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"For God will show all the earth your splendor:you will be named by God foreverthe peace of justice, the glory of God’s worship. " As such, they "exercise their pastoral office over the portion of the People of God assigned to them," assisted by priests and deacons. But, as a member of the episcopal college, each bishop shares in the concern for all the Churches. The bishops exercise this care first "by ruling well their own Churches as portions of the universal Church," and so contributing "to the welfare of the whole Mystical Body, which, from another point of view, is a corporate body of Churches. " They extend it especially to the poor, to those persecuted for the faith, as well as to missionaries who are working throughout the world. The women in my Bible study have been going through a difficult time recently. Every family has had a run of illnesses, from colds to gastro and flu. Most of the women are suffering from sleep deprivation, with young children and babies waking up many times a night. This post is for them - and for you! We all have to cope with busy, difficult seasons of life. Older children catch gastro, colds and flu, and generously pass them around the family. As soon as He gets glory, Satan wants to destroy it. Satan is our great enemy. As soon as you get saved He attacks. As soon as a saved person gets closer to God, Satan tortures him. Let’s review what strange and stranger is before we dig into this Proverb. Strange, in the Bible, doesn’t mean weird. It means alien to Israel, not sharing in the Hebrew culture or believing in the Hebrew God exclusively as the God of all. Dualities by Dan Namingha. Photos by I. Peterson. e. Note that the dollar is at double resistance, horizontal and declining trend-line, yet it has some technical strength suggesting it will break break over. Raw ,minimalist, either one of a kind. We tried to create something, original and rough,based on enduro motorcycles,but with a four cylinder engine. Certain details give the bike a unique character. For example a double mounted sprocket based on our love for riding fixie bikes. The seat has a characteristic appearence of a leather chesterfield sofa. Dutch Esmee Denters became famous singing on YouTube. Now Surinam Dutch Tania Christopher has also made her way to the top by singing on YouTube. See videoTania Christopher ft. Yung Craze is the soundtrack of the Dutch movie Step Up. After the end of Red Riding, Mark Fisher has the absolute definite final word on his k-punk blog: LINK. Major Crimes Detective Lissette Zuelch says there were no obvious signs of foul play in evidence on the body. An autopsy will be done today in an attempt to ascertain the cause of his death. m. to a report of a medical emergency with someone having trouble breathing. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. Detective Zuelch has been assigned to investigate the case. Get the look. Over the past four seasons, they've made it to the sub-section finals every year. I am still making lots of cards for my co-worker. She lost her house to a fire and needs to thank people all the time. This card has a quote on it from Maya Angelou and I think it is perfect for a Thank you note. For the last two weeks, we have been working on the southern looted tombs, sifting through the spoil left behind by the looters in order to recover human remains and any other associated funerary artefacts that they left behind. In this case, it was plenty of the former, but not so much of the latter. There were two main looted tombs, but the remnants of the looting had been spread over a much wider area, and every time we looked in a new area we found more human remains.

However, we always seemed to be finding the left leg bones, which could lead to some interesting reconstructions.

Part of the fun of working with the human remains was trying to explain to the workmen, as well as our Egyptian colleagues, where each bone we found was situated in the body. "My partners' and my kiss were both our first kiss. And we waited until we had been dating for a while, then took a train trip together down to New Orleans, to make sure we would still like each other when irritated and on the road. We kissed after a Hurricane at Pat O Brians, in a small garden just after midnight in the french quarter of New Orleans. And we have been working on our kisses ever since. ". So at last the second of the little books of secrets has arrived at it's destination in the UK!! Yay!!Lynne's chosen theme was vintage sewing. so I hope I have covered both ideas. I did encounter a certain fatness problem once I started to decorate all the signatures!As you can see. but I think the effect is vintagey fatness of a good sort!!I used lots of sewing themed stamps and did some embossing. I WAS ASKED the other day if I would care to give a talk to our local Sail and Power Squadron. I said, as I almost always do in similar circumstances, that I would not.

I know full well that there are sailors there, and many of them, who know far more about the sea and sailing than I do.

I would be an imposter among the truly knowledgeable. And besides, I am a wretched speaker. I have the kind of mind that needs time to select words, to wrestle them from their hiding places in my mind, and to test them for aptness before I let them loose in public. For this reason, I prefer to write. Thanks. A lonely man gets attacked by a group of ninjas, he must use his three weapons to stop them at all cost.

Hero Edition - includes all the above plus:The ability to suggest a special skin for your weapon or the enemy's projectile that only you and other Hero Edition players have access to.

The Maryland Catholic Conference a few years ago pushed/supported hate crimes legislation against the killing of a homeless person. On this blog, I argued that the intentional killing of a homeless person is just as bad as the murder or a priest, nun or my own mother. There should be no special "hate crime" legislation. I also warned that this was a dangerous precedent to set. Once done, it could open the door for other "special groups. "I thought that this from Pipeline News, sums it up nicely:The theatre of the absurd is illuminated when society adds to the mix the concept of motivation to determine what is a crime or is not. How do you make a situation change?We all say, if we have eyes that work: "Something ought to be done there. "But what can WE actually do?Ok, here's my situation. We have a big, dark parking lot at church. And we have lots and lots of children at church. While the parents eat and fellowship, the children play. And invariably some of them play in the parking lot even though there are lots of other places to run around, such as the play shelter, ball field, and sidewalks. Many times, I've gotten in the car as little people went darting here and there, barely visible in the darkness. It happens in broad daylight too, but is obviously worse at night. I've nearly had heart failure a few times and believe me, I back up with extreme caution and sometimes I tell Jenny to get out and make sure the coast is clear. A few of you asked what I was going to do with all of those mason jars that I got at the garage sale this weekend. The thought of canning with them has crossed my mind, but it's much more likely that I'll use them in other ways. Canning jars are so useful. I love having a stash of them in the basement. Like this idea.

Izithakazelo Zakwa Mthiya Zubane, Mbatha!.

by Frank Turk SHAMELESS PLUG: GUT CHECK PRESS has published a juvenile and sophomoric piece of fiction which takes a massive pot-shot at the genre of end-times dispensationalist thrillers, aptly named Beauty and the Mark of the Beast.

I mention it for two or three reasons.

First, I wrote the foreword, which is probably the last time you'll see a piece of fiction with a foreword.

I think it’s important here to see that David is not saying, “wow: at least it’s not as bad as it could have been. ” David is in fact saying that God has delivered him from an evil end. On the one hand, he has been delivered from the hands of Achish who is his true enemy. David was not put to shame to be either killed or put in debt to the enemy of God’s people.

And I'm not happy with it yet.

Talk amongst yourselves. I guess that most people reading here every day would be working people - either out in the wide world earning money and/or at home running the household in ways to save it. It may sound strange to some but I think that working for what you need and want makes you treasure it more, it has meaning because you know the hours of toil that went into it. And yet it seems to me that we have gone off the rails a bit with work. Many of us will work until we drop because we have too much debt to retire earlier. I believe that most of us work to get together our life's assets and to buy a house to live in, or to rent one. So once again we find ourselves here on Tuesday to ask and answer your Filofax questions. what I will say though is you are free to ask any Filofax question you like. So fire away. perhaps the entire year. From ioTWReport: So Now We’re Really Effed – By CW I was fairly happy to see all the Republican gains on Tuesday night—until I saw Kevin McCarthy tell Megyn Kelly that the House did not want to repeal Obamacare until they had something to replace it with. He said that on an election night of a Republican landslide when almost ALL of them winning ran against Obama and Obamacare. What just happened? At first, I just rolled my eyes. Then, my blood boiled. Then, I exploded. read the rest. by Burst Math was never my best subject. Concentrating was hard, made even more difficult by my teacher, Mrs. Klein. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was absolutely. Flash of brilliance. Stroke of genius. Call it what you will but I have this whole motherhood thing down. As you know, a few weeks ago we found some frog eggs. And by some I mean thousands. They had been sitting on my back porch in a five gallon bucket for several weeks. Unless you count the few minutes where they were spilled and I was frantically picking them up while shooing cats and dogs from eating them.

Well, as they started to turn into tadpoles I convinced the girls that we needed to find them a new home.

A natural habitat. Howzit hangin', Groove-ophiles! Ya know, in this day and age of health and fitness, a story like "A Good Turn" takes on so many different meanings. One thing that remains both the same and timeless about this tale is the lesson that a person should be happy in their own skin.

Our heroine, Little Lotta, knew and liked herself.

She knew she was smart, strong, and kind. I stay at home most of a day. So I need some exercise. Several years ago, I tried to do Nintendo WII Fits. It was good for some months, but soon I feel short of the programs and I couldn't continue it for long. I want to go outside for run. But I'm a very lazy person and when it rains or it's too hot or too cold, I soon quit going out. I sometimes frequented to the gym, but only when I was with my friends. While in Turkey last year, Somer Siviroglu of Efendy restaurant saw these kebabs in a place called Gaziantep. It is very typical of the region. Here, he shares this traditional recipe with us. "I’ve chosen a beer to go with this beautiful kebab recipe and, no, not because it will remind you of your student days. Both the beer and the kebab here are superior specimens. Beer is a versatile drink match because it can act as a simple refreshment aid and a palate cleanser. It’s deliciously refreshing whilst also delivering genuine character – perfect. If Curlin is, as Tom Durkin stated after his hard-earned Woodward win, the "best horse in the world," then maybe, at least based on this performance, the world of racing really needs to stop and assess just where it stands. The presence of the defending Horse of the Year at Saratoga attracted no more than a relative handful of extra fans to the track. You can't market in a vacuum. Curlin has little buzz and panache beyond those who crowded the paddock or made the effort to view the race on one of the limited TV outlets. He hasn't raced nearly frequently enough - three times in this country in the last ten months - to establish anywhere near the kind of continuity that could generate press coverage and, more importantly, some rivals. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. We are on the road all day today so I am showing you a few cute Teddy pics. A heavy storm is hitting our area and I want to be out in it and enjoying it. This could be the last big one of the winter and I don't want to miss one minute of it. I am going out on a limb here and prediciting we will stoill get a few more storms in March this year.

It's just the kind of winter it has been.

I went to a few thrift shops yesterday and found this wonderful aluminum ware platter. This stuff is great for outdoor entertaining. I have quite a large collection of it. Dr. Philip R. Alper's "IM Insights" appearing in "Internal Medicine World Report" monthly continue to be packed with insights born of thoughtful consideration of years of experience. Now it seems that numerous voices are telling us that decisions about care that may have previously been a joint effort made the physician and the patient are too important and too likely to be handled badly by the physician to be left in their hands alone. Now, that advocacy role is being eroded away by several forces, one of which is the multiplicity of entities that all proclaim the need for such advocacy and self proclaim that role for themselves. .