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It's been so long since you asked!Well, it's Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner. I bought some last night in honor of finishing my finals. Friends, this is a big beer.

But big in a GOOD way.

You know about, by now, how Tams and I are hopheads. Hops, the traditional bittering agent and aromatic agent in beers, is most pronounced in India Pale Ales, which feature long boils with hops in the pot, as well as "dry-hopping," wherein hops are just stuffed by the handful into the barrel that the beer is stored in. IPAs also traditionally have a lot of alcohol in each glass. A little while after this, an American guy named August Busch was visiting Czechoslovakia, and discovered this little village in the Pilsen region, where in a little town named Budweis, they were brewing light, pale beers using a bottom-fermenting yeast at lower temperatures, in a technique called lagering. They also filtered the beer through its own sparged grains, resulting in a very bright, clear beer. S. The similarity between the current U. S. S. If I recall correctly, I believe that Fortin was ascribing blame to the Bank of Canada, and possibly Paul Martin's "austerity" measures. Soft muted hues to wrap oneself up in at the start of the week, have a good day!Photos: Brie Williams. This presentation will address various case studies to understand the basis for home state jurisdiction, initial custody jurisdiction, exclusive continuing jurisdiction, jurisdiction to modify, and emergency jurisdiction. You will gain insight on winning arguments to establish or decline jurisdiction. Presented by Lucia Levias , a Seattle family law attorney with DuBois Cary Law Group, PLLC. More Information And Registration. Today, I'm excited to share with you a paper piecing tutorial for the fabulous Pineapple Block! I love to paper piece. And the fabulous part is, the Pineapple Block makes a beautiful secondary pattern when you sew the blocks together. I've got several of my favorites pinned on my Pinterest board, Quilt Love. I just liked these over-sized blocks for a more modern look. The whole unit just shuts-shop and fits into a storage container for easy transportation. via. The B-B-E sixth grade girls' basketball team lost a first-round game to Eden Valley-Watkins and then defeated Minnewaska Area and Pierz to earn fifth place in today's Sinclair Lewis Days tournament in Sauk Centre. Below, a clip from the Minnewaska game. Labels: bbe jaguars girls basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa elementary, belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball. We extend our deepest condolences to the Kilcullen family, the Eugene Police Department and their families. Friday night was a lost evening for the New York Ranger and New York Islander prospects who saw action in their league playoffs. These are sample blocks of this year’s Sampler series at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. This year’s Sampler is a little different in that it is called a Seasonal Sampler and each participant chooses which seasonal colors she would like for her kits. Above top, left to right, Winter, Summer. Bottom, left to right, Christmas, Spring. This is the autumn block. You will get a sheet of instructions each month for two different size blocks. Above are the various settings. It is not too late to register for this Sampler series. There are three different times that you can attend each month: First Saturday of the month, Second Monday, or Second Tuesday.

His mummified remains have long been the museum's most popular exhibit and now, as well being able to enter an enclosed tomb area to see him and his inner coffin, there is an opportunity to see what he looked like following a scan and specialist reconstruction of his head.

Another exhibition highlight is the statue of Sekmet, the Lion Goddess, which is being loaned from the British Museum – together with a wide variety of objects and interactive displays showcasing what life was like for ancient people. He, as an expert, was greatly taken by the shroud – even from the little he could see of it in its creased state.

But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I started working on the Egyptian collection, that I remembered this small box and its contents.

The linen was clearly worth investigating – and the British Museum thought so too. So, happily, the project to conserve and study the shroud got underway. As part of that I have had the fascinating task of piecing together the history relating to how the shroud came into the Norwich Castle collection. The story is an interesting and absorbing one. Hi folks - nothing super impressive going on over here. We are currently in the Denver airport about to catch our flight back to NYC. Slight mechanical problem, so we're a bit delayed, giving me time to post. We had a lovely lunch and low-key walk around Vail Village. The New York Times has a report on a "rediscovered Mark Twain fairy tale" - But decades later, the scholar John Bird was searching the Twain archives at the University of California, Berkeley, when he came across the notes for the story, which Twain titled “Oleomargarine. ” Mr. Bird was astonished to find a richly imagined fable, in Twain’s inimitable voice. He and other scholars believe it may be the only written remnant of a children’s fairy tale from Twain, though he told his daughters stories constantly. After consulting a few other scholars, Mr. Bird brought the text to the attention of the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, which sold it to Doubleday Books for Young Readers. This fall, Doubleday will release “The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine,” an expanded version of the story that was fleshed out and reimagined by the children’s book author-and-illustrator team of Philip and Erin Stead. I had this paper and wanted to create a layout of Steve and I but noticed the girls were wearing pink shirts. what perfect paper for this picture! Or what perfect Picture for this paper!!! haha!! Thanks for looking!K.

Americans are convinced they'll always get a "do-over.

says. But if you subtract out even the misleadingly low government-admitted inflation, retail sales were negative. Look in your wallet, I bet you're carrying some of those smaller dollars around. Crossed Fingers: Next time the Grand Jury sends you a subpoena, send them a Rove Letter. My turn over at the RRR blog today! I go through creative spurts with mini albums. Baby albums are some of my favorites to create. This one uses lots of pretty papers from Martha Stewart and Crate Paper. Very soft and girly. I used old gingham fabric on it with stitching around the front frame, as accents on the inside, and on the back page.

The back is just as pretty as the front.

I sandwiched fleece and fabric to create a puffy heart. I added a Maya road flower, snippets of vintage lace, and a colored stamped image from Crafty Secrets.

I also stitched up some index files and decorated them up and added them.

Great place to add memorabilia, memories of baby, or snap shots not yet added to the book. I have paper on the brain this week!My cheapo botanical prints are being highlighted by Rachel at Small Notebook today during the Holidays by Hand Festival. Holidays by Hand is a six-part blog festival to promote your handcrafted holiday projects! Each Tuesday, the festival will focus on a different theme. This week the theme is papercrafts. And speaking of papercrafts. Did you see the little silhouette project that I did yesterday? Well, it is going to be put to shame by the beautiful silhouette artwork and stationery from our featured etsy seller, Le Papier Studio.

She designs and prints the most beautiful stationery and artwork.

The designs are simple and striking and oh-so-stylish. They can all be personalized too. I have my eye on one of these sweet silhouettes. I raised my eyebrow at this. They don't accept Social Security checks or Medicare and are morally against taking human life. Also, It is our own nation's laws that allow them to be exempt, so my friend's true beef should have been with his legislators, not the plain folk. They are living their life both in accordance to the law and their faith. Their only fault is the lack of outsider approval, which frankly, they could care less about. Unlike other pockets of the Amish in America, many of the faith in upstate New York are still farming. This month's challenge ends on Wednesday night. I couldn't help but play along. One I would have probably never thought to use. This pretty butterfly is FREE with any purchase this weekend. New race cars paper toys from Bosch Japan, each car has a Spring-themed design. This is Monique! Isn't she delightful!? You can just tell she enjoys her work. Here she has a lovely tray of wine, bread and cheese for two. I'm using one of my favorite techniques today, watercolor with Tombow Brush Art Markers. The folks at Barnesandnoble. Here's a teaser:It seems to me that the Covenant books have been a subtle inspiration to a small number of subsequent fantasies. In any case, if a writer has nothing more to offer than a sum of influences, then he or she is probably not worth reading. I see Cunliffe has rolled his last dice. But the best Labour can hope for is a final rearranging of the deckchairs. When will they realise that there is no "game changer" for them because the game has already changed - and they don't understand the new rules.

We need new ideas not a desperate clawing back to redundant thinking that well and truly ran out of steam last century.

What really must annoy them the most is the dawning realisation that they are past their use by date. At least McCarten will ensure they will all go down with chairs neatly arranged on port. indeed. Here's our story. I've noticed that most of the stories posted here involve stranger on stranger types of attacks. In contrast, my story is a typical family violence incident. For that reason, I have love in my heart for everyone involved and there are no bad people here and I'd feel sad if any of them were ever hurt. There are no lingering resentments and we all get along fine now. Also understand, because I was working when this incident happened, I will be telling this story as it was told to me by my husband, my younger sisters Colette and Lynn, and by the doctors who I spoke to afterwards. Paint by number and soap wrapping. -dana. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Paul Andrew Passion suede slingback pumps. Miu Miu Madras mini metallic textured-leather shoulder bag. Darlings, what do you think of this spectacular space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC.

MendelJenny Packham, via nymag.

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