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During qualifications last weeks, we shot some shotguns. I expected that, and don't think less of him for it. Video of the full press conference, HQ pictures of the press conference and photocall and media/fan pictures. His father was a clergyman, but, then, whose wasn’t? Jane Austen, Tennyson, and the Brontë sisters were all the product of rectories and parsonages. For the Brontës, read the Pointer Sisters. And more sports on Wales Online: I remember once writing that the Cardiff defence had ‘collapsed like a clown’s car’ and he was far from happy.

After extensively quizzing my boyfriend’s mother on fresh porcini preparation I decided to experiment with a creamy porcini and polenta bake and was not disappointed! Again, this is a really simple recipe that delivers big on flavour.

For those of you who are unable to source fresh porcini it would also work well using another variety of mushroom, such as chestnut, mixed with some dried porcini for that extra rich flavour. Good morning, friends. I am back again this Friday to share with you the new Viva la Verve sketch for this week's challenge. Today's sketch is brought to you by Janelle Stollfus. And here is the card that I created, using the Making a Statement stamp set and Loopy Blooms Die Set. Happy, spring flowers. It feels like this is the only way I am ever going to see any! I hope you will join us for this week's challenge. One of the most fascinating, and frightening things about teaching this generation of students is their ease with technology.

They are different in their approach to information gathering.

Most folks of my generation prefer to think of tweets as a sound that a bird makes. Such is not the case with many of our students.

Learn to represent public housing residents where the New York City Housing Authority is seeking to terminate tenancy due to alleged breach of lease or the Housing Authority’s rules and regulations.

This session will give an overview of the substantive and procedural law, and train participants to engage in fact-finding and document discovery, prepare witnesses, and conduct direct and cross-examination. , Civil Practice Credit:. Top Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsTop Male ModelsFavorite and Best Male Models!TOP MALE MODELS. Our God and God of all humanity: On this amazing morning – when we see Your glory resplendent in the budding tree and the blooming crocus…On this day of hope and promise fueled by the warmth of the sun and the smiles on our faces. Remind us to go outside for a while…Give us moments where we can turn aside from the tasks that confront us. Allow us to appreciate the wonder and the beauty of Your creation. Teach us that our task is not to be entertained – but to be intertwined – with one another, with those we love and those we fear and those we do not even see because our eyes are too focused on those little screens. Help us to avoid screening ourselves – from both the beauty and the hopelessness that lie just outside these doors. Show us - unfiltered - the hope that gives us the courage to act and to make sacred change. Let us lift up our eyes – all of us – as we do our daily work. Remind us of the sacred task of perfecting Your all too imperfect world. Let the beauty of this day – this season – give us the courage to be brave – to be unscreened and unfettered by the bonds of politics and rivalry and focus instead on the possibilities of partnership. And in thanking You, let us thank one another – for the chance we have to make a difference. m.

The animals at the farm include farm animals like pigs, goats, a steer, horses, a donkey, turkeys and rabbits.

The farm also has a number of more exotic animals including a lemur, kinkajous, sloths, a family of Patagonian cavies, alpacas, an Emu, pythons, a bearded dragon, prairie dogs, a skunk and a chameleon. The farm is a wonderful place where kids and adults alike can get up close and personal with many animals they would not normally encounter here in the Florida Keys.

Photos via: DailyMail UK Mary-Kate and Ashley attended the Marion Heinrich store opening in Munich, Germany.

Get the look: + Adriana Orsini Crystal Drop Earrings + Sisley Collarless Coat in Faux Fur + Joan Vass Turtleneck Maxi Dress + Madewell Medium Pouch Clutch + Theory Phillian Urban Trim Pants. Grey Wagtail. I talked to Cleans step-mom, Um-A, last night. She made me feel better - as always. Clean. Tells me that she loves me often. She also makes excellent lunches. Our reward was a pea and pie dinner. A Redshank was heard, Little Egret was seen on the wader scrape and a pair of Lapwing were displaying nearby. British Museum If you enjoy following excavation blogs you won't be disappointed by this one. Here's one of the early posts, but they have been posting consistently since then, and their blog provides an excellent example of how good a blog can be at bridging between the researchers and the public. I've been enjoying it enormously. With great photographs throughout. Michaela Binder walked the ground in cemetery D, where excavation will begin this week, but I spent most of my time supervising the erection of our site tents.

One houses the policemen who guard the site, while the other is for our equipment.

The upper deposit of mudbrick rubble has already yielded fragments with impressions of wooden poles, matting and foliage, indicating the space was once covered with a substantial roof. Useimmiten käytän värjäykseen kasveja tai sieniä mitä saan isoja määriä kerralla, mutta on myös toisia kasveja joita käytän satunnaisesti yhden tai kahden vyyhdin värjäämiseen. Tulikukat, Verbascum, ovat sellaisia. Niitä kasvaa puutarhassani kukkapenkeissä ja jotta ne eivät pääsisi siementämään, niin leikkaan ne matalaksi kukinnan loppupuolella joka tapauksessa ja niinpä usein käytänkin ne siinä vaiheessa värjäykseen. Saksalaisen Harald Böhmerin kirjassa Koekboya kerrotaan tulikukkien lehtien ja kukkien sisältävän samoja flavonoideja mitä on mm väriresedassa eli luteoliinia. Tästä syystä alunperin kokeilin tulikukilla värjäämistä ja vaikka väristä ei tulekaan jostain syystä yhtä voimakasta kylmän keltaista mitä resedalla, niin ihan ok väri kuitenkin ja olen värjännyt niillä jo monta vuotta. Ehkä jos raaskisin leikata kasvit värjäykseen jo nuppuvaiheessa tulos voisi olla toisenlainen, en tiedä. Kerään siis lehdet ja kukkavarret ja käytän ne tuoreina.

His approach gives clarity to his features, enhancing our excitement.

I see his light brown slacks, thin striped button up shirt sleeved shirt, he has a slightly disheveled but nice clean looking hair cut. There’s the grocery bag he always carries to and from work. He’s a source of excitement for us kids. Today the bag looks extra heavy which can only signify one wonderful thing: goodies, yummy! But what will it be? Will it be fruit? Will it be cookies or maybe even some of that oh so delicious Mexican candy we love! The excitement is just too much. I take off at full sprint with a happy abandon only a kid has. Sure, I made my calls, I put in the time, I sent faxes and letters. It was a good and important fight. But it doesn't really matter. The only reason you think it matters is because you've been TOLD that it matters.

That somehow, Alito will be able to do something terrible to this nation.

You believe that, in Mary Scott OConnor's words, We Are Fucked.

We are not. “What better place for truth than fiction?” Mat Johnson, Pym Monkey See, Monkey Do? The Federal Housing Finance Agency, Fannie and Freddie's overseer, is expected to file a suit against a dozen or more big banks claiming their 'misrepresentation' and lack of due diligence in the packaging and sale of MBS led to massive losses for the taxpayers. The action will not strengthen Bank of America in its struggle to survive. Usual prize for whoever can put the best positive spin on these numbers. What's Wrong With These People? The GOP in Rep. Giffords’ district are raffling off a Glock handgun. No, not the one used to shoot her. Maybe she'll autograph it for them. Pay To Play: Italian Primer Minister Berlusconi reportedly paid over half a million euros to procure prostitutes for his “bunga bunga” parties. I have been in Melaque now for almost three months. Some of you have been asking: So, how does a regular day go?The first answer is: There are no regular days. And the day would start. He is a more lenient task master in Mexico. This editorial is spectacular! The white-on-white images with slight hues of blue, pink, yellow and grey are simply amazing. Eugenia & Han look almost identical here. Lauren Whyte and Connie Jaffrey halved their singles.

Connie Jaffrey halved with Clara Baena.

Original Painting by Kyle MacDonald.

Link to Auction here:.

" - shared David, "…next up I have my take on the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

I have two full sets available. ". There were a number of postings from a few who stated that they were faithful to the Church's teachings and that I was not able to prove my point. can. A little fact about me. when I was a pre-teen I LOVED Jimi Hendrix. I had a huge Jimi Hendrix poster hanging in my room. my dad raised me on really good music. But that's not what this post is about. Yesterday I was out looking for client stuff and came across this purple abstract painting at Slate. I've talked about my partiality to Dries Van Noten and Maison Martin Margiela, here's why. at Maison Martin MargielaART PROCESSING THE PIECES all photographs from VOGUE. parking on the Cambrian apron. It was refreshing to receive some news about new models from one of the Filofax retailers of some new products for which I'm very grateful. We have also heard that there will be a Nappa in Vanilla and Cerise, quite colourful! We expect the release date to be in September, but as always release dates and availability might change. We will share buying links once these are available. Filofax UK seem to have shutdown using social media and bloggers to promote their products, quite why they have taken such a drastic step I don't know. I wish they would engage with us and work with us again I'm sure it would be mutually beneficial to both parties. . You can also view these in higher resolution on Flickr. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Goddis, a fabulous knitwear collection has a variety of sweaters, ponchos, pants and wraps that are perfect for the warm days and cool sunsets. Goddis is making it easy to look your best throughout the summer months! You may have already seen some of your favorite celebrities wearing Goddis, since Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are fans of the brands, to name a few. All items at goddisstyle. S. citizenship. ". I found this video with some nice posing on Zoopy:. Today's Bizarro is brought to you by Singing Monks.

" I also got a few emails of this sort.

Being neither a Zen Buddhist nor a believer in the historical accuracy of the Bible, I admit that I don't get very nitpicky about these things. I just draw the cartoon in a way that everyone can understand and move on to the next crushing deadline. I don't mind the corrections, by the way. I'm kind of a trivia buff anyway, so I always enjoy a few more tidbits of knowledge. In spite of this flippant attitude toward history, I actually do try to be more accurate in my cartoons than do most cartoonists. I research historical costumes and such, to get things mostly right, and often look up what certain objects look like to add that extra bit of convincing detail, even though I'm perfectly capable of an approximation out of my own head. .