay" thousands of American dollars to a people smuggler for a place in a boat suitably set up with plugs in holes in the hull to be removed when they near Christmas Island or the west coast of the mainland and are confronted by the Australian Navy boats.

They then expect to be taken into Australia where the bleeding hearts have "their promised land" awaiting them. Meanwhile stuck in squalor, in refugee camps genuine refugees of ghastly regimes aided and abetted by another branch of the totally corrupt UN are left waiting for their place in the queue, to escape.

It is all a massive scam where "entrepreneurs" are exploiting the plight of the genuine dispossessed and misplaced to the advantage of those simply seeking to queue jump.

Boat People have been a suppurating sore on the Australian political carcase for years, now the Messiah, who dismantled The Howard Government's solution that many thought was about to be swamped anyway, by increasingly cunning and manipulative people smugglers, is himself being threatened by his good intentions, not just biting him on his arse but threatening to devour him politically. Rudd's solution involves transporting all adult male 'asylum seekers' to Mannus Island in Papua New Guinea ostensibly to deny them ever reaching Australia. Someone has started posting ads on our local Craigslist reviewing the various sales they go to. Okay, not so much reviewing as taking the ones they don’t like to task. I’ve seen several where they tell you that such-and-such sale is full of crap, or that it’s supposed to be an estate sale but obviously is not.

Or that somebody running a sale is really rude.

Having been to some of the sales they’ve critiqued, I have to admit they were spot on, though sometimes harsher than I thought necessary. For instance, there was a sale in town this weekend that said it was a fund raiser. Their photos on the Craigslist ad showed lots of stuff, so I headed over there. Wasn’t as fabulous as the pics made me hope, but I found a couple of things and the folks were nice. it and live it. Visit me there for more details about these cards and the kit. the restaurant was recently granted Heritage status by the local council. Proprietors Marcelle and Michael Khawam bought the restaurant when they first arrived in Australia from Lebanon thirty years ago, and they have operated the family firm at the same address all that time - and their son Tony, now a qualified chef, has grown up in the business. take a peeksy at charming caitlin shearer's blog!thank you caitlin!. .