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The vampires in this one aren't your typical vampire of either the sinister black cape or romantic sparkly variety. We got a kick out of it, even though, honestly, there's not much to it. Slant Magazine opens with this:In the way it unimaginatively regurgitates familiar genre elements in service of preachy piousness, director Scott Charles Stewart's cinema is the equivalent of Christian rock. There is a form of poetry that uses alliteration. I like alliteration. I think most people do. It shows up all of the time as in “Pain at the Pump” and “Purple Pill. ”I like the alliteration “Big Bang”. There is another reason I like it besides the short words and the “b’s”. It is the greatest understatement in the history of language and it is done in two short words. It is also an unscientific lie, but a big one. Here is a statement I like much better. “By the word of the LORD were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth. Until our bond has been restored our hearts will never rest. Remove our sin as far from us as the East is from the West. And we confess that we have failed to do the good we know. From Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio: Tonight's guest, Bill Hall, has had multiple Bigfoot encounters, in Eastern Oklahoma, where he lives. Bill's wife's family owns a ranch in Eastern Oklahoma where Bill says a healthy population of Sasquatch are living. Not only will he be talking about encounters he's had on the ranch, he'll also be talking about encounters he's had while camping with the Boy Scout troop he's an assistant Scoutmaster for. Nutella and bananas. One of the weirdest WTF of the year!. The motif Wally has posted, called Winter Wonderland uses onion rings. This design is in her book Dreamy Winter. Ruth has posted a holly wreath that is a variation of the celtic letter "O" with the addition of a garland of hanging cluny holly leaves and red berry josephine knots. Just imagine how pretty they will be glowing on the Christmas tree. Laura has posted a motif from DMC's book of Charted Designs. She has plans to work this pattern in a friendship doily. LaRae has added tatting to a purchased ornament for a really special effect. Sylvia Chang remains confident about her Best Actress chances at the Hong Kong Film Awardscourtesy of mingpao. The film even won the Best Picture. Director Philip Yung Chi Kwong wept tears of joy. Chun Xia said that she would like play a homosexual character, exploring a life that she normally would not live through the performance. The benefits of doing my rehabilitation back home in Leeds include being served lots of unbeatable home cooking, as documented this week in Nick's marathon diary. One I have carved previously…one is just an idea. m. at Frazee when the Jaguars face Minneota in pool play. Next is a game at Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City on Thursday. You all might have been wondering if I was secretly using my week of blogging about kitchen items instead of food as an opportunity to eat take-out and tortilla chips. But no! I was still hard at work in the kitchen. and here's a little evidence:This beautiful, creamy soup is the Butternut-Lemongrass soup from "Voluptuous Vegan" - it's a really wonderful recipe, which I had somehow never made before.

With ginger and coconut milk and fresh lemongrass, the soup has a hint of Thai flavorings.

We really loved it.

One oddity: this soup looks disarmingly like a giant bowl of cheddar cheese dip. Really. A well conceived and presented piece at American Thinker this morning on the "teachable moment" of the Gates/Crowley affair. When It Is and When It Isn'tOne can only wonder if any Americans really understood Dr. King when he said he sought a color blind America that wouldn't judge on the color of a man's skin. If that is what he truly meant, and I've little reason to doubt his clear language, then we've got a whole bunch of folks ignoring the concept. Merge k sorted linked lists and return it as one sorted list. Understand the problem:The question asks for merging k sorted linked list and return it as one sorted list. Naive Solution:One naive solution is to merge two linked list at first, then merge it with next linked list until we are done with all the input linked list. Luxor Times Three people were arrested when they tried to break into El Kom Al Ahmer site near Edfu. I was just re-reading the chocolate cupcake recipe in the "Chocolate" post and realized in the dry ingredients I had written vanilla instead of baking soda. I have corrected the recipe itself, but thought I would mention this in case anyone printed it out. If anyone has tried this recipe already and it turned out weird, this is why. I'm really, really sorry. YouTube link. Via Neatorama. My guild's donation quilt made its debut today at the North Augusta Pumpkin Patch Festival. Lots of generous folks donated and got tickets to this beautiful quilt. It was fun to see the costumes go by. these Mummies were one of my favorites. Today I had one of those oopps moments. I saw a woman walking by our tent that I thought I knew from years ago. When she saw me she said "hey, how are you," and came over and gave me a hug. The original WWJD saying?To know Christ is the way to grow in holiness. Ask yourself, in the moment of perplexity or temptation,what would He do if He were here?Nothing else will so surely lead us into the way of holy living. Thanks Margaret Watson. This man loves Bunny Hill. yes he does! These boxes are in that UPS truck and on their way to Houston. This is only the first shipment. More boxes were shipped today filled with quilts, and tomorrow we ship forms and last minute things from the printer. It's controlled chaos here at Bunny Hill.

I leave for Houston on Wednesday and I'll be back in a week with lots of pictures to share and stories to tell.

I hope to have patterns on my web site very soon! Until then here's a few sneak peaks. ITSUWARI NO EGAO. D. D. lilacs.

their scent fills my home with childhood memories.

This week has been super exciting for my clients and me. I never thought I'd use Chiang Mai Dragon in my work, until I saw it in the Mocha colorway. Two words - grasscloth wallpaper. Different colors, different textures, both chevron, same room. Love. There are a lot of different directions you can take homesteading, but all of them require some sort of livestock. To me, it is the animals that turn backyards into farms and suburban back lots into homesteads. I think it's a fine introduction for anyone jumping into this life and already has a crate of chickens in the back of their sedan. Non vado pazza per i biscornus, questi che vi propongo li ho realizzati tempo fa. I'm not a Biscornu fan, those I made sometime ago, actually the brown one I made yesterday and the green one many months ago.

I prefer them without cording, I think they stay well displayed on my living room table as little candy for guest.

Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. xcept we are in earnest, our souls can never be in sympathy with the soul of Christ. I see him now standing on the hill. He foresees the total destruction of that city, "beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth. We believe that Christ knew the destiny of Jerusalem, but he wept over it too. There must be the same weepings, the same longings, the same yearnings, or else we have not had fellowship with Christ in the great end and aim of his incarnation—the salvation of the souls of men. As if to illustrate the point I made yesterday about life not always being easy, just after I finished my post I heard a ruckus in the hen house. The dogs and I ran out there but a stray dog had somehow got into the backyard and already killed one chook and injured another, one was missing. Hanno came out soon after, caught the dog and locked it in our shed. I picked up big Martha, one of the Rhode Island red girls, and put her on a soft nest to recover. All the other chooks where terrified and up on the roost and nests. We found the other chook later, hiding in the vegetable garden.

The dog handler from the council came yesterday afternoon to collect the stray.

I've just been outside to check on the Martha and take these photos and things don't look good for her. After a hot days drive at last we arrive at our friends house, just outside the town of Gran, north of Oslo. We have been here before, but it is some time ago. It is good to see them both. We sit in their garden with a cold drink, heaven! We are here for couple of days only, but time enough to catch up on news of families and friends. There is also time for a little sight seeing of the local area. Norway is full of Norse history. Fallon Rosewell crystal cluster V necklace, at intermixonline. Aphrodite headband, at nastygal. Aquazzura Belgravia lace up ballerina flat, at intermixonline. found and photographed a Juvenile Ferruginous Hawk. The bird was perched on a telephone pole on the I. D. E. A. L. Ranch, which is private property near the intersection of Jaffray Baynes Lake Rd and Damstrom Rd. Many fans of Robert E. Howard point toward "Worms of the Earth" as the author from Cross Plains' best horror story, if not his best story period. It ranks pretty high on Ol' Groove's list of favorite REH tales, too. Finishing the pencils on a couple of Smith's pages and inking the whole story, Conrad blended his developing style with Smith's so smoothly that few readers noticed that the final five pages were pure Conrad. Most astounding of all was the magnificent air-brushed gray tones Conrad finished the project with, giving the highly-stylized art a stunning and solid air of realism. Restrictions on speeches and parades outside next month's Republican National Convention were struck down by a federal judge Thursday as unconstitutional. Also use the street view feature to see the concrete, glass and steel canyons and dead ends that will keep gas from dispersing and channel stampedes. Good luck getting parking nearby, and if you do, good luck being able to get out if things go south, which could end up being the only viable direction. I also wouldn't count on CRTA to get me out of there. There will be loud and hateful disrupters seeking destruction and mayhem, and also targets of opportunity wearing the wrong "colors.

" And depending on how they're dealt with, we could see the fun spread to other cities.

The Lebanese way of preparing Beetroot and Tahinah Salad. In Lebanon it's called "Salatat Shamandar bil Tahinah". Wash and place in a saucepan. Marinate the chopped onions in lemon juice and salt. Beat the yoghurt and tahinah, add the lemon juice and onions and mix well. For more information, see the programme. .